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Developer: Retro Studios
Publisher: Nintendo
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Splinter Cell Moby Games Game Rating: T (Teen) [Blood and Gore, Violence]
Release Date: April 8, 2003
$49.99 / $7.99 EB Games
Players: 1
480p, Dolby Pro Logic II


By Jon Robinson and Kaiser Hwang

You are Sam Fisher, activated operative of top-secret government organization Third Echelon. CIA agents Blaustein and Madison have gone missing in the Georgian capital of T'Bilisi, and your job is find the missing agents and assess the situation.You are to leave no trace of your existence on the physical or political map. If you are found, your existence is denied.You are a Splinter Cell.

Splinter Cell is one of the year's most anticipated titles and with good reason. Its revolutionary lighting system, in-depth story, and detailed gameplay puts Splinter Cell in the upper (excuse the pun) echelon of stealth-based action games.One of the things to note about this game is that every obstacle you come across can be approached in a different manner.The walkthrough found in this guide proposes only one of many different ways to tackle a situation.There is no right way to play this game so try every approach you can think of—you may be surprised at what works!

Get ready to play through one of the best games of the year.Remember to move silently, stay in the shadows, and do not forget to hide those bodies! Realism is the key here, so think like a Splinter Cell and do your country proud.


Before you toss yourself into the highly immersive worlds of Metroid Prime, there are a few things you should familiarize yourself with; controls, using the HUD, navigating the map, examining downloaded Log Book data, awareness of 3D space and using the Hint system are aspects you must have a solid understanding of.


  • Move Sam: Left Analog Stick
  • Move Camera: Right Analog Stick
  • Mantling: Y
  • Climbing: Simply walk up to the object or jump onto it.
  • Close Attack: L when near enemy
  • Back to Wall: A
  • Shimmying: Press Y to jump up and grab ledge. You can then move left or right using the Left Analog stick. Press down or Triangle to let go.
  • Zip Line: To use a zip line, stand under it and press Y to jump up and grab it.
  • Pipe Shimmy: Press Y to jump up and grab a pipe. Press up on the Left Analog Stick to move forward. Press down on the Left Analog Stick to move backwards. While moving, press X to pull legs up onto pipe.
  • Rolling: Press and hold X while running
  • Wall Jump: When near a wall, press Y. At the peak of your jump, press Y again to kick off of the wall and jump higher.
  • Split Jump: While in a narrow corridor, perform a Wall Jump. At the peak of your Wall Jump, press and hold Triangle to perform a Split Jump. Press Y again to get down.
  • Drop Attack: You can fall on top of an enemy to knock him out.
  • Quiet Landing: Press Circle while landing to land quietly.
  • Open Door: Stand in front of it and press A.
  • Door Peek: While opening a door, press left on the Left Analog Stick while holding A.
  • Rappelling: Walk up to object you want to rappel down and press A.
  • Thermal Vision: Press left on the directional pad.
  • Grab Enemy: Sneak up from behind and press A. Press R while grabbing enemy to knock them out.
  • Draw Weapon: Tap/Hold R halfway.
  • Fire Weapon: Click R all the way in.

Basic Tips

We will cover tactics for individual missions in the walkthrough section of this guide. However, here are some rudimentary tips that will help keep you safe right off the bat:

  • Always crouch when moving around. You still move pretty quickly, and you never know when there is an enemy around to hear you moving those sexy legs of yours.
  • Spare your ammo. Additional ammo is hard to come by, so only shoot the lights and enemies that you have to. It really sucks to get close to the end of a level with zero bullets left, only to find out that you have to shoot out some lights.
  • Always hide bodies! This is very important in this game. Not only can bodies in the open be found, but if unconscious bodies are woken up, you will have that many more enemies to deal with. If you cannot find a dark place to put the body, try shooting out some lights to create shadows.
  • Your items and weapons do not carry over between missions so do not be afraid to use them.
  • Use the camera to look around corners and other hard to see places. you will be surprised how much you can see just by rotating the camera around.

