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Developer: Retro Studios
Publisher: Nintendo
Websites: Metroid Prime 2
Game Rating: T (Teen)
Release Date: November 17, 2002
$49.99 / $14.99: Video Library GV
Players: 1


By Fran “Aran” Mirabella III

Metroid is perhaps one of the most renowned adventure franchises ever created. The 2D iterations of the series Metroid (NES), Metroid II: Return of Samus (GB), and Super Metroid (SNES) featured a host of platforming and shooting, but most of all the focus of the exploits was exploring. This is what defines the style of the franchise, and Retro Studios with the help of Nintendo has created a truly captivating exploration game.

Metroid Prime for GameCube is the series' birth into 3D. Much like Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time's release on the Nintendo 64, a lot of complexity has arisen out of this transition. The varied and beautiful worlds of Tallon IV -- vast and intricate in size -- hide many secrets, posing obstacles at every corner. With these trials in mind, we have designed this strategy guide to help you step into the world without fail.

It's an all-inclusive package: new Metroid followers will find a history of the series, beginners can learn the Basics, a detailed Walkthrough leads you to success while keeping you in tune with the secrets, and our comprehensive Log Book will give you pinpoint locations of everything you need to earn your 100% rating.

The Story

Metroid (SNES)Metroid (NES): In the year 20X5, the first Metroid was discovered on the planet SR388. The Zebesian Space Pirates abducted the Metroid specimen with the intention of using it as a powerful weapon, and thus our heroin, Samus Aran, was sent to the planet Zebes to foil their evil plans and save the galaxy from the wrath of the Metroid.

Metroid Prime (GCN)Metroid Prime (GCN): After her victory on the surface of Zebes, Samus learns of another Zebesian outpost in orbit around the planet Tallon IV. She discovers that the evil Space Pirate organization is also researching another lethal biotechnology known as "Phazon," and thus sets out to single-handedly bring down their terrorist efforts.

Metroid II: The Return Of Samus (GB)Metroid II: Return of Samus (GB): The Federation cannot rest until all Metroids have been exterminated, thus Samus is sent to their homeworld, SR388, to wipe them out for good. In her final battle on SR388, Samus witnessed the birth of a Metroid hatchling. As a result, the creature bonded with Samus and adopted her as its mother. Samus decided it best to return this infant—the last known Metroid in the universe—to the Federation for future research.

Super Metroid (SNES)Super Metroid (SNES): The last Metroid was in captivity. The galaxy was at peace... until. The Space Pirates, led by the ferocious Ridley, attacked the Metroid research facility and stole the specimen, returning it to the planet Zebes. Samus returned to Zebes in an attempt to rescue the Metroid, but in the final battle, the creature selflessly gave its life so that Samus could defeat the evil Zebesian leader, Mother Brain, once and for all. The last Metroid was lost, and the Space Pirates were defeated.

Metroid Fusion (GBA)Metroid Fusion (GBA): With the loss of all Metroid life, the planet SR388 began suffering from a severely unbalanced ecosystem. The Federation chartered the Biological Space Labs (B.S.L.) organization to oversee the reconstruction of this ecosystem on SR388, and, due to her vast experience with the planet, Samus Aran was contracted as an expert advisor on the project.

During a routine planetary expedition, Samus came into contact with an unknown organism on the surface of SR388. Although interesting, the encounter was never considered to be a threat. Later, while escorting the B.S.L. convoy in her ship, Samus lost control of her craft as her body was gripped by an intense seizure, and nearly died in the resulting crash.

B.S.L. scientists recovered Samus' jettisoned escape pod and designated the unknown parasite from SR388 that had infected her body as simply "X." The X parasite had infected Samus' central nervous system severely, and due to the integrated, biological nature of her suit, the infected parts of Samus' metal exoskeleton were surgically removed. Her prognosis for survival was slim.

A risky cure was proposed, and the team of scientists took the gamble and attempted to save Samus' life. Apparently, the Metroid is the natural predator of the X organism on SR388, thus a vaccine created from a surviving Metroid cell culture was injected to fight the remaining traces of the X parasite within her body. This predatory relationship has allowed the Metroid vaccine to both cure Samus and grant her immunity to all X parasite attacks. In fact, Samus is now able to regenerate her energy levels simply by absorbing these otherwise lethal X parasites.

The Metroid hatchling had saved her life once again. As Samus awoke from her comatose state, a distress signal was already being received from the B.S.L. space station in orbit around SR388. Samus wasted no time in boarding her ship and plotting a course to investigate.


Before you toss yourself into the highly immersive worlds of Metroid Prime, there are a few things you should familiarize yourself with; controls, using the HUD, navigating the map, examining downloaded Log Book data, awareness of 3D space and using the Hint system are aspects you must have a solid understanding of.


The adventure takes place from a first-person perspective, but because the focus is not on shooting, the controls do not adhere to your standard first-person shooter controls -- traditionally dual analog. Instead, the developers have implemented a system closer to what was introduced in Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.

  • Control Stick - Move/Turn
  • L-trigger - Lock/Scan/Strafe
  • R-trigger - Manual Aim
  • A-button - Shoot/Bomb/Charge/Scroll Text
  • B-button - Jump/Boost Ball
  • Y-button - Missiles/Power Bomb
  • X-button - Morph Ball
  • Z-button - Map
  • D-pad - Visor Modes
  • C-stick - Switch Weapon Type

Lock-on/Scanning: You can lock onto enemies and all important objects by holding down the L-trigger. Meanwhile, the controls allow you to circle strafe around the enemy or object and position yourself. It's the same for scanning. You can strafe and move around while you scan objects, which is imperative to avoiding damage during this process.

Sidestep: When you are locked on to something, you can tap left or right on the control stick and perform a sideward leap. It's an advanced technique used to avoid projectiles and more quickly position yourself.

Strafe: When you don't lock on to an object and hold down the L-trigger, it alters the control scheme slightly. By using it in conjunction with the control stick, you can strafe left to right, in addition to walking backwards without turning around. In both cases it's a very important function to accustom yourself with, but especially the latter can prove useful if you want to back off an enemy or object without turning your back to it.

Manual Aiming: Just hold down the R-trigger to activate this free look mode. Because you cannot perform this while you’re in motion, you should make it a habit to examine every room in detail once it is clear of enemies. There are many secrets that hide along the walls and the floors. Look and ye shall receive.

Jumping: This is a painless process, and extremely forgiving. Don't be shy about charging across a chasm or larger gap. Chances are it’s closer than you think, and you should have little trouble reaching it. Of course, there are many areas that are too high or too far away, but you'll be able to access them in time. Just have patience and search for those power-ups.

Morph Ball: Once your Morph Ball is functioning, you can change into it at anytime. Simply use the control stick to maneuver yourself around, and be sure to take advantage of the L-trigger, which will position the camera for you if you want.

Visor HUD

In Metroid Prime you have to see through lead character Samus Aran’s eyes. Because of this first-person perspective, you must learn to use the Heads Up Display (HUD) on her combat visor.

  1. Visor Modes: Use D-pad to switch.
  2. Weapon Type: Use C-stick to switch.
  3. Caution Level: A height meter used to indicate how close your feet are to dangerous material such as lava.
  4. Missile Supply: Your current available missiles. Not total.
  5. Radar: Monitors hostile activity (orange dots) around you.
  6. Map: This is the basic onscreen map. It's there to give you basic ideas, but press Z for the more detailed version.
  7. Energy Supply: Your power suit needs energy to function. It’s basically your health. The highest amount of energy you can have is 99. However, the small squares above are energy tanks. Fill them up for backup reserves.
Visor Switching

The D-pad is used to swap from visor to visor. You begin with only the Scan Visor, but it can and must be used frequently. It is key to unraveling the complicated story, locating secrets, and learning how to defeat enemies. Once activated, you can easily turn it off by tapping the A-button. Be sure to use the manual aiming to look around rooms frequently with this.

Choose Your Weapon

With the flick of the C-stick, you can switch between your various weapons. Eventually you'll earn a total of four, but you only begin with one. As soon as you do earn a weapon, memorize the direction you must flick the C-stick to access it. Eventually, you will need to manage your arsenal in clutch moments.

Map Interface

With its huge leap from 2D to 3D, Metroid's map system has had to undergo a major transformation. Tap the Z-button to access the map, and then the everything else you need to know is right there on the screen. You can zoom and rotate with no problem. Our biggest suggestion is that you take note that each room has a name. This will become very important throughout the guide, as we'll give you two coordinates to match up. For example, the above screenshot could be read as the following: Tallon Overworld, Landing Site. Familiarize yourself with all the functions of your map. It's your best friend.
Metroid Prime Map

Tools and Data Tracking

By pressing the Start button you can access a sort of internal computer that logs all the information you've scanned in addition to a great many other things. Surf through the various options by scrolling pages with the L and R triggers; Inventory, Log Book, and Options will be available. You can change the opacity of the visor, stretch the screen, check out your Power Suit upgrades, and read through what will become a novel of important data in your Log Book. You can even flip on and off the Hint system.
Metroid Prime Log OPtions

Hint System

Metroid Prime defaults with the "Hint" system activated. Don't freak out and assume that it will ruin the game for you. If anything, it's the perfect strategy guide. It merely highlights the next area you need to go to. It does not tell you how or what you need to get there. Essentially, it's a device to overcome the frustration that could ensue from exploring such a vast 3D world.

However, if you think you're good enough with the map and are hardcore about figuring things out for yourself, simply flip it off. You can turn it on again at any time. It won't bite, honest.


Walkthrough: Space Station

Space Station

Samus lands to explore a derelict space station. This is basically a tutorial level in disguise. Be sure to read all the text that appears on your visor, which instructs you how to use the controls. Begin by shooting the first four red targets to deactivate the force field. Move on and learn to use your scan visor. There is a pillar with an icon on it. Scan it to activate the next set of red targets. Look for these icons frequently over the course of the entire game, as they activate many things. Note that on this second force field there are not four, but six targets. As the screen indicates, use the R-button to manually look up above you and locate the higher targets. Beyond this gate there is a wide-open area. Press the X-button and roll into Morph Ball form. This is a perfect area to become accustomed to how it controls. Be sure to note that you can adjust the camera in ball form with the use of the L-trigger and lay bombs with the A-button. It's not only fun, but looks cool so take your time with it

As soon as you enter the first hallway of the space station, flip on your scan visor again. You'll note there are a ton of items to scan. Only the red icons count towards your 100% completion goal, but the orange ones offer up numerous important details about the story and hints about other things. If you have the patience, take the time to read what's going on.

Move into the next hallway and scan another one of those icons. It will depressurize the area so you can continue. In the next room there is a giant beast that has fallen out of captivity. Dead on the floor, it poses no harm, but look around and you'll find a few Space Pirates to lock on to with the L-trigger—perfect target practice for the trials that lie ahead. In the next corridor there is a pile or rubble blocking your way. Charge your beam by holding down the A-button and blast it into smithereens. As you move forward you'll find the next area displays a brief cut-scene where two critters run down a small tunnel.

Change into Morph Ball form and follow them. Move slowly and stand upright as soon as you get into the room. This is your first chance to enter something into your log book. The Map Station ahead can be scanned, but do so before you enter the hologram. Press the Start button and use the L and R triggers to surf left and right between options and your log book. You'll find a description of the map station and some cool art awaits you—now yours to keep. This is where the data from many red scans goes. Step into the hologram and download the map data. It will automatically bring you to the map screen, normally activated by tapping the Z-button. Take a moment and familiarize yourself with the map controls; zooming in, out, and rotating the map are tricky at first, but vital to being successful in this massive exploration game. Note: The areas you have visited before are labled. You are the large green cursor, which denotes the direction you are facing. You should be in the Map Facility. It will be important that you use these functions later.

Continue forward into the next section, scan the icon and gain approval to the Deck Beta. Step into the hologram and take the elevator downward. Now you should be in the Deck Beta Conduit Hall. Roll into a Morph Ball to avoid the electricity and push forward. In the Biotech Research Area there are a few space pirates to kill. If any Small Energy or Missiles appear, scan them and enter them into your log book. As you round the corner in the Deck Beta Security Hall a Auto Turret will spot you and open fire. Before you lock onto it and kill it, scan it. It will be the first creature entry in your log book. In the Biohazard Containment center, all you need to do is activate the elevator to gain access to the next floor, but have a look around for your first piece of Pirate Data, which should enter as the "Fall of Zebes" in your log book. Get rid of the space pirates and keep moving. Continue doing these same types of things and move through the Deck Beta Transit Hall and Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma.After transporting down the elevator you will activate a hologram that looks just like your Morph Ball form. Roll into it to open the door. It's the same process in the Reactor Core Entrance, but be sure to exit to the left and save your progress before you move into the next room to fight the boss.

Boss: Parasite Queen First thing's first: scan the beast, download the information to your log book and learn of its weak spot in its mouth. If you don't do this, killing it will take much longer. Lock on to its mouth and get to work. Stay locked and use the B-button (jump) in conjunction with pressing left or right on the analog to side step. You can avoid the huge green beams of energy that she spits at you. You can also use missiles (Y-button) to speed up the process. The trick is that you have you position yourself so you can shoot through the gaps in the cylindrical blue shield that surrounds her. She shouldn't be too difficult to beat.