GBA Connectivity

On the Cube, Sam Fisher does not have to tread through the seedy underworld alone. Players that own a Game Boy Advance system and a GCN-GBA link cablecan plug into an unused controller socket on the Cube to get an advantage over the competition. The tiny handheld screen will instantly boot up as atop-down, 2D map and radar, allowing Sam to get a birds-eye view of his immediate surroundings and nearby enemy threats (such as guards and cameras)within the circular field of view.

Press the B button to expand the range of the circular radar, and then use the control pad to scroll the map in any direction as the circle slowly con tracts. If an enemy threat is detected within the circle, the GBA will emit an alarming beep to give an audible warning. Keep the GBA volumecranked as you play and be sure to listen for beeps as you approach doorways and corners — a camera or soldier could be lurking on the other side!Thankfully, the GBA gives Cube players the extra alert.

On some missions, having the GBA plugged in will also grant Sam access to anew, GCN-exclusive weapon: the sticky bomb. Just fire the weapon at an enemy or wall, and then press the GBA's A button to detonate it at any time.This weapon comes in very handy for setting ambushes and traps, so do not beshy about plugging in those GBAs — take advantage of it!

Weapons and Gadgets

SC-20K M.A.W.S. (Modular Assault Weapon System)
The bullpup configuration of this assault rifle makes it light and compact without sacrificing firepower (5.56x45mm ss109). Its modular configuration allows it to be customized to fit any mission profile. Equipped with a flash/sound suppresser and combined with a multipurpose launcher, the SC-20K becomes the obvious choice of weaponry for Sam when infiltrating enemy territory.

The SC-20K supports both semi-automatic and automatic fire. To manual reload press the white button or you can just wait for it to auto-reload when the clip is empty. Another feature of the SC-20K is its sniper scope. By pressing Y after you have equipped the gun, you can use the scope to hit distant targets with great accuracy. The targeting reticule will shift while aiming, but you can hold Sam's breath by pressing in the left trigger to help steady it for a limited amount of time.

Also, you can use the SC-20K's Multipurpose Launcher by equipping the desired projectile and pulling the left trigger to shoot. You cannot use the sniper scope when use the launcher.

Ring Airfoil Projectile
A high-impact, zero penetration projectile designed to incapacitate rather than kill. Head shots are much more effective than body shots. The best way to use these is to shoot an enemy with it, then quickly run up to them and knock them out while they are stunned. You can also stun enemies then grab them while they are stunned, in case you need to interrogate them.

Lock Pick
Standard set of picks, wrenches, and probes for bypassing stand cylinder locks. Some locks will require only two pins to be released, while others may have up the six. More pins usually means what's behind the door is more important.

Sticky Camera
A miniature camera with full pan and zoom functionality, plus night and thermal vision modes. The Sticky Camera feeds its images directly to Sam's OPSAT. Ideal for advance scouting and intelligence gathering. Sticky Cams are reusable.

These are good to use in areas where you cannot see what's going on without revealing yourself. Remember that when using a Sticky Cam, Sam cannot move, so be sure to be a safe, dark place. Also, make sure you launch the Sticky Cam in a place where you can easily retrieve it.

Sticky Shocker
A high-voltage discharge device coated in adhesive resin. The Sticky Shocker will adhere to an enemy and give him an incapacitating shock. Also, because it delivers an electrical charge, the Sticky Shocker can be fired into a pool of water instead of directly at an enemy. A great way to take out multiple enemies.

Gas Grenade
Standard CS (0-chlorobenzalmalononitrile) gas canister grenade can incapacitate groups of enemies. Exposure to CS gas causes violent respiratory seizure. Prolonged exposure causes unconsciousness.

Because the gas cloud is so large, use the Gas Grenade when there are a lot of enemies in an enclosed area, but make sure to keep your distance. Get too close and your health will start to drain. You can equip your thermal goggles to see through the gas cloud to make sure all the enemies are down. Also, remember that the grenade tends to bounce a little after it hits the ground, so try and compensate for it when aiming.