Once defeated, you will have to evacuate the space station, which decides to go to pieces after the Queen falls. Our best advice: run forward. It's a linear path, so you shouldn't get lost. You have to take a few elevators, but this shouldn't be a problem for you by now. Eventually you will enter the Subventilation Shaft Section A. Roll into Morph Ball and take a ride downhill form to speed up your escape. However, when you first spot a horde of insect-like creatures spiraling down the tunnels at you. Scan the critters to enter them into your creature log as Parasites; you'll also learn that ball form is a nice defense against their large numbers.

In the Biotech Research Area 2 you'll get your first glimpse of Ridley. Don't even bother trying to scan him. It's not possible, but once you use your Grappling Hook to cross the deep water-filled gap, you can scan the orange panels on the side for a little information.

As you move through the Connection Elevator to Deck Alpha you will get blasted by a shockwave that runs through the station. Your Power Suit will come to pieces and you will lose all of your functionality; Morph Ball, charge blast, missiles, the Varia Suit, and everything but your Power Beam malfunction. Don't worry, this is normal and precisely what makes Metroid Prime so enjoyable. Continue escaping the ship. Eventually you will exit and the whole thing will explode as Ridley flies to the nearby planet of Tallon IV.

Walkthrough: Tallon IV

Tallon IV

The rain-drenched overworld of Tallon IV is a beautiful place, but before you go gawking at the scenery scan your Gunship. It's a nice trophy piece that's easy to forget to enter in your log book. Head directly to the door on the right, into Canyon Cavern, Tallon Canyon, another right into Transport Tunnel A and take the elevator up to the Chozo Ruins West. Scan your first bit of Chozo Lore at the Ruins Entrance, located above the door.

Head to the back of the Main Plaza, keep low on the ground, and turn left into the Nursery Access. Don't worry too much about the Scarabs. Just blast right through them and head into the Eyon Tunnel. To no surprise, Eyons line the walls -- just blast their eyes closed and you can move right through. Press onward into the Ruined Nursery (Save Point available), North Atrium, and Ruined Gallery. Once in the Gallery, stay elevated and follow the platforms the line the right wall. Through the doorway ahead enter the Totem Access. Here Plazmites will populate the area. They provide light, but are also an annoyance. Avoid them or exterminate them and deal with the dim lighting. Once you enter the Hive Totem, jump up onto the circular platform in the center of the room and cross the bridge... but prepare for a boss fight.

Boss: Hive Mecha

Thought you could have those missiles for free did you? Think again. You've got to earn your power-ups. In this case, you have to take on a machine that spits out Ram War Wasp—don't forget to scan them. The same goes for the Hive Mecha, but you'll have to aim your scanner just underneath the water to access its data. After you've finished those important scans, focus on the battle at hand. The Hive Mecha will spit out numerous Wasps which can knock you into the harmful acidic water around you. Fend them off by manually aiming at them and locking on to them when still. Once they are gone, the Hive Mecha will reveal its weak spot when it prepares to expel a new batch. It's a giant red light, so it's an easy target. Just be sure to shoot it as soon as you see it; it disappears fast. Once you destroy all four of its weak spots, you will be able to pick up the Missile Launcher across the bridge.

The Blast Shield in front of you is begging to be blown off. Tap the Y-button and unleash your newfound power. In the next area, Transport Access North, you'll find your first Energy Tank waiting for you. This is as far as you can go for now. Morph Ball ability is required to advance further in this area. Return to the Ruined Gallery. In the middle of the acidic water, clear the platform of Blastcaps. Jump out on to it and scan the nearby walls. You should find a Brinstone wall, which can be cracked open with a missile blast. Do so and you'll be rewarded with a Missile Expansion. Next, cross back over towards the foul water and stay on the ground. Under the stone walkway that leads to the door to North Atrium you'll find a Blast Shield. Blow it open to access the Map Station for Chozo Ruins. With the handy map data downloaded, head back through Main Plaza and with the large tree behind you, blast through the only missile door in that room.

This leads into the Ruined Shrine. You'll find the Morph Ball just ahead of you, but as usual you have to earn it. Fight against the horde of Beetles and then face off against the Plated Beetle. To defeat the Plated Beetle, scan it and you'll see that the description indicates you can only harm it from behind. Lock on to it and use the sidestep to maneuver yourself around it. Missiles are slow, but if used properly you can defeat it with two simple shots. After you've laid it to rest, pick up the Morph Ball upgrade.

Now would be a good time to run back to the Ruined Nursery and save. Now that you have this newfound ability, go back to the Main Plaza, cross the bridge that runs above the half-pipe, and move into the Ruined Fountain Access. There is a set of branches that grows in this tunnel. Only with the Morph Ball can you roll beneath it and enter into the Ruined Fountain. It's a dark area filled with acid, so watch your step and avoid putting out the Plazmites if you don't have to. Carve your way around the edge to the sputtering fountain that is centralized in the room. Behind it scan the Chozo Lore. Continue leaping around to the door that leads to the Arboretum Access. Get your scanner ready, because Shriekbats will be hanging from the ceiling. Use a missile to open the Blast Shield at the end of the hallway. Get your scanner ready as soon as you enter the Arboretum. The whip-like Reaper Vines lash at you from the wall. Ignore the rest of the details in this room for now; instead, jump up the platforms and cross the orange bridge. Follow the path back down towards the acidic water and you'll find a Blast Shield. Shatter it with a missile and move into the Gathering Hall. It would be a good idea to access the Save Station to the right.

Walking straight out of the Save Station, keep on the same level and open the door ahead to the Watery Hall Access. This hallway may appear to be just a regular tunnel, but it houses a secret. Search the left wall. Remember the Brinstone you blasted through before? You should see another wall just like it. Shatter it and grab the Missile Expansion.

You'll need the missiles, too. Crush the Blast Shield and enter the Watery Hall. Stay low to the ground and turn slightly left to jump on a nearby platform. You'll see a Reaper Vine in front of you. Turn directly around and flip on your scan visor. You will activate the Rune on the wall -- this is one of five you must find in the room. Stay low and run by the Reaper Vine. A small grouping of Blastcaps ahead covers the next Rune. Destroy them and scan it. Keep pressing forward. The third Rune lies at the end of this path. After scanning it, backtrack and return to jump on the platforms that began at the entrance to the hall. Follow the platforms to the end, but be wary of the Reaper Vines for they will knock you into the acid below. The last vine in particular takes several shots before retracting. Once at the end, scan the Rune to the right and then the last one which is revealed for you just ahead. Before you go charging in past the gate to your upgrade, scan the Chozo Lore on the back wall. Okay, now grab the Charge Beam and prepare to do some major damage. As you see the nearby Eyons become active, try the Charge Beam on them (hold A). You'll see it totally obliterates them.

Now move back into the Gathering Hall. This time you're going to go up. You should see some piping lining the outer edge of the wall. Near them, there is a set of platforms that begin over the entrance to the Gathering Hall Access. Jump all the way to the top where you'll eventually need to use ball form to curve around to a half-bridge. Jump across to the door and enter the East Atrium. Continue into the Energy Core and take an immediate left. As you curve around you should see an entrance for the Morph Ball, but before you take it, survey the little alcove just before it. A Stone Toad is sitting there. He won't harm you, but you'll be able to interact with him shortly. Okay, now press on through the Morph Ball tunnel. You'll soon reach a door, and as soon as you breach through it, say hello to another boss.

Boss: Incinerator Drone

Scan. Scan. Scan. You're forgetting already, aren't you? Do you want that 100% complete? Do you want those image galleries? Then take a brief moment to scan the evil mechanism. Basically all you have to do is lock on to it and avoid the fire streams. Eventually a red target will protrude out of the top. Lock on to it and open fire. This will cause the drone to spit fire upward into a wasp hive. Out come a group of Barbed War Wasps. Do we need to tell you to scan them? Hope not. They will cause a little trouble, but be more wary of the fire streaming out of the drone. Sidestep and jump to avoid it. Repeat the process of shooting the red target, and eventually the machine will malfunction.

Your reward is the Morph Ball Bomb. This one is going to come in very handy. Before your leave the room, scan the area for a Sandstone weakness. This is the material that your newly acquired bombs work so well on. Roll through the Morph Ball path behind it and grab a Missile Expansion. After that, head back out the way you came in. Only this time use your bombs to propel you upward into the pipes. Remember that Stone Toad. Roll up into a ball and set yourself in front of him. It just so happens he loves to eat small creatures, and Samus's ball form is just the right size. Blast his innards with a few bombs to teach him a good lesson. This will reveal a Morph Ball puzzle.

Begin by bombing up into the Morph Ball Slot. Set off a bomb. This will lower the acid pool in the next room. Roll out of the pipe that feeds into that same room. As the acid lowered, it revealed another cavity to bomb. Locate it and repeat the same process. Now the platforms will rise. Follow them to yet another room. Bomb the last trigger and the platforms will rise to their final destination. Follow the path created and you should end up in the West Furnace Access. Once in the Furnace (ignore the magnetic track on the wall), you'll have to roll through a simple ball maze. At the end you will find an Energy Tank awaits you.

Return to the Arbortetum (don't forget to save on the way). Once there, head to the top. Remember those runes we told you not to scan? Well, now's the time to begin looking for them. The first is located on the large tree trunk. The next is hidden on the ground under a patch of Venom Weed. You can't scan it yet because of the rune beneath it, but don't worry, there's some just ahead of us. After activated, start climbing for the top of the area. After rolling through a few Morph Ball passages, you should see the rune on the side of the wall. Okay, scan it and keep moving upward. Just a few steps ahead you should see the red-tipped Venom Weed blocking your path. Scan it and then blast it with your Power Beam to clear the path. Once you reach the top, you should see the rune-covered door. Turn 180 degrees and on the tree is the final rune. Once activated, you can be on your way. It leads to the Sunchamber. Ready for another boss?

Boss: Flaahgra

Not only should you begin by scanning him, but the little Flaahgra Tentacle that is protruding out of the base of where he is rooted. Yes, these are both required log entries. Combine that data with what you learned during the cut-scene that introduced him, and you well on your way to defeating him. The photosynthesizing beast draws his power from the sun. It is your job to knock the mirror arrays shining light on him offline. Initially there is only one array pointing at him. Lock on to Flaahgra and rapidly fire at him until he is stunned. During this period, charge up your Power Beam and shoot the base of the array, which conveniently is marked with a red target on the rear side of it. He will fall and retract one of his tentacles. This reveals a Morph Ball slot. Race to the end of it and set a bomb. The stakes will become higher; next you must deactivate two arrays, then three, and then all four. It's a repeated process, but the difficulty ramps up. Yea, and Flaahgra doesn't like that. So if you can't keep him stunned long enough, he's going to hit the arrays you have taken offline, back down to reflect the sun upon him. The best advice we can offer is to try to position yourself in between two active arrays, use ball form to speed up your travel, and, most importantly, use missiles! Don't forget about this very valuable firepower. Just a few well placed shots, and Flaahgra will be dizzy from the concussive blasts. Repeat the process of bombing down the Morph Ball slots and you should have little trouble.

All the trouble was worth it, though, because you will earn yourself the Varia Suit. It protects Samus from extremely hot environments. You can't go jumping in lava, but you can explore plenty of places that contain it. Head out of the back door and into the Sun Tower Access. Be on the look out for Ultra Energy. It will replenish 100 of your health, and you also need to scan it. As you head down this access tunnel, you will see a Pulse Bombu. You can't defeat it with your current weaponry, so just do your best to avoid the energy pulses it rains down from above. And, whatever you do, don't go charging your beam. It creates a magnetic pull on it. On the other side, you will find yourself at the top of the Sun Tower. Samus's Power Suit is so powerful, it's completely safe to drop down below. Do so and scan the bit of Chozo Lore on the wall. Also, you will see a long magnetic track along the wall. Use manual aim to look up it as high as possible with your scan visor on. You should be able to get data on the Oculus , even though you will not face it until some time later.

Continue forward and you will see the entrance to Magmoor Caverns North. Bypass it right now. You've got a few goodies to collect. Head through into the Vault, where you fill find more Chozo Lore on the wall. This room is called the Vault for a reason. You'll find a Missile Expansion. It's a lot easier to get into than it may seem. Just change into Morph Ball and bomb into the three slots. You'll have to blow the covers off of them with an initial bomb, but after that you can fit in and begin to unlock the cage by setting bombs inside the slot. The third and highest slot is the toughest, as you'll have to master the double bomb jump. To perform it, simply lay the first bomb and right before it explodes set another. At the peak of your thrust, set the last and third bomb -- this will propel you doubly high. After you garner that, exit towards the Main Plaza and you can equip one more Energy Tank. Go ahead and continue across to the Ruined Nursery, as it's a perfect lace to save and there are even more power-ups that await you.

Examine the walls in the Ruined Nursery. You'll find a large Morph Ball maze embedded into the wall. The reward at the end of it is a Missile Expansion. It's pretty easy to solve. The only hurdle is that a metal block cannot be bombed through. Start by bombing the lowest piece of sandstone, which you can access from the floor. The metal block will slide down, allowing you to access the full path above. Now, go just a few rooms back to the Ruined Gallery. Look closely at the map diagram of that room. You'll see a strange tube archway. Find the small, slightly elevated Morph Ball tunnel and bomb up into it. Another Missile Expansion awaits you.