Distraction Camera
An adaptation of the Sticky Camera. The Distraction Camera has had its pan and zoom motors as well as its vision enhancement apparatus replaced with a noisemaker and a CO2 gas canister. The device can be triggered to attract enemies with sound and then dispense a cloud of incapacitating gas when they are nearby.

The Distraction Camera is best used when you must get past a guard. Shoot the camera at a vertical surface and use the noisemaker to lure the guard. Because its gas cloud is relatively small, it is best used against single enemies. Also, the closer the gas is the enemies face, the better it will work so aim the camera at heights close to the enemies heads. You can reuse a Distraction Camera, but only its noisemaker function. The gas function only works once. If you do pick up a used one, it will be the first one launched. This comes in handy when you only need a noisemaker and want to save your gas-enabled cameras for later.

SC Pistol
The SC Pistol tactical model with single-action trigger and a 20-round magazine comes equipped with a silencer/flash suppressor. Its 5.72x28mm rounds offer good penetration against modern body armor, while keeping the weapon's weight, dimensions, and recoil at reasonable levels.

A great weapon for taking out lights and single enemies that you have targeted. A couple shots to the head usually does the trick. Because the fire rate is so slow, do not use this weapon in any sort of firefight.

Laser Microphone T.A.K. (Tactical Audio Kit)
A laser-operated microphone integrated in the SC Pistol that enables the user to read the vibration off certain surfaces (mainly glass windows). Used to listen in on conversations. Make sure Sam is in a safe place when using the Laser Microphone because while using it, he is vulnerable to attack.

Camera Jammer
The Camera Jammer emits microwave pulses that disrupt the characteristic signals used in the microcircuitry of surveillance cameras. The Camera Jammer operates off of a capacitor that must be allowed to recharge from its battery after a short time.

Optic Cable
This flexible cable/camera can easily be slipped under doors to view the other side. Complete with night vision enhancement. it is always a good idea to check behind a closed door, especially if you hear activity behind it.

Disposable Pick
Unconventional lock picks, these microexplosive-shaped charges deliver a quick impact to any standard lock cylinder that will shatter the pins and unlock the door. These come in handy when you do not have time to use the normal lock pick, and must open a door in a hurry.


Night Vision Headset
Night Vision goggles amplify very low existing light, especially lights at the lower end of the infrared spectrum. Make sure to watch your stealth meter when using night vision because it can be difficult to tell what is dark and what is light.

Thermal Vision Headset
Similar to Night Vision, Thermal vision is an essential tool in low light situations. This technology differs from Night Vision in that it captures the upper level of the infrared light spectrum, which is emitted as heat rather than reflected as light. Best used to see through gas clouds, and also to see what numbers were pressed on a keypad.


Some objects, like grenades, flares, or other miscellaneous objects in the world, can be thrown. To throw an object, equip it and press the X button. A series of reticules on screen will show your aiming trajectory. Use the Right Thumbstick to aim and the Left Trigger to flatten or arch the trajectory. Pull the Right Trigger to throw the object or the X button again to abort the throw.

Wall Mine
The Wall Mine is a motion-sensitive explosive device that can be attached to almost any surface. To deactivate and pick up a wall mine, wait for the green light before picking it up. Also, be careful to remember where you set the mines so you do not accidentally blow yourself up. It really does not feel that good.

Chemical Flare
Chemical Flares are lightweight plastic sticks filled with a binary chemical agent. When the inner containers are cracked, the chemical agents mix, causing the stick to glow. Useful for attracting and distracting enemies.

Frag Grenade
The 14-ox M67 fragmentation grenade consists of a 2.5" steel sphere surrounding 6.5 ounces of high explosive. Upon detonation, the steel sphere shatters, emitting a burst of high-velocity shrapnel. Best used for groups of enemies. You can also bank the grenade off walls. Just make sure it goes around a wall and not back at you!

Medical Kit
Standard first-aid kit that will restore about 20% of your health.

Bullet Box
Find it to retrieve 30 rounds of ammo for either the SC Pistol, or the SC-20K.

Coke Cans and Glass Bottles
You can find these all over the different levels. you will mainly use them to distract/lure an enemy by throwing it and creating a noise. Be careful when using a glass bottle - The broken glass created after you throw it makes lots of noise when you walk on it.

Mission Walkthroughs

Walkthrough Mission: 1
  • T'Bilisi Old Town
  • T'Bilisi, Georgia
  • October 16th, 2004
  • 20:01 Hours
Mission Objective

Locate CIA agents Blaustein and Madison


Agent Alison Madison worked covertly in the Georgian political arena for two years, securing a role in president Nikoladze's cabinet after his coup d'etat. Special agent Robert Blaustein was also in Georgia. They both vanished on October 11th.



  1. Rendezvous with local NSA informant Thomas Gurgenidze for information on Blaustein's area of operation.
  2. Killing civilians will result in Mission Failure.
  3. Touching the street will result in Mission Failure.

As you appear in the courtyard, immediately run to the right and head up the stairs to the porch. Climb the ladder directly in front of you, and climb it all the way up to the roof. Walk straight ahead toward the brick wall and press X to open the trap door. Jump down, switch on your Night Vision Goggles, and get into a crouch to crawl along the small passageway. When you make it to the next room, climb up the pipe make it back outside, then ride the zipline down through the window of the building across the courtyard.

Walk down the hallway to the left and open the first door. Exit the room and continue down the hallway to the stairwell. Run through the first opening to your right, then jump up and grab the pipe overhead to shimmy your way across the broken floor. Run to the left down the hallway then open the door to the right. Run through the room and exit through the door on the opposite side. Here you will find another stairway. Head up the stairs and out the door into the hallway. Open the door to the left to find your contact. Talk to him, then run out the door to the right.

When you enter the hallway, equip your gun. Enter the room to the left and quickly shoot out the skylights to help dissipate the smoke. After the smoke has cleared, open the door along the right wall and save your game.


  1. Find the black box hidden in Blaustein's apartment.
  2. Rendezvous with local NSA informant Thomas Gurgenidze for information on Blaustein's area of operation
  3. Killing civilians will result in Mission Failure.

Open the door and run to the right along the balcony until you reach the end. Jump up to grab the pipe and swing your legs up to sneak across the opening. Get into a crouch and sneak along the other side of the balcony. You should hear some Russian dude talking on the phone. As you creep into the courtyard with the guy on the phone, equip your gun and aim for his head. Squeeze the trigger to take him out in one shot. After killing the man, aim at the door he was standing near and fire off a second shot. This will send a guard scurrying your direction. Wait for him to open the door, then blast him in the head to score your second kill.

Head into the house and access the computer to your immediate right to steal the computer's data stick. Make your way through the house, and be sure to pick up the medical kit on the floor in front of the final room toward the back. When you enter the last room, walk over to the painting on the wall and slide it open to reveal a hidden laptop computer. Access the computer to steal another data stick. After the pre-scripted conversation is over, head over to the keypad by the closed door. The code is 091772.

Walk through the door and head to the left to find a zipline. Slide down the zipline to land on the roof across the way. Walk into the room then head through the hall into the elevator shaft. While in the shaft, you will see a pole directly in front of you. Jump forward to grab the pole then slide all the way down until you reach the top of the elevator. Hop down off the pole and open the trap door beneath you. Jump down through the trap door and save your game.


  1. Find Gurgenidze's dead drop in Morevi square to figure out how to get into the Police Precinct.
  2. Find the black box hidden in Blaustein's apartment.