Now, continue to Magmoor Caverns North elevator. Jump down the huge column and just ahead in the forthcoming hallway you will, see a Blast Shield. On the other side is a convenient save point. Keep pressing forward and you should see your first pair of Grizbies. They pose little harm, but if you must get rid of them use missiles. In the next room Lake Tunnel, you should get your first glimpse of the Burrower. Lava Lake, the next room, holds even more creatures. Perhaps the most popular enemy of this place, the Magmoor, is a giant fire-breathing lava worm. Keep your distance and keep pummeling it with shots until its head comes off. Platform your way across the lake, and be wary of Puffers, which leave behind a cloud of caustic gas. On the other side, you will find a grouping of boxes. Blast them out of the way, and bomb the sandstone wall behind them. There is a hidden Morph Ball tunnel here. Cross the next part of the lake and find your way into the Pit Tunnel, which is infested with the Triclops. They are underneath the metal grating. You must change to Morph Ball form and roll under it. The Triclops will vacuum you up and spit you back out the starting point. The trick is to lay a bomb just before they get to you so they vacuum it up instead, exploding shortly after. If they catch you, twirl the analog stick to break free more quickly.

Enter the Triclops Pit. Before you jump on the platforms in front of you, head directly below them, spin around, and access the hidden passageway at the bottom. The Morph Ball tunnel there will lead you underneath the grating and eventually you can find an exit, which puts you squarely in front of the door to the Storage Cavern where a Missile Expansion awaits you. After nabbing it, turn back around and head over those platforms and into the Monitor Tunnel. When you enter the Monitor Station be wary of the Defense Turrets. Try disposing of all of them as soon as you enter. Jump over to the center of the room and continue up towards the station. There is a bridge that leads to an elevated door -- this is where you want to head for now. Don't worry, you'll be back soon. Move out into Transport Tunnel A. While it may not be apparent, you can use your double bomb jump to access an Energy Tank above. Take heed: This particular challenge is very difficult. We advise you to save first (at the station just ahead) and return. It's very easy to get stuck in the lava below and die. After you do save, you can feel totally confident to complete the challenge. Use the elevator to go to Phendrana Drifts North.

Walkthrough: Phendrana Drifts: Shoreline

You have arrived in Tallon IV's icy, snow-packed Phendrana Drifts. This huge world holds many secrets. Be on the lookout for the Sheegoth, the primary predetors of this cold place. As you enter through the Shoreline Entrance you're going to have to blast the ice sheet formations out of your way with your Charge Beam. This leads to the beautiful center point of Phendrana, the Phendrana Shorelines

Head directly across this wide-open winter playground and check in at the save point. Then survey the Phendrana Shorelines for the new creatures; you should see the Flickerbat zooming around in the air and the Crystallite scavenging the icy rock surfaces. There is a electronically secured Blast Shield covering the door above the little river inlet. Scan the gate that blocks the passage to the inlet. It is composed of radion, which can be blasted away with missiles. Proceed down the passage in Morph Ball form and scan the orange terminal. This will unlock the door above, which you should proceed directly to. Ignore the floating platforms and temple. You cannot access them for now.

As you enter into the Ice Ruins Access you will have to blast through another sheet of ice with your Charge Beam. Behind it is a Scatter Bombu. They are attracted to energy sources, so don't charge your beam. Just roll into ball form and move forward, avoiding the energy trails. Then you will enter the Ice Ruins East. Meet the Baby Sheegoth. They are highly aggressive and impervious to gunfire from the front. Lock on to them, blast the shells on their backs away, and then you can take them down. Find the nearest steps and continue to jump up around the edges of the room. You should find a door that leads to the Plaza Walkway. Be careful of the Ice Burrowers. Exit on the other side and don't fall down below. You want to hug the left wall where you'll find a door that leads to the Ruins Entryway, which is filled with Pulse Bombus. Once in the Ice Ruins West, the only door you can access is low to the ground and has a Blast Shield on it. Move through it and you should be on your way into Phendrana Canyon. As soon as you enter drop on to the bridge below and spin around. Behind some large crates is more Chozo Lore. Then drop down into the canyon and hug the right wall. It will lead you up to a reticule that can be scanned to activate a set of platforms (which happen to crumble upon impact). Jump over them quickly and you'll find the Boost Ball waiting for you.

Use the half-pipe shaped base of the canyon for practice. You'll also need to boost out of it to exit. Your new objective is to return to Tallon Canyon in the Overworld. Begin by taking the Magmoor Caverns West transport. Then head straight across the Monitor Station and into the Short Tunnel. Once you get into the Fiery Shores you will find a Morph Ball tunnel to roll around the lava lake. Use it to exit across the other side, but before you go blast the crates which block another Morph Ball path and follow it to receive a Missile Expansion hidden above. Then head through Transport Tunnel B and find your way to the Tallon Overworld West elevator.

You will arrive just outside of the canyon. Walk into Transport Tunnel B (yes, another one) and you will see a small stone bridge with dust and steam pouring out from underneath it. Walk under it and grab yourself a Missile Expansion. Afterwards, jump up through the Root Cave and find your way into Tallon Canyon. There is a halfpipe by the entrance to Transport Tunnel A. Use your newfound Boost Ball skills to make it to the top ledge. Roll across the bridge and bomb into the tunnel. This leads into the Gully. This leads back to the Landing Site for good reason. You are elevated higher than you were before. Keep left and hug the wall. You will find an entrance to the Alcove where the Space Jump Boots are found.

After acquired, you'll have to head back to Phendrana Drifts, but first take a stroll back to your space ship to save and replenish your health. While you are here, examine the wall behind your ship. There is a tunnel filled with Tangle Weed. Clear it out with a few blasts and head in there with your Morph Ball to score another Missile Expansion. Now would also be a good time to explore the story a little. Take the door that is elevated up on the ledge straight across from your ship. Enter into the Temple Hall and try to avoid the needles that the Seedlings shoot at you. Move forward into Temple Security Station where you will be treated with a flyby of the Impact Crater. This is the focal point of evil on Tallon IV. This first visit will give you a little insight as to what is going on. Scan for more Pirate Data here in the glass walkway. You will eventually enter the top of the Artifact Temple, which ironically looks like you're staring out another version of Samus's visor (or spaceship). Located to the left and right are two new Chozo Lore writings. After reading through them, head down below. There you will find your first of twelve artifacts, the Artifact of truth. Scan it and you will see why these rare items are so important. Scan the rest of the artifact pillars around you to obtain important clues. You should scan the following: Wild, Strength, Chozo, Elder, Spirit, Lifegiver, and World. Don't worry about them now. You need to learn a lot more before you go searching for the artifacts.

Head for the Magmoor Caverns East transport. Backtrack through some of Magmoor and head into the Monitor Station. Since you can now double-jump with the Space Boots and reach new platforms, head to the very top. There you'll find a Spinner and a computer terminal. Scan them both and then use the Spinner to raise the nearby bridge. This leads to the highest door in the area, leads into the Warrior Shrine; this houses another Artifact: Strength. Now head through to the Phendrana Drifts North transport. As soon as you arrive, check in at the nearest save point. You're going to need all your health.

Now, search Phendrana Shorelines for floating, jet-powered platforms. With your new Space Jump Boots you can access them, no problem. Follow them over and you should be standing in front of the large temple. If you have any trouble making the jump, there's an advanced technique you can use. Aim your gun down with the R-trigger and then press the L-trigger and hold it to lock it in place. You will then be able to more clearly see below you.

Enter the temple and avoid the Pulse Bombus that are in the way. Eventually you will step into the Chozo Ice Temple. A Baby Sheegoth will be waiting for you, but by now you should have no problem disposing of him. Afterwards, turn on your scanner and look for the Ice Parasite. Scorpion-like in shape, they are slightly faster moving than the Crystallite. You'll need to jump up the series of platforms, so just use your missiles on them if they get in the way. You should now be on the upper level of the Chozo Ice Temple. As you walk in you will see four Chozo busts. Scan each of the heads and locate the one that is a shaman. It is composed of brinstone and is weak, ready for missile blasting. It will reveal a Morph Ball slot behind it, which can be bombed to open a door. Through the door is Morph Ball tunnel which leads into a 2D-type maze puzzle. It's pretty simple, just blast through the metal blocks and shorten the pillars by blasting them with bombs as well. You will then arrive in the Chapel of Elders.

Boss: Sheegoth

Straight ahead of you the Wave Beam will waiting for you. But, it's just bait. As you try to grab it, it will descend into the floor below and Baby Sheegoth will come growling out into the room. Dispose of them one by one and when you're finished, mama Sheegoth will break through the back wall. Scan her. Then proceed to lock on to her, side stepping to the right and left. You want to position yourself so you're on one side or the other of her neck. Only use missiles. If you use your Power Beam, she will absorb it. After that, it's just a simple process of shooting the sides of her neck and open mouth.

Once the beast falls at your feet, the Wave Beam will reappear. Grab it and proceed out of the room. The door you entered through, which is purple, can only be opened with the Wave Beam. Get used to switching weapon types with your C-stick. Proceed back to the save point in Phendrana Shorlines. As you exit the temple, you'll notice a larger Bombu presence. This is to show you they can be disposed of with your handy new Wave Beam. After saving, head for the Ice Ruins West. As soon as you enter, move directly to the right. In a series of tight corridors and platforms, you should see new Chozo Lore. Keep moving up to the top. You should be standing smack-dab in front of a cracked Stalactite. Scan it. As you cross, continue jumping across the top of the structures and watch for Ice Shriekbats. As you platform across, you may see a sheet of ice covering a hole in the ground. Ignore it and make a mental note. You'll have to return later to get the goodie that awaits you there. If you headed in the right direction, you should see a Wave Beam door that leads to the Courtyard Entryway.

Walk into the Ruined Courtyard and survey the ground. You'll find two Morph Ball spinners. Use them to activate a Morph Ball slot located above on a ledge. Then proceed to the slot and bomb it. This will fill the area with water, while also raising floating ice platforms with it. Platform directly across, do not stop in the center. You will arrive at a Morph Ball tunnel that angles downward. Roll into it to receive an Energy Tank.

After you get the tank, you will need to roll back down to the bottom and repeat the same process by activating the slot again. This time jump to the center platform and work you way to the very top. Use your missiles to shatter the door with the Blast Shield and save your progress. Then return to the center of the Courtyard and proceed through the Wave Beam door that lies ahead.

Walkthrough: Phendrana Drifts: Into the Core

Welcome to a darker place in Phendrana. You will now begin to head into the Research Core. Enter into Specimen Storage, disable the defense turret (easily done if you charge your Wave Beam) and prepare your scan visor. A Shadow Pirate will come hopping out after you. Then press forward into the Research Entrance where you will be spotted. Then out come the Space Pirates. But, before you scan them and blast them to pieces, turn around and look at the door you just entered through. Scan it and you'll see that it is a Locked Door, which can only be opened by defeating all the enemies in the room. It enters into your Log Book, so it's worth examining.

After you've defeated everyone in that room, go back to the bottom floor and you'll see an unopened door. This is the Map Station for Phendrana Drifts. Once it is downloaded, head back up the walkways and exit through the top of the room.

This is the Research Entrance. You'll find the next room, Research Lab Hydra, is also full of Space Pirates. Destroy them all and then get your scan visor ready to scan the area. On the bottom floor you will find three Pirate Data log book entries: Security Breaches, Phazon Analysis, Mining Status. At this point you should have completed 50% of your Log Book, thus unlocking Image Gallery 1, accessible through the main menu. Upstairs there is another set of computer terminals, which also contains the Pirate Data Parasite Larva and Glacial Wastes. Move out through the Wave Beam door on the ceiling. You should end up in the Observatory. Clear out the Space Pirates and head to the bottom. More Pirate Data is available for downloading: Phazon Program and Contact. Now, scan the center module to activate one of the Morph Ball slots in the room. Bomb it and you will begin to send power to the hub. You will need to bomb the second Morph Ball slot located on the opposite side, however. This will take some large leaps, but you can do it. Once activated, you will trigger power to the Morph Ball spinners below. Roll down there and Boost Ball spin in all four of them. This will cause the power to flow to the astronomical holographic projector. Be sure to scan the new Research Data floating around: the planets Zebes and Tallon IV. Your goal is to make it to the top by platforming around the edge. There are some very distant jumps to complete, but it is doable. At the top you will find the Super Missile upgrade, resting in the center of the Observatory.

Move through the West Tower Entrance and access the Control Tower transport. As soon as you enter the Control Tower, a battle is waiting for you. Clear out the Space Pirates on the ground and then prepare to meet the Flying Pirate, an agile, missile-shooting unit that will require a little more persistence. Try firing back with your own missiles; they're just as quick and deadly, but be wary of the Flying Pirate when it falls. Like a bottle rocket, it will zoom towards you out of control and explode. You should burn through about four of them before the doors unlock. If you need any health, just shoot the nearby boxes. Then head into the East Tower and activate the transport to the Research Lab Aether. Inside the lab you will see several things to scan. First check out the two Pirate Data entries Meta Ridley and Metroid Studies. You will also be treated to your first Metroid encounter. Blast it with missiles and your Wave Beam. If it attaches itself to you, just roll into a ball and set a bomb to jolt it loose.

A Space Pirate will jump through a window to attack you. Proceed into that room (defeat the pirates, of course) and check the computer terminals at the top and bottom of the room. You'll find the Pirate Data Phazon Infusion, Metroid Forces, and Metroid Morphology. There are several more stasis containment units in the lab. There is one more Metroid hiding in one of them. Shoot the glass with a missile to free it and dispose of it. Take a closer look at the rest of the stasis units. An Energy Tank is hidden in one that is adjacent to the wall. Blast it open with a missile and power up! But wait -- there's more. Take the elevator back up to the walkways hanging above. If you look closely at the piping in the room, you'll see there is a Missile Expansion hidden at the end of one. You'll have to jump up there and roll in Morph Ball form to get it. It's tricky too.

From the lower floor, drop down into the Research Core Access. Don't be surprised to see your first Ice Beetle. As you enter into the Research Core, you will be met with some opposition from Space and Flying Pirates. Destroy them and then scan the nearby terminal to disconnect the containment unit below. You will get a quick glimpse via cut-scene of a visor upgrade. Continue downward -- watch and listen for defense turrets -- and access the next terminal, disconnecting yet another power source to the unit below. Finally, when you reach the bottom there is one last terminal to scan, which frees the force field around your new Thermal Visor. Grab it and prepare for a power outage. Accustom tapping down on the D-pad to use it. You're going to need it immediately, as Shadow Pirates will be running around the area causing havoc. Likewise, the Metroids will grow restless. Blast them away with your Super Missiles if you don't want to prolong the battles. Return up to the top where you entered. The door no longer has power. This is where your Thermal Visor comes in handy. On the right side of the door is a power conduit (only visible with the Thermal Visor), which can send power from your Wave Beam to the door. Simply shoot it to continue forward.

On the other side of the door you will find a Sentry Drone waiting for you. They cause major static to your visor, so try blasting them quickly with missiles. Move back through the Research Lab Aether and be wary of more Shadow Pirates. Right now you should just focus on getting back to the save station located in the Observatory. If you make it there all right, you're next check point should be the save station located off of the Ruined Courtyard. You'll need all your energy for the forthcoming boss fight. In the Ruined Courtyard flip on your Thermal Visor and examine the door straight across from the save point. You'll see a glowing power conduit on the archway above it. It is shielded by cordite, however, so you'll need to use your Super Missiles (Charge Beam+Y) to uncover it. Then send power to the door by shooting it with your Wave Beam. Continue forward and enter into the Quarantine Cave, and prepare for battle.

Boss: Thardus

As always, be sure to scan for vital Log Book data immediately. You'll find that Thardus, a rock structure infused with Phazon, cannot be targeted as usual. The data suggests you should try another visor, and that's just what you need to do. Use your Thermal Visor to locate the hot spots on Thardus. You'll be able to lock on to him while using this visor. You can easily crack the highlighted stone portion of his body with the use of charge blasts and missiles. Try not to get too antsy and use Super Missiles just yet. Save those for a bit. When the Phazon-infused rock cracks open, it will expose the highly radioactive material beneath it. The material is far too bright for your Thermal Visor, so just switch it off and you'll be able to lock on as usual. Repeat the same process of hitting the weak spot with charge blasts and missiles, all the while sidestepping out of his line of fire.

Thardus will often summon rocks from beneath the ground and toss them your way. Take the moment to lock on to them and blast them to pieces. Note: if you're in Thermal Visor mode and try this, the Phazon material inside will blind you. If you get frozen by Thardus, just quickly tap the B-button to get out of it. Another attack that you must get a handle on is his boulder form. You will him animate, leaning back and then curling up in ball form. This is your cue to turn into a Morph Ball and boost out of the way. It's important that you memorize this animation. As soon as he begins to roll into a ball, do the same and boost out of the way. Thardus will also summon snow storms to blur your view. Try not to let it disorient you too much, and use your Thermal Visor when possible to cut through the haze. When it gets to the point that his Phazon is exposed during a snow storm and you cannot see him, try to get as close as possible and use those Super Missiles. You should eventually be able to work him down to the final center point of his body. Work through it and he will die.

You are rewarded with the Spider Ball, which is just about the coolest upgrade in the game. It allows you to attach yourself to magnetic Spider Ball Tracks (scan!), which are all around the world. To accustom you to the process, you actually have to escape Thardus's lair by using the Spider Ball. You should find another exit, leading you through the South Quarantine Tunnel and to the Magmoor Caverns South transport. Proceed downward into the warmer territory. There is a Blast Shield and save station right behind the elevator when you arrive in Magmoor. After freshening up, head into the Magmoor Workstation and fight the Flying Pirates from behind the entrance door if you want to save some health. Then jump down to the bottom where you'll see three glowing passages: green, purple, a blue. Scan around and you'll see there is a pillar-shaped machine that is not receiving power. Flip on your Thermal Visor. This reveals a power conduit next to each colored passageway. Flash power through them with your Wave Beam and the machine will begin to function. This cools the lava beneath the blue passage. Roll underneath the grating and access the area behind the ,blue passage. You will see a panel ready for the scanning. Do so and you will cool the lava in the green passageway. Repeat this process and you will end up behind the purple passageway where an Energy Tank awaits you.

Face the purple passage and exit the door directly to the right. This leads into the South Core Tunnel. The giant mollusk Puddle Spore will be standing in your way. Shoot its mouth when it opens and jump on it like a platform when it flips over. Use the same technique to get across the Geothermal Core, and nevermind the tall pillars that spike through the room. In the North Core Tunnel use a missile to shoot down the stalactite that is hanging above, and use it as a platform. Move forward into Twin Fires and repeat the same procedure by missile-blasting the stalactite at the front of the room. Hug the right wall, take down another stalactite and move to the other side of the cave. Yet another stalactite must be used as a platform. Open the next door and you should be in Twin Fires Tunnel, which connects you to the Tallon Overworld West transport. You may have seen this room before if you went snooping around. Use your Spider Ball and roll into the small hole. Hold on to the magnetic track and cross the lava pit. Then take the transport up to Tallon Overworld. Then head over to the Chozo Ruins West transport.

Right now you should be heading for the Main Plaza in Chozo Ruins. Remember that half-pipe structure in there? Time to put it to use. Roll into Morph Ball so you're under the bridge and slip underneath it to grab a Missile Expansion pack.. Now roll your way into the Ruined Fountain. With the water free of toxins and your new magnetic Spider Ball, you'll find a nice little puzzle awaits you. Bomb your way up on top of the fountain spout. It will spit you onto the Spider Ball track above with leads to another Missile Expansion. After finishing up that, head into the Aboretum right next door with the goal of arriving in the Watery Hall. There is a small Morph Ball tunnel at the end where you original got the Charge Beam. Bomb it and roll through it to the Dynamo. Once in the Dynamo, scan the room and locate a weakened metal structure. You'll find a Missile Expansion pack behind it. Then look above and access the Spider Ball track , which leads to yet another Missile Expansion. Now would be a good time to save off of the Gathering Hall. Platform to the top of the hall and look above the doorway to the East Atrium. Yet another Missile Expansion is hidden above it. You'll need to use the red lights as stepping stones before you can double jump up there. Bomb the wall and grab the missiles.

Next head through the East Atrium towards the Furnace As soon as you enter you will see a Spider Ball track. It leads you to a whole new area. You'll need to use Boost Ball to get across some disappearing blocks. Once in the heart of the Furnace get your scanner out. The little critters carving their way around the elevated Spider Ball tracks are called Plated Parasites. You can't do anything with that track for now, but keep it in mind. Spin around and head to the other side of the room where you'll find a Morph Ball tunnel and Chozo Lore. Scan it and roll through the tunnel to access the Crossway. There's a lot to do in this room. You'll notice the half-pipe in front of you. Use it to propel yourself high enough to access the other side. Once there scan the three Chozo Lore engravings. After reading through them, you should scan a cordite shield just on the adjacent wall. Blast through it with a Super Missile shot and scan the reticle behind it. This will activate one of a set of Spider Ball tracks. Use the half-pipe to launch yourself up to it, then bomb the nearby Morph Ball slot. Repeat this process and you will be able to take a special Morph Ball elevator up to a Missile Expansion. After receiving it, head through the archway and into the Elder Hall Access. You should eventually arrive in the Hall of the Elders where you'll immediately find a Morph Ball tunnel that leads to a Missile Station. This should be your first encounter with one; scan it. Then jump down into the center of the Hall of Elders. The room will darken and you will meet your first Chozo Ghost. Use a few Super Missiles to dispose of him and then walk behind the giant Chozo statue in the room and check out the latest Chozo Lore. With that out of the way, jump into the hands of the Chozo statue and change to Morph Ball form. It will toss you like a bowling ball, ramping you up the opposite wall of the room where you can use your Spider Ball to access a Morph Ball slot. Bomb the slot and you will reveal three more special slots.

Jump back over by the Missile Station and look up where you can find another ledge to platform on. This will lead you to the three slots. One of them will work with your Wave Beam. Shoot it and you will reveal another Morph Ball slot behind it. Bomb it and a new path will be opened in front of the Chozo Elder. Once again, roll into his hands and you should be able to follow a new path that leads you behind an energy shield. Scan the nearby reticle to take it offline and then enter the unopened door in the same vicinity. This leads to the Reflecting Pool, which is surrounded by Stone Toads. Roll into a ball and drop into the center of the pool. Bomb the drain to release the water. Now you can see the pool acts as a half-pipe. Use it -- avoiding the Toads -- and boost up to the second floor. There are two Blast Shields. You're looking for the Antechamber. Walk in and you'll find your new best friend, the Ice Beam. After, head do the door across from the Antechamber, which leads to a Save Station. From Save Station 3 you can roll into Morph Ball form and access Tallon Overworld East transport, but don't use it just yet. You should also walk in to the unopened Ice Beam door on the top floor of the Reflecting Pool. This is another transport to Tallon Overworld South.

With that out of the way, head back to the Hall of Elders. This time use your Ice Beam to activate the second Morph Ball slot located behind the Chozo Elder. He will then toss you down a new path, which leads to an Energy Tank. Who couldn't use one of those, huh?

Walkthrough: Sunken Frigate

To the Mines

Now head for the Main Plaza with the goal of arriving at the Magmoor Caverns North transport. Before you head down to Magmoor, visit the Sun Tower. Scan and locate the cordite shields in between the wasp hives (which can be destroyed with missiles). Use a Super Missile to blast each cordite shield. This will reveal two runes. Scan them and activate them. There are two more runes remaining, located on the upper-backside of two pillars in the room. Once activated they will uncover a Spider Ball track. Bomb your way up it and find your way to the Sunchamber. Several Chozo Ghosts will appear. Destroy all of them and you will find the fourth Artifact of twelve: Wild. It sits atop the bloomed corpse of Flaaghra. Jump up to collect it and then return the same way you entered, arriving back at the Magmoor Caverns North tranport.

Step down into Magmoor Caverns and head straight to the Monitor Station. Then roll right through to the Phendrana Drifts North transport and travel up to the snowy region. Position yourself in front of the Chozo temple in Phendrana Shorelines. Scan and locate the cordite shield, then remove it with Super Missiles. This will reveal a Spider Ball track next to you, which leads up to a Missile Expansion. Afterward, turn around and head for the Ruined Courtyard. When you arrive, you need only use the Spider Ball track to reach the top; no reason to fill up the place with water again. You may also want to use the save station and replenish your energy. From that point, take a turn into Specimen Storage. Press forward and when you arrive in Research Lab Hyrda, work you way to the top level. If you're facing the main computer terminal, the pillar to the left is composed of weakened cordite. Super Missile it into oblivion and pick up another Missile Expansion.

Your next goal should be making it to the Research Core. Located at the bottom you can use your newly acquired Ice Beam to enter the Pike Access and then Frozen Pike. Quickly jump up to the top and reveal the path through the Transport Access, which leads to the Magmoor Caverns South elevator. With your Spider Ball and Ice Beam you could have used this way to get here more quickly, but then you would have never picked up those missile expansions. Keep it mind for later, however, as you can see an energy tank hidden behind an impassable sheet of ice in the Transport Access. Go back to the Frozen Pike and enter the Wave Beam door that sits about middle height in the tall cavern. Just one more door past it should lead you to the Frost Cave. It's time to meet some new creatures: a Hunter Metroid and Glider. The Hunter Metroid is a dangerous foe, so be quick to dispose of him by freezing him with the Ice Beam and using a missile on it. As for the Glider, never mind him for now. He'll come in handy much later in the game. Look at the ceiling and locate the two stalactites. Send them crashing to the floor as new platforms with the help of a few missile blasts. First enter the slightly higher of the two doors, which leads to Save Station C. You don't want to lose your progress. Return to the Frost Cave to pass through the other door into Upper Edge Tunnel where you'll have to roll along a lengthy tube of ice. You should arrive in Phendrana's Edge, and since you can't very well jump up to the top, move down into the icy water below and turn on your scanner. You should spot a Jelzap. You can only kill these creatures with a charged beam when they expose the energy core that sits between its two body halves. Access the Wave Beam that is submerged in this water, leading you into the Lower Edge Tunnel. This leads into the Hunter Cave, which has three stalactites hanging from the ceiling you must shoot down. Use the two that fall down into the water to make it across the icy pond. Then jump on the last of the three to access the door to the Lake Tunnel. When you arrive in the Gravity Chamber there is a deep pit with Aqua Reapers in it. Freeze the Reapers with your Ice Beam and run by them. Then work your way over into the next pit. At the rear of it you will find your Gravity Suit.