Use your master lock-picking skills to open the door, then creep out of the room and toward the courtyard stairs to your left. Blast the two dirty cops in the courtyard, then run around the corner to the left and head up the stairs. As you enter the courtyard with the fountain in it, look across the fountain to see the bushes with the red light illuminating the shrubbery. Walk through the bushes, then crawl through the opening in the wall to reach a room with a laptop, ammo, and a med kit on a desk. Pick up the med kit and ammo then access the computer to open a gate in the courtyard you were just in. Before crawling back into the courtyard, pickup the second med kit located near the far wall.

As you reenter the courtyard, the gate that you just opened is to your immediate right. Be careful, however, as there is a guard patrolling the courtyard area. Take him out before walking through the gate, otherwise he might shoot you in the back as you attempt to advance. Creep through the gate in crouch position and try to make as little noise as possible. There will be a citizen and a guard just around the corner. If the citizen spots you, he will run away and scream alerting the guard, so be careful. If you can, grab the citizen and knock him out before the guard sees you, then shoot the guard in the head. Once the guard is dead, stand over him and press X to grab another data stick, then continue forward. Around the next corner will be another guard, so continue to creep forward and wait for him to walk toward you, then bust one more shot to the head before moving on. If you failed to knock out the citizen near the last guard, he'll continue running around the level screaming his head off. Grab him now and shut him up with a nice elbow to the head.

Continue forward into the last courtyard, and jump onto the top of the big garbage bin to the left. Once on top, use a Wall Jump to leap off of the wall to your left, then grab the ledge above you. Jump down into the next area and save your game.

New Goal

  1. Locate Agent Blaustein in the Police Precinct.

Head to the left and down the stairs. Open the door to the left, but be extremely stealth in your movements as there is a guard patrolling the hallway directly in front of you. Immediately shoot the guard, then pick up his body and move it into the room with the sliding door at the end of the hallway to your left. Be sure to check around the corner to the right before entering the door, however, as there is another guard patrolling the halls. Wait for the second guard to leave, then enter the door to the left. Dump the body and access the computer to grab another data stick.

Exit the room and immediately go into a crouch. Forget the door to your left, and creep down the hallway in a crouch to avoid detection by the guard in the room with the window. If he sees you, stand by the door and blast him when he comes out. Enter the door that the guard just ran out of, and continue creeping along in stealth mode, making sure the lab guy does not see you. If he spots you, simply knock him cold, then access the computer to grab another data stick. Walk into the next room, shoot the security camera, grab the med kit, then walk next to the bodies to trigger contact with your commanders. Simply exit the way you came in, and once you get back into the main hallway, open the door to the left and save your game.

New Goal

  1. Access the Police Precinct's security surveillance system.

When you reach the top of the stairs, get in a crouch position and creep along the right wall, avoiding the room with the security guard directly in front of you. Stop and wait for the citizen in the room to the right to walk up to the security window and begin a conversation with the guard. Hug the wall along the right side of the room and sneak right past them as they continue to talk. Sneak past the first door and continue through the automatic door and into the stairwell. Continue in stealth mode as you sneak up the stairs and into a room with two guards sitting at their desks. Creep along the right side of the wall in crouch mode and open the first door to the right without alerting the guards. Access the computer in the room to remove the data stick, then exit the room in your creepy crouch and continue your slow creep toward the second door to the right.

Enter the room, sneak through the curtains to your right, then knock out the guard who conveniently has his back turned to you. Access the computer to complete your mission objective. Head back out the door and sneak past the two guards at their desks to exit the room the way you came in. Creep down the stairs, then slowly sneak along the left side of the wall past the guard and the citizen, and exit out of the double doors to the left to end the mission.

Mission End

The bodies of agents Blaustein and Madison were located in the morgue of a T'Bilisi police precinct. Before being sent to Georgia, the agents had been outfitted with sub-dermal tracking implants. These implants were removed from their corpses and taken to the Georgian ministry of defense by a man named Vyacheslav Grinko.