With the suit on, you'll notice that your vision in the previously murky water is now more capable. Furthermore, and most important, you can jump freely without the heavy drag from the dense water. To test the suit, you must escape the watery depths by jumping onto a trickily located platform, located above elevated gap between the two pits. You should then be able to exit through the Chamber Access and arrive back in the Hunter Cave. Hug the right wall and exit the unopened Wave Beam door, leading you back to the Frost Pike. From there, climb to the top and seek warmer refuge via the Magmoor Caverns South transport. When you arrive, there's a convenient save point right behind you. From there, your next stop should be the Tallon Overworld West transport. Then head back to the Landing Site in Tallon Overworld. If you've been following the guide exactly, there is an unopened door -- the lowest in the area. On the other side is the Waterfall Cavern. Roll into a Morph Ball and take a dip in the small pond. A grouping of rocks allows you to pass under it and access a Blast Shield protected door on the other side. This leads to Crash Frigate Site; at the center lays a huge pool of water. Submerge into it and work over to the other side. At one point you'll need to roll into a Morph Ball to access a small tunnel. Arriving on the other side, you'll find a few injured Space Pirates. Blast by them and through the Ice Beam door that leads into the Frigate Access Tunnel. Drop down the Main Ventilation Shaft Section C ahead. You're getting into the sunken space station now, and you will probably recognize some of the surroundings. In Main Ventilation Shaft Section B the door has no power. Flip on your Thermal Visor and locate the power conduit -- this will become a staple of exploring the submerged station, so get used to it. You can now open the door to Main Ventilation Shaft Section A, which contains the new creature Tallon Crab. It does little harm, so run right by it and into the Research Core. This deep vertical room is home to a few surprises. The first being the Aqua Pirate, just an underwater replica of the Flying Pirate. As well, the only door in the room has no power. Use your Thermal Visor to locate the four power conduits; three of them are pretty obvious (one right next to the door), but the fourth is hidden at the very bottom by the sand floor. With all four activated, step into the Reactor Access and repeat the same process with your Thermal Visor activated. It would also be a good idea to use the save point located off of this room. The next area -- Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma -- holds an Energy Tank in broken elevator that rests on the floor. Charge your beam to shatter the window that stands between you and your sweet new tank.

Platform your way up to the top of the lift tunnel. You'll find out that the door at the top has no power (of course). So, jump all the way back down to the bottom where you found your energy tank and use your Thermal Visor/Wave Beam to send power to the first power conduit of three. The second is on the backside of a wall about midway up the lift. Lastly, the final conduit is right next to the door. Enter the Biohazard Containment and jump down into the water that fills the lower level. Greet and destroy the Aqua Drone. With that confrontation out of the way, flip your scan visor back on again and check the containment units on that same lower level. One of them is made of cordite, and, naturally, weakened by the stress of the crash. Use a Super Missile blast to split it open and grab the Missile Expansion pack. And, surprise, surprise the door you need to go through is without power. Time for the Thermal Visor/Wave Beam combo again, there are three power conduits to activate. Same story for the Biotech Research Area 1; three power conduits, two of which are on the lower level of the room. Eventually, you will arrive in the Connection Elevator to Deck Beta, where you can enter the Aqua Sac into your Log Book; the creatures are connected to the walls and pose little harm. Drop to the bottom of the shaft and enter the Hydro Access Tunnel. Home to another great ball puzzle, it's one of the niftier parts of Metroid Prime, so enjoy it. As you roll into the tunnel the camera will give you a more 2D-type view. Use your bombs to propel you upward over the ledges. As you'll notice, there is air pressure bubbling up from below...and with so little gravity you can use your bombs repeatedly to push yourself upward. There is a longer vertical stretch that leads up to an Energy Tank.

Finally, after activating all those power conduits you will arrive in the Great Tree Hall. Get out of the water for a bit and explore the area. Follow the platforms, which lead you to a Morph Ball spinner. This will open a gate, which will aid you later. For now, exit the lowest Ice Beam door into the Transport Tunnel E. You will cross a bridge over a pool of Phazon. Don't fall in it, it hurts just like lava would. Continue forward and take the Transport to Phazon Mines East.

There is a save station located just off of the Main Quarry. You can spot its location easily because you must use a Spider Ball track to roll up into it from the ground floor. Before you get into any fights in this place it would be wise to save your progress. With that safety cushion in place, head back into the Main Quarry and take note of the large orange force field blocking your progress. Begin the search for two scan reticles, which are located parallel to each other straight in front of the field; one is farther back than the other. Before you proceed through that path, however, take the walkways up to the crane control station. Naturally, it requires power. At the base of the main crane arm you can locate the power conduit with your Thermal Visor and send power to it with your Wave Beam. Scan the controls once more to change the crane's position, whereupon it will crash into the rock-face and reveal a Missile Expansion. Use the Spider Ball track attached to the underside of the arm to grab it. Put the arm back in its original place and scan the underside of the crate hanging from the crane. It has a Grapple Point connected to it. If you scan it, you should get the research entry in your Log Book.

Exit the Quarry and move through the Ice Beam door that was behind the force field, entering into Security Access A. There is a Mega Turret set awaiting your arrival. Instead of blasting them to pieces, freeze each of them with your Ice Beam, and then use your Scan Visor to disable them via the reticle in the back of the room. Then be sure to scan them to acquire their data for your creature log. Moving into the next room, Mine Security Station, there is much opposition; first Shadow Pirates and then a group of Wave Troopers. The latter new fiend is extremely aggressive, but weak to the Wave Beam. Several charged shots are most effective against them. Assuming you're successful, head into Security Access B. You'll have to blast through a few gates, but it's a straightforward area otherwise. In Elite Research, just ahead, you should spot a giant stasis tank that houses an Elite Pirate Alpha -- a sign of things to come, perhaps? Flip on your scan visor and acquire the Pirate Data located on the terminal near the pirate. Another terminal must be scanned to activate nearby platforms. Work you way up the platforms, defeat the Wave Troopers, and scan the next computer terminal on that level to activate more platforms. Keep your scanner on as you head up the platforms and acquire data on the newly sighted Power Trooper. It's very potent and must be destroyed with the Power Beam. Once you arrive on the third floor of Elite Research, you'll find there is a terminal that controls an Industrial Grade Pulse Beam and a Morph Ball spinner. Use the spinner to point the gun at the wall surface with 8% integrity. Behind it is a Missile Expansion. Then use the beam to blast the wall directly ahead of the terminal, which reveals an Ice Beam door. Take this to Research Access and use the Spider Ball track to avoid the machinery. Get your Power Beam ready as you head into Ore Processing. There are more Power Troopers. They are incredibly fierce and team up, so use Super Missiles to dispose of them quickly. After they are removed, it's time to focus on another Morph Ball puzzle. This one revolves around the giant pillar in the center of the room, which happens to be lined with color-coded Spider Ball tracks. Locate the rotation control unit, which must be bombed to turn the pillar. The holographic display next to it shows you how things are lining up. First line up the blue track to take you to the second level; you should be a branch that sticks out connect. Then roll up to the second level and connect the red track. You can't go up yet, so roll back down to the bottom and bomb the rotation control unit a few more times to line up the bottom half of the red track.

This will allow you to roll all the way to the third floor. You can't use the yellow track track yet, so just exit through the Ice Beam door which will lead you through to Elevator A, the transport to Phazon Mines Level Two. You should land in Elite Control Access. Flip on your Thermal Scanner and notice the square yellow and purple signatures located in a ventilation shaft. One of them is an explosive crate. Shoot it to reveal a Missile Expansion hidden in the vents. It's a tight squeeze, but you can jump right over to it. As you enter Elite Control, get your bearings straight and your Power Beam ready. It's time for a major battle.

Boss: Elite Pirate

This Phazon-infused Frankenstein might be the result of years of work by the Space Pirates, but he's much weaker than he looks. He can absorb shots from your Power Beam, so try to hit him with Super Missiles. Dodge his shots by hiding behind the pillars in the room. Also, if he slams his fists to the floor sending out a shock wave, just double jump to avoid it. Nailing him with two good Super Missile shots should do him in.

Once he has fallen, [if you're facing the direction you entered] scan the computer terminal to the right and download two new Pirate Data entries. Then to the left of the stasis unit is another terminal near a set of walkways. This too contains Pirate Data. Head up that walkway and you will be attacked by a new creature: the Ice Trooper. These are the weakest of the weapon-specific troopers because they can be easily frozen with a charged Ice Beam blast and blown to bits with a missile. The second floor contains a grouping of terminals with some interesting, but optional data downloads. The third and highest floor is full of new Pirate Data; five new entries, in fact. Scanning one of the terminals should take the force field offline. Behind it is an Ice Beam door. Jump up into it, arriving in the half-pipe shaped Ventilation Shaft. As you enter the pipe gas will begin to pour from the ceiling. Ignore it and continue forward into Omega Research. You will be attacked by a few Wave and Power Troopers, but that should be the extent of the attacks in this room. Work you way down to the bottom floor -- scan the reticle to deactivate the force field if need be -- and examine the terminals your first piece of Pirate Data about the Omega Pirate. Then drop down into the Dynamo Access via the Ice Beam door. This will lead you into the Central Dynamo. Take things slowly here. As you jump down to the center of the room, an invisible Drone will appear. Shielded by cloaking technology, you will not be able to scan it or lock on to it. So, use your Power Beam and missiles combined with manual aim (R-trigger) to take it out. As you defeat it, causing it to explode, it will reveal a hole in the grating below -- just big enough to slip your Morph Ball into. Basically, it is a maze and the borders are harmful bolts of electricity. Avoid them and make your way through the maze. Look for puddles of water. When you lay bombs in it, it will splash the power conductors opening up a new path. In the center of the maze you will find the Power Bomb.

The doors will also unlock. The Ice Beam door with no fallen wreckage in front of it opens up to a save station, which by now you should have dying to use. Subsequently, head back into the Central Dynamo and directly across the room is an Ice Beam door with collapsed bendezium in front of it. This material can be conveniently blown away with a Power Bomb. [Note: Be on the lookout for glowing Power Bomb Ammunition to enter as research data.] It leads to Quarantine Access A, and there will be a row of turrets. You can slowly dispose of them one by one, or you roll into a ball and access the Morph Ball hole on the right edge of the hallway (by the stasis tank). As soon as you roll out of the other side, flip on your scanner and disable them via a reticle on the wall ahead. You should be able to accomplish this without losing any energy -- stay close to the wall. The next room, Metroid Quarantine A, is home to a few Space Pirates which you can teach a lesson. As the cut-scene hints, a force field is all that sits between them and the Metroids outside. Use your scan visor on the computer terminal to deactivate the field -- then sit back and enjoy watching the evil fiends suffer. But, when the Metroids are done with them, they'll come for you -- have your Ice Beam ready. On the other side of the field, where the Metroids are held in captivity, you will be met with an impassable pool of Phazon. You cannot cross it for now, but remember this place and examine it. There are no grappling hooks, no secret Morph Ball tunnels, and even if you could walk across the other ledge is too high. How will you cross it?

Walkthrough: Phazon Mines

Rush of Upgrades

Return to the Omega Research lab where you'll find another Ice Beam door blocked by bendezium. The only catch is that when you arrive, another Elite Pirate will break free from captivity. He shouldn't pose a major threat, though. Jump up to the top floor and blast away the rubble in front of the door to Map Station Mines. Download the data and proceed to the Ventilation Shaft. Change over to your scanner and locate the bendezium vent on the floor. Blast through it with a Power Bomb and roll into Morph Ball form and drop into it. On the other side scan the reticle to activate the fans and rid the place of that awful gas. In the process, those Puffer creatures will break the fan grating on the other side revealing an Energy Tank. Finally those nasty things prove useful. Use the half-pipe to get out of there and head for Elite Control Access to take the transport back to the first level of the mines. The go back to Ore Processing and begin setting up the yellow track. The rotation control unit is blocked by a pile of bendezium on the second floor. Once completely lined up, you should be able to follow the yellow track to the very top and access Storage Depot B. Inside is the much-anticipated Grapple Beam.

After acquiring it, use the grapple point on the ceiling of Ore Processing to access Waste Disposal directly across the gap. Just leap out and tap the L-trigger as you become close enough to it. Take the Waste Disposal, a water-filled ball puzzle, out to the Main Quarry. You should considering saving your progress. Right now you want to take the Transport to Tallon Overworld South, which is just outside of the Quarry. When you arrive in Tallon Overworld, set a path for the Great Tree Hall. Begin platforming up around the edge until you reach the Morph Ball spinner. You should have already used it, and the ledge just above it will be free to pass through. Do so and position yourself in the upper part of the Great Tree Hall. Continue jumping on the edge of the hall until you find the corkscrew-shaped Spider Ball track. Use it to arrive at the highest door in the entire area—an Ice Beam door that leads to the Life Grove Tunnel. Flip on your scanner in this small room and you should locate a rock face that has been rendered weak due to the wet conditions. Power Bomb it to press forward into the Life Grove. There you will find the X-Ray Visor, which allows you to see through walls and spot otherwise invisible objects. As you're trapped inside this secret area, you'll need to turn on the X-Ray Visor and have a look around the place. You should see that there is much scenery revealed beyond the walls of this holding—much of which does not show up on your map.

If you scan the walls, you'll find they've been weakened from the water saturation. Set a Power Bomb and knock them open. A whole new lush playground is revealed. Begin exploring it by following the platforms on the edge, which lead into a Morph Ball maze carved into the wall-side. Eventually you should land over by the waterfall and Chozo Ghosts will appear. With your newfound X-Ray technology you'll be able to lock on to them at all times; no more disappearing. After defeating them, it will reveal a Morph Ball tunnel underneath a Chozo face on top of the gazebo. Jump around the edge to return there and head back for the Great Tree Hall. Fall back down to the base where the roots are collecting and look around. You may find it peculiar that raindrops seem to be stopping on an invisible object. Use your X-Ray Visor to locate what is a hidden platform. This will lead you to the door behind the tree. Within it, the Great Tree Chamber, lies a Missile Expansion pack.

Grab it and jump back down to the unopened door, which leads into Transport Tunnel D and eventually the Transport to Chozo Ruins South. As soon as you arrive in the Chozo Ruins, go right around the corner to the Transport to Tallon Overworld East (Morph Ball tunnel behind save station). In Tallon, roll through Transport Tunnel C and into the Overgrown Cavern. The "overgrowth" is Venom Weed. Fire off a few rounds at it and roll through the Morph Ball sized opening to receive a Missile Expansion. You'll next arrive in the Frigate Crash Site, where you'll spot two grapple points to help you easily navigate across the water; but that's not all they're for. The one closest to the center of the water reserve can be used to grab the Missile Expansion that is embedded into the cliff-side (best viewed from underwater). Just try to line yourself up as best you can and swing right into the rock face, hopefully to land in the small cave.

Afterwards, set a course for Tallon Canyon and then take the Transport to Chozo Ruins West. Next, go to the Ruined Fountain and you should see an unopened door that leads into the Meditation Fountain. Follow this through to the Magma Pool and use your Grapple Beam to cross it. On the other side, there is a wall (seemingly bendezium) covered with vines. Use your X-Ray Visor and you'll see there is something behind it. Set a Power Bomb next to it and you will reveal a Power Bomb Expansion as well as what should be the last of the Chozo Lore.

Exit through the Wave Beam door and go through to the Training Chamber. Chozo Ghost will appear. Dispose of them and two Morph Ball slots will be revealed under the Chozo busts. Use the half-pipe to bomb into them, sending power to a nearby Morph Ball elevator, which leads to a Spider Ball track that will carry you into a room with an Energy Tank. Exit the room through the Morph Ball tunnel under the third of the Chozo busts. You will arrive on a ledge in the Main Plaza. Directly across from you is a Missile Expansion. Use the grappling point just ahead of you to swing over there. Believe it or not, there is yet another power-up waiting for you in the same vicinity. Scan the tree trunk to reveal a weakened knot. Shatter it with a Super Missile and jump from the ledge across from it to pick up another Missile Expansion. Then turn right around and carve a path towards the Ruined Shrine.

The first thing you should spot is a sandstone weakness on the floor. This can be blasted away to reveal a Morph Ball tunnel, which leads to a Missile Expansion. Look around some more and you should notice that there is a smooth half-pipe structure. Both sides have something you want. Boost Ball your way up to the side that leads back to the small room that houses a Missile Expansion. After you acquire that, boost over to the other side and enter the Tower of Light. This huge room is filled with vertically stacked platforms, and for good reason. At the top lies a hefty weapon upgrade. Begin platforming your way up. You should arrive at a perfectly centered platform. From here you can scan the area and find that the pillars that support this huge structure are weakened brinstone. Use three missiles on each of the four pillars to send the first level crashing down. This will allow you to jump up to a higher level. However, you have to be quick because the seismic activity will send the Plated Puffer creature reeling out of the nearby pipes; coming into contact with it can knock you off the platforms. Repeat this process of bringing down the levels a few more times and you will eventually be able to reach the very top where the Wavebuster is found. This is an unnecessary, but cool upgrade that is activated by charging the Wave Beam and tapping the Y-button simultaneously. The result is a stream of energy that will eat away at your missile supply, but deal major damage.

No doubt boiling with excitement, you'll want to drop straight down into the water below to cool off. And, while you're there, check your Artifact data. You should see that Lifegiver, the fifth Artifact of twelve may be located very close. Indeed, simply access the Wave Beam door hidden on the other side of the pool of water and you will find it in the Tower Chamber. With all that out of the way, go back to Tallon Canyon via the Transport to Tallon Overworld North. Your next checkpoint is the Root Cave. As soon as you enter you should find a grapple point staring directly at you. Use it to swing to the other side and begin jumping upward. You will hit a dead end shortly after crossing a small bridge, but turn on your X-Ray Visor to uncover otherwise invisible platforms. As you arrive on the last platform, you will see a red door ahead of you. No, you can't go through those yet. However, turn just to the left -- with your X-Ray Visor activated -- and you will see a Missile Expansion hiding behind a wall of foliage. After nabbing the power-up, fall all the way down to the bottom and make a move for the Transport to Magmoor Caverns East. When you arrive in Magmoor, use Transport Tunnel B to make your way over to the Shore Tunnel. The hull is made of bendezium, which has been stressed over time by the intense heat. Set off a Power Bomb in the center of the tunnel to shatter the surrounding glass. This will let you jump beneath the bridgeway to acquire the Ice Spreader. Like the Wavebuster, the Ice Spreader is an optional, yet very powerful upgrade. It can freeze multiple enemies at once.

Subsequently, turn around and head back from where you originally entered. You want to end up in the Geothermal Core. By the way, there's a little secret about traversing the Magmoor Caverns we should tell you about. All those pesky flamethrowers attached to the ceiling can be frozen with the Ice Beam. So, if you get tired of timing your jumps or waiting on them, just freeze the fire-breathing nozzles to remove the hassle. When you arrive in Geothermal Core, position yourself on the side closest to South Core Tunnel. There is a platform you can jump on, and from there you can use your Grapple Beam to swing from a nearby point. Land on top of the first rotation unit and locate the Morph Ball spinner. You will notice that the platform splits in two, raising one above you. Jump over to the next closest rotation unit and repeat this process. Then return to the first one you raised to gain new height. From there you can access the third highest platform to again raise it with the Morph Ball spinner. This time you'll need to use the Spider Ball track to access the raised platform. Once on top you'll be able to jump to the fourth and final rotation unit. In contrast to the others, however, this unit has a Morph Ball slot, which can be bombed to send power to all the units. As a result, the roof of the entire Geothermal Core will rise, revealing a huge mural of Spider Ball tracks. Begin by bombing up on to the Spider Ball track that branches off of that final platform. Once on the walls the path is pretty linear, but you'll need to drop to a track below you or bomb to one above you quite often. You should also watch out for Plated Parasites, which can knock you off the tracks. If you're successful, you will wind all the way around the huge room and arrive at a very well elevated Ice Beam door.

Then just walk right into Plasma Processing and upgrade your suit with the latest weaponry: the Plasma Beam. This fiery hot stream of magma is not only powerful against enemies, but it can be used to melt through thin sheets of ice. As always, you want to save frequently so head through Magmoor Workstation and access the save station behind the Transport to Phendrana Drifts South. Afterwards, circle around back into the Magmoor Workstation and access the elevated, unopened door. This leads into the Workstation Tunnel where you can clear some bendezium rubble with a Power Bomb and continue on to Phazon Mines West via the transport.

After departing Magmoor and arriving in Phazon, you will arrive in a whole new part of the mines. Head forward into the Transport Access and use your Grapple Beam to cross the pools of Phazon beneath you. It leads into the Phazon Processing Center, and you'll want to jump down to the center where you'll find an Ice Beam door that leads back to level two of the mines via a Morph Ball tunnel. On the way you'll have to fight all the various Space Pirate types, and you'll have your first encounter with the Plasma Trooper. When you roll your way back to the second level of the mines, you'll need to pass through Elite Control, Omega Research, and the Central Dynamo again. You're headed for the previous dead end of Metroid Quarantine A. Watch out for the Dynamo Access, however. One of the Elite Pirates will bust out of stasis. When you finally do arrive back inMetroid Quarantine A, be wary as the Metroids have been feeding on synthetic energy supplements and are eager for the real thing. You want to position yourself on top of the 400% size increased mushrooms outside where the Metroids are migrating from. To get over the huge pool of Phazon, you'll need to locate the floating platforms with your X-Ray Visor. Use them to leap over to the other side, and when you arrive have a quick look around with your Thermal Visor. You'll be able to clearly see a set of Spider Ball tracks and a door. To get to them use the nearby mushrooms again to gain access to higher platforms. From those, it's time for the X-Ray Visor again. Jump across to the next platform and you should see a pair of diagonally parallel Spider Ball tracks. Don't use them yet, though, turn around and flip on your X-Ray Visor to examine the nearby rock face. It can be blasted through with a Power Bomb. Behind it is yet another wall -- blast it, too, with a Power Bomb. You can then follow a Spider Ball track across the small canyon to arrive on another ledge. Use your X-Ray Visor to locate a vertically rising and descending platform. Jump on it an dit will take you to a Missile Expansion.

Go back to the parallel Spider Ball tracks after that and follow through to Elevator B and descend downward into level three of the mines. Proceed into Fungal Hall A -- watch out for Hunter Metroids -- and use the fungus as platforms. You will eventually spot a Glider. Use your Grapple Beam to attach to its underside swing across the large gap. Go through the next door and into Phazon Mining Tunnel. A large boulder will block you path, but simply Power Bomb it to shatter it. Roll into the Morph Ball tunnel and follow its main path. You'll have to boost across a set of disappearing metal platforms, but shortly after you will arrive at a Plasma Beam door, which leads into Fungal Hall B. It's dark, so you may want to turn on your Thermal Visor. Use the mushroom growths to stay above the Phazon-littered ground. You will see another Glider. Use it to access the higher path first, which leads to a Missile Station. Next you want to go through the next door which leads to Quarantine Access B.

However, before you do jump down just below that door and use your Thermal Visor to reveal a Missile Expansion hidden beneath the ground; a ring of mushrooms grow around it. Use a Power Bomb to blast away the rock cover above it. Then proceed through the door into Quarantine Access B. There are a few invisible Bombus lurking around, so use your X-Ray Visor if you hope to locate them. Once in Metroid Quarantine B, use the visible Spider Ball track to access the higher platforms. From there, Grapple Beam your way over to the other side and deactivate the force field by scanning the nearby terminal. Directly through that large opening you should see another computer terminal with new Pirate Data. After downloading it, turn directly around and you should locate a cordite shaft, weakened by stress fractures. Use a Super Missile to blast through it and nab yourself another Missile Expansion. Once you've done that, access the Plasma Beam door on the same floor and save at the Save Station Mines C. You'll need all the help you can get, as a boss battle is about to emerge. Head up to the top floor and into Elite Quarters Access. You will find a gate blocking your way and the controls are frozen in frigidite. Just use the Plasma Beam to melt the shell and continue into Elite Quarters where the boss awaits you.

Boss: Omega Pirate

?Turn on your Scan Visor as you enter and download the data from his stasis chamber as you approach him. It will tell you a lot about his tactics; Omega Pirate will disappear often to repaint himself with Phazon, thus healing his wounds. This is his weakness, and you are going to exploit it to beat him. Begin by locking on to Omega Pirate. Your reticle will attach to several points on his body; it doesn't matter which you choose. While locked on manuever away from and around him with double jumps. He will continuously collect energy and eventually when enough is stored up he will slam his fists into the ground sending out a huge wave of Phazon energy. You will need to double jump (you should be charging your Power Beam while you do this) over it and before you even hit the ground fire a Super Missile at whatever point it is you're locked on to. The Phazon shell protecting that area will shatter. Repeat this process until ever point on his body -- knees, shoulders, etc. -- is shattered. At this point, Omega Pirate will call out his lackeys a medley of Wave, Ice, and Plasma Troopers. Fire off a few shots at them to keep them at bay, but they're really only there to distract you. Turn on your X-Ray Visor and listen for Omega Pirate. You will eventually be able to spot him (X-Ray only) repainting himself in one of the pools of Phazon. Lock on to him and fire a Super Missile directly at the center of his chest. This will cause major damage, and you should be able to repeat this process at least once more. He will reappear eventually, however, and you will have to crack each Phazon body joint again. If his lackeys are still causing you trouble, try to use the Omega Pirate as a weapon; when he slams his fists down the Phazon wave he sends out often kills them. Sometimes, though, fiends such as the Plasma Troopers require you to kill them. Just be sure to absorb all the energy they leave behind. Then resume firing Super Missiles at Omega. Like before he will retreat to his Phazon Pool, call out more lackies, and you will want to focus on locating him to deliver those crucial Super Missile hits while he's recovering. Sooner, hopefully than later, he will die. In the process, his body will crash down upon you disintegrating into a bubbling soup of Phazon. Samus's Power Suit has survived, but the overwhelming potency of the mutagen will change her suit in the process. But, it's for the better. You will now wear the ultra-cool black, silver, and red Phazon Suit.

Exit back through Elite Quarters Access and save your progress. Remember that Morph Ball tunnel in the Phazon Mining Tunnel. There was a path mode completely of Phazon, and with your new suit you won't have to worry about the harmful effects of Phazon anymore. Go back there and bomb your way deeper down this path. You may not have the clue for it yet, but there happens to be the Artifact of Newborn there, the last of twelve. Then set a course back to Elite Quarters and access the second level via the platform. Follow the walkways and enter the Processing Center Access, where you will find an Energy Tank. Scan the gate terminal to open it and press forward.

Walkthrough: The Final Artifacts

Collect the Twelve

At this point, you have collected all necessary upgrades. Your goal is to locate the last of the twelve artifacts. Given your presence in the Phazon Mines, it would be wise to return to the Mine Security Station on the first level. On the top floor, next to the door to Security Access B there is a bendezium gate blocking a computer terminal. Set a Power Bomb to access it; scanning the terminal will dissolve the force field in front of the room just below you, Security Access B. Inside of it you will find the Flamethrower, another optional but very cool secondary weapon upgrade.

From there, return to the Life Grove in Tallon Overworld to obtain the Artifact of Chozo. Reveal a Morph Ball spinner by bombing the metal covering in the center of the water pool. By spinning the device you will raise a walkway. Capture the artifact and return through the Morph Ball tunnel you entered through. There is a Missile Expansion there at the very top of it. Use the half-pipe to boost all the way around to the top and lay a bomb; the trick is to charge your boost as soon as you let go near the bottom.

Next up, take the Transport to Chozo Ruins South and head to the Hall of Elders. Activate the Plasma Beam Morph Ball slot behind the statue and it will reveal a door which leads to the Artifact of World. Acquire it and head for the Furnace where you can grab another Missile Expansion if you like. Power Bomb the floor underneath the Spider Ball tracks. This will reveal a half-pipe which you can use to boost up above. Follow the tracks and grab the missiles.

Subsequently, set a course for the Impact Crater in Tallon Overworld. By returning your collection of Artifacts you can scan the pillars for more information on the rest that are missing. If you read all of your current clues, you'll see making a trip through the Transport to Magmoor Caverns East would be wise. On the way, climb to the top of the Root Cave and open the Plasma Door to grab yourself a Missile Expansion. Once in Magmoor, you can find your way to the Lava Lake where you must use your X-Ray Visor to reveal the Artifact of Nature hiding in one of the stone pillars. Simply use a Super Missile to shatter it.

In Phendrana Drifts go to the Chozo Ice Temple and melt the ice that runs from the Chozo statue on the top floor. Then roll into a Morph Ball and enter its hands. This will reveal a passageway underneath, which leads to the Artifact of Sun.

Head for the Control Tower next. On the way be sure to pick up the Power Bomb Expansion in the Ice Ruins West, which is located under a sheet of ice on one of the rooftops. You can easily melt it with your Plasma Beam. There is also a Missile Expansion hidden just off of the Quarantine Cave inside of the Quarantine Monitor. To get there, simply use the grapple points hanging from the ceiling. It will position you nicely to grab the last Energy Tank in the Transport Access if you haven't yet.

Once you arrive at the Control Tower, enter the room above the East Tower. There will be some crates blocking a window. Simply blast them out of the way with a few missiles and then flip on your scanner. You should locate some fuel cells attached to the backside of one of the towers. Aim and fire a missile to cause an explosion, which sends the tower crashing down. This reveals a hole in the ground -- Morph Ball size -- that leads to the Artifact of Elder. To exit the underground area, you must roll back into Morph Ball form and bomb onto the tip of the tower, where you can roll back above.

Your next destination is Phendrana's Edge. On the way, you'll want to cut a path through the Frost Cave. There is a Missile Expansion hiding underneath the frozen lake of ice. To access it, use the Glider to swing over to the elevated ledges. There's no door by these ledges, only a small gathering of crates. Look up and you should be in position to blast a stalactite out of place with a missile. It will fall to the ice-covered lake below allowing you to roll into it and grab the Missile Expansion. Move on to Phendrana's Edge and begin jumping upward. You'll have to swing over some large gaps with the help of the Grapple Beam, but there are no major obstacles. Eventually, you will arrive at a point where a pool of ice sits in front of a rock wall. Turn on your Thermal or X-Ray Visor and you should see a door behind it. Use a Power Bomb to reveal the Plasma Door and enter to acquire the Artifact of Spirit. Continue jumping up to the very top where you should find another Glider that will let you swing over to a Morph Ball tunnel -- this leads to a Power Bomb Expansion in the Security Cave.

Exit through the Hunter Cave and take a stroll into the Gravity Chamber. Near the entrance to Chamber Access there is a large grouping of ice stalactites. Use your Plasma Beam to melt them -- this reveals a grapple point. If you examine the roof of the room you should locate a Missile Expansion, which you can swing to with the help of the grapple point.

Finally, make for the Phazon Mines to retrieve the last Artifact. It is located in Elite Research. At the bottom, the Elite Pirate Alpha is held in captivity.

Boss: Phazon Elite

Surrounded by bendezium, the only way to free him is to lay a Power Bomb at his feet. This will free him, but before you get too antsy about defeating him remember to scan him. While he doesn't look exactly like the Elite Pirates, he basically behaves just like them. So, blast him repeatedly with Super Missiles and double jump above his wave charges. After you defeat him you will earn yourself the Artifact of Warrior.

With all twelve collected, return to the Artifact Temple in Tallon Overworld and be sure to save at the Landing Site.

Walkthrough: Beginning of the End

Protector of the Worm

returning all the Artifacts to the Artifact Temple, you will begin your journey into the Impact Crater. However, the great shadow, Meta Ridley is ever watchful, ready to protect the evil Worm, as the Chozo called it, which lies buried beneath. You must fight Meta Ridley, and it is a battle that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Boss: Meta Ridley

Meta Ridley begins his routine by firing at you from the air. Lock on to him, charge up your Power Beam, and prepare to fire a Super Missile when he exposes his chest. This process should be relatively easy, as he positions himself directly over the edge of the Artifact Temple.

His second maneuver is flying far off into the distance and then dropping multiple bombs as he performs a fly-by. You really can't harm him during this attack, so just try to sidestep out of the way and keep locked on him when possible so you know when and where he's coming from. Eventually, he will return to the edge in front of the temple where you can resume firing Super Missiles at him. He may temporarily land and take a swipe at you, but just back away and continue charging. In the process, he'll actually reveal a few energy capsules and even some missile ammunition. Just repeat hitting him with Super Missiles and sooner or later he will have to land in the temple's center.

When the dragon-faced beast finally does ground himself, watch out; viciously he will charge at you and whip his sharp tail in circles in an effort to smack you with. The key is to stay locked on to him and sidestep right as he's charging toward you. If you can repeatedly position yourself behind him after he charges it will give you a moment to gather your thoughts because he has to spin around and search for you -- just watch out for that tail and if you get cornered, Morph Ball roll out of there! Don't even bother firing at him until he pauses and begins to breathe fire at you. Laser-like in precision, the beam of fire can be easily jumped over, giving you time to charge your Power Beam and fire off a Super Missile. If you hit him in the open-mouth it will send him reel back, whereupon he will expose a soft spot in his chest plating. Keep that Power Beam charged because you'll have to hit him with another Super Missile as quickly as you can. Unfortunately, he will return charging at you for a bit before giving you another opportunity.

There is an advanced technique you can use, however. When he opens his mouth to breathe fire, have your Wave Beam ready and charged. Activate the Wavebuster Beam (which you should have acquired during the walkthrough) by hitting the Y-button in sync. The steam of energy will track repeatedly from his mouth to his chest, draining his energy. Watch your missile intake, and try to leave yourself with about 40-50 missiles during this process.

Chances are that you're going to have to finish him off with Super Missiles, continuing to hit his mouth and chest with the concussive blasts. Near the end of his life, he will become extremely fierce, charging at you quickly and often. Remember to keep your distance even if it means rolling away from him. With persistence, the shadowy guardian will be knocked into the crater below with the help of the Chozo.

At this time a transport to the Impact Crater below will be revealed. There is a save station waiting down there, don't worry, so simply descend and prepare for the final battle.

Walkthrough: Impact Crater

The Worm

Arriving in Crater Point Entry, the first thing you'll want to do is save. The only door in this room leads to Crater Tunnel A, where you will find the Lumigek creature. They are relatively harmless, but you may want to fire off a few rounds at them in hopes to pick up some ammunition. Power Bombs, for example, are extremely handy as you enter the Phazon Core. The Fission Metroid is one of the smartest and most deadly Metroids. By firing upon it, it will split in two, creating two new Metroids that have specific weaknesses; red Metroids are harmed by Plasma, yellow by Power Beam, purple by Wave, and gray with Ice. Charged shots with each of these weapons do the trick. However, there is one constant that you can always use: Power Bombs. They will destroy anything within the radius of their blast. As your supply will be limited, use this technique sparingly and when multiple Fission Metroids are near. You're going to have to platform all the way to the top of the Phazon Core. On the way, you can recharge your missile supply at a missile station, but that's your only place of retreat. With persistence you will reach the door at the top of the room, which leads into Crater Tunnel B. Proceed across the collection of Spider Ball tracks, as the material beneath you is quite caustic. The next door is the last you will enter. This is where the Worm the Chozo spoke of resides. Gnawing constantly at the endless supply of Phazon, this final boss will require all of your wits and skills.

Boss: Metroid Prime (Shell)

Scan and greet Metroid Prime. This spider-like thing is not only frightening to gaze upon, but also to fight. Prime is incredibly smart. Having a constantly supply of Phazon, it has been able to adapt and increase its powers for a great while. It is equipped with a tractor beam, caustic breath with the precision of a laser, gas bombs, and a number of other things. The point is, you're going to need to be on your toes constantly. To avoid projectile attacks, it's often wise to approach Prime and stand close, just be careful not to get too close or it will take a swat at you.

During this period of time Prime will adapt to your weaponry by morphing its shell. Depending on the color, it will be vulnerable to only one type of weapon. Be sure to charge your attacks and stay locked on to the small opening where its face resides. Use ultra-powered weapons such as Super Missiles, Wavebuster, Ice Spreader, and Flamethrower to expedite the process. Just be cautious not to drain your missile count. The fight will take place through several levels of the Impact Crater. Not until roughly the third will you want to be extremely aggressive.

Another move that Metroid Prime has is the charge. After you deal a few good blows to it, Prime will charge you. To avoid it, roll into ball form and use the crevices in the ground to avoid the giant spider. Repeat this process several times. The most difficult part will be keeping up with the shell changes, so memorize how to access your Beams.

Be on the lookout for floating orbs. These slow-moving projectiles are harmless until they come into contact with you. When they approach ground level, it is wise to destroy them with a missile blast or two. More likely than not, they will reveal missile ammunition and occasionally ultra energy, which is a nice recharge for your Power Suit.

If you can keep up this process long enough, you will send the shelled version of Metroid Prime crashing down below. But the fight is not over yet.

Boss: Metroid Prime (Core)

This form is completely different than the shelled version of Prime, so remember to scan it if you hope to complete your Log Book. Exposed, it's highly aggressive, but the good news is it is also very vulnerable. None of your weaponry will harm it, so don't even bother. Only a phazon-infused Arm Cannon will suffice. Of course, you don't have one of those... or do you?

Begin by locking on to Prime and following its every move. Eventually it will cling to the wall and ready a few powerful attacks. In the process, phazon will drip from its core, pooling on the ground beneath it. Double jump over the waves of energy it sends toward you. Eventually, it will disappear, cloaking itself from your current visor. As aforementioned, Prime is incredibly smart. Flip through your other visors—X-Ray and Thermal—to locate it. The thing with Prime at this point is it cloaks according to the last visor you were using. So, get used to looking around and cycling through you visors. Once locked on to him in cloaked form, find the pool of phazon and step into it. It will bond with Samus's Phazon Suit and send her into hyper mode. This is the only thing that hurts Prime, and it's devastating to it. The problem is, these pools of phazon dry up, so you'll have to repeat the process several times.

Meanwhile, Prime will occasionally call up Metroids to attack you. It's best to ignore them, but if they latch on frequently and become a problem set a Power Bomb to clear them out. You may even find they leave some energy or ammunition behind.

If you can successfully manage yourself through all of this, you will conquer Metroid Prime.

Power Suit Upgrades

Major Suit Upgrades
  • Missile Launcher: Defeat the Hive Mecha :: Chozo Ruins, Hive Totem
  • Morph Ball: Defeat the Plated Beetle :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Shrine
  • Charge Beam: Find the five runes :: Chozo Ruins, Watery Hall
  • Morph Ball Bombs: Defeat the Incinerator Drone :: Chozo Ruins, Burn Dome
  • Varia Suit: Defeat Flaahgra :: Chozo Ruins, Sunchamber
  • Boost Ball: Activate platforms :: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana Canyon
  • Space Jump Boots: Access Alcove via Tallon Cayon :: Tallon Overworld, Alcove
  • Super Missile: Restore power to holographic projector, platform to the very top :: Phendrana Drifts, Observatory
  • Thermal Visor: Cut power to containment unit :: Phendrana Drifts, Research Core
  • Spider Ball: Defeat Thardus in Quarantine Cave. :: Phendrana Drifts, Quarantine Cave
  • Ice Beam: Drain Reflecting Pool, use as half-pipe. :: Chozo Ruins, Antechamber
  • Gravity Suit: Located in deepest part of chamber :: Phendrana Drifts, Gravity Chamber
  • Power Bomb: Defeat invisible drone and solve Morph Ball maze :: Phazon Mines, Central Dynamo
  • Grapple Beam: Follow yellow track from Ore Processing :: Phazon Mines, Storage Depot B
  • Plasma Beam: Raise the platforms in Geothermal Core, follow Spider Ball track along wall :: Magmoor Caverns, Plasma Processing
  • Phazon Suit: Defeat Omega Pirate :: Phazon Mines, Elite Quarters
Secondary Weapon Upgrades
  • Wavebuster: Use missiles to shatter weakened brinstone pillars; platform to top of tower :: Chozo Ruins, Tower of Light
  • Ice Spreader: Set off a Power Bomb to shatter hull; located beneath bridgeway :: Magmoor Caverns, Shore Tunnel
  • Flamethrower: Locate bendezium grating on top floor of Mine Security Station, set Power Bomb, and unlock force field :: Phazon Mines, Security Depot A
Energy Tanks
  1. Chozo Ruins, Transport Access North
  2. Use the West Furnace Access :: Chozo Ruins, Furnace
  3. High on ledge. Use Plaza Access from Vault :: Chozo Ruins, Main Plaza
  4. Use spinners to activate Morph Ball slot. Bomb slot to fill room with water. Located direclty across floating platforms down angled tunnel :: Phendrana Drifts, Ruined Courtyard
  5. Hidden in same stasis containment as Metroids. Use missile to blast glass open :: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Aether
  6. Use Thermal Visor to send power to cooling machine. Located behind purple passage (North) :: Magmoor Caverns, Magmoor Workstation
  7. Activate Ice Beam Morph Ball slot behind Chozo elder. Path leads underground :: Chozo Ruins, Hall of Elders
  8. Use bombs to propel yourself high in vertical shaft :: Tallon Overworld, Hydro Access Tunnel
  9. Super Bomb bendezium vent, roll through tunnel, scan to activate fans :: Phazon Mines, Ventilation Shaft
  10. Use half-pipe to reach Morph Ball slots, send power to elevator, and follow Spider Ball track. :: Chozo Ruins, Training Chamber
  11. Defeat Omega Pirate, exit second level :: Phazon Mines, Processing Center Access
  12. Blast wall of ice with Plasma Beam to melt :: Phendrana Drifts, Transport Access
Missile Expansions
  1. Behind Brinstone wall :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Gallery
  2. Behind Brinstone wall :: Chozo Ruins, Watery Hall Access
  3. Bomb through Sandstone to reveal Morph Ball path :: Chozo Ruins, Burn Dome
  4. Solve the puzzle of the cage by using the double bomb jump :: Chozo Ruins, Vault
  5. Solve Morph Ball puzzle in wall :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Nursery
  6. Use Morph Ball tunnel that loops in half-circle :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Gallery
  7. Access from Triclops Pit, roll under grating :: Magmoor Caverns, Storage Cavern
  8. Bomb crates to reveal path. Located high up on elevated grating :: Magmoor Caverns, Fiery Shores
  9. Located under stone walkway; dust and steam pour out from beneath :: Tallon Overworld, Transport Tunnel B
  10. Behind ship in small tunnel filled with Tangle Weed :: Tallon Overworld, Landing Site
  11. Jump on piping, roll in Morph Ball form to access :: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Aether
  12. Use half-pipe. Located under bridge on small shelf :: Chozo Ruins, Main Plaza
  13. Use clean water from fountain to blast upward and connect to Spider Ball track :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Fountain
  14. Blast weakened metal grating with missiles. :: Chozo Ruins, Dynamo
  15. Use Spider Ball track to access inlet above :: Chozo Ruins, Dynamo
  16. Platform to top of room. Located behind sandstone wall above East Atrium access. Jump on red lights, then double jump :: Chozo Ruins, Gathering Hall
  17. Activate network of pipes by shooting through cordite. Use half-pipe to activate Morph Ball slots. (4.6 MB Quicktime) :: Chozo Ruins, Crossway
  18. Use Super Missile to blast cordite shield on front of temple; Spider Ball track revealed :: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana Shorelines
  19. Use Super Missile to blast weakened cordite pillar on top floor :: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Hydra
  20. Use Super Missile to blast weakened cordite containment door in submerged lower level :: Tallon Overworld, Biohazard Containment
  21. Activate crane controls with Wave Beam at power conduit, scan controls to change crane's position, and use Spider Ball track :: Phazon Mines, Main Quarry
  22. Use Industrual Pulse Beam gun to blast through wall with 8% integrity :: Phazon Mines, Elite Research
  23. Shoot explosive crate in ventilation shaft, use Thermal Visor to locate better :: Phazon Mines, Elite Control Access
  24. Use X-Ray visor in Great Tree Hall; door located behind tree :: Tallon Overworld, Great Tree Chamber
  25. Located in Morph Ball size tunnel amidst Venom Weed :: Tallon Overworld, Overgrown Cavern
  26. Use Grapple Beam to swing into submerged cave :: Tallon Overworld, Frigate Crash Site
  27. Exit Training Chamber; use ledge and grapple point to swing over to power-up :: Chozo Ruins, Main Plaza
  28. Tree knot can be shattered with Super Missile :: Chozo Ruins, Main Plaza
  29. Sandstone weakness in floor; blast with Morph Ball bomb :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Shrine
  30. Boost out of half-pipe structure (Note: both sides have Morph Ball tunnels) :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Shrine
  31. Use X-Ray Visor to jump to very top; look left when facing Plasma Beam door to see it located behind wall of foliage :: Chozo Ruins, Root Cave
  32. Stand next to the two diagonally parallel Spider Ball tracks; flip on X-Ray Visor to scan nearby rock wall; Power Bomb two walls successively; follow Spider Ball bridge and use X-Ray visor to locate last platform :: Phazon Mines, Metroid Quarantine A
  33. Located on the ground, beneath door to Quarantine Access B; use Thermal Visor to locate it, visible in a ring of small mushrooms; Power Bomb to uncover :: Phazon Mines, Fungal Hall B
  34. Weakened cordite shaft; use Super Missiles to shatter :: Phazon Mines, Metroid Quarantine B
  35. Weakened grating made of bendezium near entrance :: Phazon Mines, Security Access A
  36. Use half-pipe in Morph Ball tunnel entrance and set bomb at top :: Tallon Overworld, Life Grove
  37. Set Power Bomb to reveal half-pipe; boost up to Spider Ball track and follow :: Chozo Ruins, Furnace
  38. Plasma Door located at top of Root Cave; use X-Ray to reveal platforms :: Tallon Overworld, Arbor Chamber
  39. Use grapple points in Quarantine Cave :: Phendrana Drifts, Quarantine Monitor
  40. Located under ice-covered lake; use Glider to swing to elevated ledges and blast stalactite hanging above, sending it crashing down below :: Phendrana Drifts, Frost Cave
  41. Shatter large grouping of stalactites with Plasma Beam to reveal grapple point; swing to expansion located on elevated ledge :: Phendrana Drifts, Gravity Chamber
Power Bomb Expansions
  1. Behind Bendezium wall. Use X-Ray to reveal; blast with Power Bombs :: Chozo Ruins, Magma Pool
  2. Hidden under sheet of ice on rooftop in corner across from Chozo Lore; use Plasma Beam :: Phendrana Drifts, Ice Ruins West
  3. Use Grapple Beam to arrive at the highest point in Phendrana's Edge :: Phendrana Drifts, Security Cave.

Log Book


Map Station: Anywhere
Save Station: Anywhere
Small Energy (Purple): Anywhere
Large Energy (Red): Anywhere
Missile Ammo: Anywhere
Gunship: Tallon Overworld, Landing Site
Missile Door Lock (Blast Shield): Chozo Ruins, Main Plaza
Morph Ball Slot: Chozo Ruins, Energy Core
Ultra Energy (Yellow): Anywhere
Spinner: Magmoor Caverns, Monitor Station
Locked Door: Phendrana Drifts, Research Entrance
Tallon IV: Phendrana Drifts, Observatory
Zebes: Phendrana Drifts, Observatory
Spider Ball Track: Phendrana Drifts, Quarantine Cave
Missile Station: Chozo Ruins, Hall of Elders
Power Bomb: Anywhere


**Parasite Queen: Space Station
**Parasite: Space Station, Subventilation Shaft Section A
Beetle: Tallon Overworld, Canyon Cavern
Auto Turrets: Space Station
Sap Sac: Tallon Overworld, Tallon Canyon
Zoomer: Tallon Overworld, Tallon Canyon
Geemer: Tallon Overworld, Tallon Canyon
Bloodflower: Tallon Overworld, Root Tunnel
Hive: Chozo Ruins, Main Plaza
Scarabs: Chozo Ruins, Nursery Access
Eyon: Chozo Ruins, Eyon Tunnel
War Wasp: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Nursery
Blastcap: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Gallery
Tangle Weed: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Gallery
Plazmite: Chozo Ruins, Totem Access
**Hive Mecha: Chozo Ruins, Hive Totem
**Ram War Wasp: Chozo Ruins, Hive Totem
Plated Beetle: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Shrine
Shriekbats: Chozo Ruins, Arebortum Acess
**Incinerator Drone: Chozo Ruins, Burn Dome
**Barbed War Wasp: Chozo Ruins, Burn Dome
**Flaahgra: Chozo Ruins, Sunchamber
**Flaahgra Tentacle: Chozo Ruins, Sunchamber
Oculus: Chozo Ruins, Sun Tower
Grizby: Magmoor Caverns, Burning Trail
Burrower: Magmoor Caverns, Lake Tunnel
Magmoor: Magmoor Caverns, Lava Lake
Puffer: Magmoor Caverns, Lava Lake
Triclops: Magmoor Caverns, Pit Tunnel
Flickerbat: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana Shorelines
Crystallite: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana Shorelines
Scatter Bombu: Phendrana Drifts, Ice Ruins Access
Baby Sheegoth: Phendrana Drifts, Ice Ruins East
Ice Burrower: Phendrana Drifts, Plaza Walkway
Pulse Bombu: Phendrana Drifts, Ruins Entryway
Seedling: Tallon Overworld, Temple Hall
Ice Parasite: Phendrana Drifts, Chozo Ice Temple
Sheegoth: Phendrana Drifts, Chapel of Elders (boss) or Ice Ruins West
Ice Shirekbats: Phendrana Drifts, Ice Ruins West
Shadow Pirate: Phendrana Drifts, Research Entrance/Core
Space Pirate: Phendrana Drifts, Research Entrance
Flying Pirate: Phendrana Drifts, Control Tower
Metroid: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Aether
Ice Beetle: Phendrana Drifts, Frost Cave Access
Sentry Drone: Phendrana Drifts, Research Core Access
**Thardus: Phendrana Drifts, Quarantine Cave
Puddle Spore: Magmoor Caverns, South Core Tunnel
Plated Parasite: Chozo Ruins, Furnace
Chozo Ghost: Chozo Ruins, Hall of the Elders
Hunter Metroid: Phendrana Drifts, Hunter Cave
Glider: Phendrana Drifts, Frost Cave
Jelzap: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana's Edge
Aqua Reaper: Phendrana Drifts, Gravity Chamber
Tallon Crab: Tallon Overworld, Main Ventilation Shaft Section A
Aqua Pirate: Tallon Overworld, Reactor Core
Aqua Drone: Tallon Overworld, Biohazard Containment
Aqua Sac: Tallon Overworld, Connection Elevator to Deck Beta
Mega Turret: Phazon Mines, Security Access A
Wave Trooper: Phazon Mines, Mine Security Station
Power Trooper: Phazon Mines, Elite Research
Elite Pirate: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Ice Trooper: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Plated Puffer: Chozo Ruins, Tower of Light
Plasma Trooper: Phazon Mines, Phazon Processing Center
**Phazon Elite: Phazon Mines, Elite Research
**Meta Ridley: Tallon Overworld, Artifact Site
Lumigek: Impact Crater, Crater Tunnel A
Fission Metroid: Impact Crater, Phazon Core
**Metroid Prime (Shell): Impact Crater
**Metroid Prime (Core): Impact Crater
      **Only available for scan once. Must be scanned when first seen.

Chozo Lore

Fountain: Chozo Ruins, Ruins Entrance
Exodus: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Nusery
Hatchling: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Fountain
Meteor Strike: Chozo Ruins, Watery Hall
Contain: Chozo Ruins, Sun Tower
Beginning: Chozo Ruins, Vault
The Turned: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana Canyon
Statuary: Tallon Overworld, Artifact Temple
Binding: Tallon Overworld, Artifact Temple
Cipher: Phendrana Drifts, Ice Ruins West
Cradle: Chozo Ruins, Furnace
Infestation: Chozo Ruins, Crossway
Hatchling's Shell: Chozo Ruins, Crossway
Worm: Chozo Ruins, Crossway
Hope: Chozo Ruins, Hall of Elders

Pirate Data

Fall of Zebes: Space Pirate Frigate, Biohazard Containment Artifact Site: Tallon Overworld, Temple Security Station
Mining Status: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Hydra
Security Breaches: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Hydra
Phazon Analysis: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Hydra
Parasite Larva: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Hydra
Glacial Wastes: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Hydra
Phazon Program: Phendrana Drifts, Observatory
Contact: Phendrana Drifts, Observatory
Meta Ridley: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Aether
Metroid Studies: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Aether
Phazon Infusion: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Aether
Elite Pirates: Phazon Mines, Elite Research
Metroid Prime: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
The Hunter: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Hunter Weapons: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Chozo Studies: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Chozo Artifacts: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Prime Mutations: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Prime Breach: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Chozo Ghosts: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Omega Pirate: Phazon Mines, Omega Research
Special Forces: Phazon Mines, Metroid Quarantine B


Truth: Tallon Overworld, Artifact Temple
Strength: Magmoor Caverns, Warrior Shrine (Monitor Station)
Elder: Phendrana Drifts, Control Tower
Wild: Chozo Ruins, Sunchamber
Lifegiver: Chozo Ruins, Tower Chamber (Sun Tower)
Warrior: Phazon Mines, Elite Research
Chozo: Tallon Overworld, Life Grove
Nature: Magmoor Caverns, Lava Lake
Sun: Phendrana Drifts, Chozo Ice Temple
World: Chozo Ruins, Hall of the Elders
Spirit: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana's Edge
Newborn: Phazon Mines, Phazon Mining Tunnel