Walkthrough Mission 2
  • Georgian Defense
  • Ministry, T'Bilisi, Georgia
  • October 16th, 2004
  • 23:01 Hours
Mission Objective

Discover President Nikoladze's secret.


Secret agents Blaustein and Madison were killed for getting too close to information Georgian president Kombayn Nikoladze needed to protect. Vyacheslav Grinko, a Russian mercenary, is closely tied to Nikoladze's secret; they have arranged to meet at the Ministry of Defense.



  1. Infiltrate the East Wing of the Georgian Defense Ministry.
  2. Discover Vyacheslav Grinko's whereabouts by interrogating his driver.

As you begin the mission, walk over to the chimney pipe on the edge of the rooftop and interact with it by pressing X in order to start repelling down the wall. Continue down until you reach the open window. Press Triangle to swing into the open window. When you enter the room, immediately go into crouch mode and sneak up to the book shelf in front of you. you will see a guard walk into the row of bookshelves immediately in front of you. Jump up and pounce him. Knock him out if you can, kill him if you must, it really does not matter other than the number of bullets you plan to waste. Anyway, once he's down, make sure to move the body to the far corner in between the two shelves, next to the wall. But do not think you are out of the woods yet. you will need to equip your gun and look across to the other end of the room. Above the door is a security camera. Shoot it once to disable it, then run over to the computer near the door and access it to take a data stick.

Exit the room and enter the hallway. Open the door to your right, but be ready for a surprise if you made too much noise in the hallway. Inside you will see two guards, and sometimes one of the guards will be directly in front of the door when you open it (depending on how loud you are). Get in a crouch and draw your gun. If he comes toward you, draw him out into the hallway and cap him there, that way his buddy will not sound the alarm. Otherwise, wait for him to walk back the other direction and simply sneak behind him, opening the door to the left and sneaking through without detection. If the guards see you, you will have to blast them both quickstyle, otherwise the alarm will sound and you will be forced to start the mission over.

Once you sneak past the guards and open the door to the left, walk up the stairs to pick up a medkit. Walk back down the stairs, but instead of going back into the hall, walk down the stairs to the right. Be sure to take the stairs slowly, though, as there is a camera above one of the flights that you will need to take out before advancing. you will know the camera is near when you hear the whirring sound in the background. Remember that sound, you will hear it again real soon. Continue down the next flight of stairs to find, you guessed it, another camera. Shoot it and keep moving down the stairs until you reach the bottom.

Open the door at the bottom of the stairwell and shoot the camera directly in front of you along the right wall. After the camera has been destroyed, walk to the left and hug the left wall to make your way all the way around the parking garage. Remember to stay in the shadows, and bust out your night vision if you must, but keep in the dark. When you reach the area where the cars are located, you will hear/see another camera. It cannot see you if you are in the shadows, so save your bullets and leave it alone. When you reach the car with the lights on, turn the corner to find the driver lurking in the shadows. Sneak up behind him and interrogate him. If he sees you first, he'll run and pull the alarm, so make sure you have got your ultimate creepy crawl working for this part of the mission.

When the driver gives you all of the info, knock him in the head with the butt of your gun to drop him cold.

New Goals

  1. Infiltrate the South Wing of the Georgian Defense Ministry.
  2. Deactivate the courtyard security laser grid.
  3. Laser-mic the Grinko and Masse conversation in the glass elevator leading to Nikoladze's office.

Backtrack to the door where you first entered the garage, but stay in the shadows. There is a guard by the door inspecting the area. Get as close as you can without him seeing you then blast him in the head for a quick kill. Run back up the stairs and head out the door you originally entered the stairwell through, the one with the two guards. If you didn't kill the guards the first time around, now's a good time. Run down the hallway and open the door to the right. As you enter the room, shoot the camera directly above the door to avoid immediate detection. Access both computers in the room to receive two additional data sticks. Look toward the ceiling to spot the open gate. Jump on the desk and grab onto the ledge to climb into the opening. Save your game.

Crawl through the shaft all the way to the end and jump down into the kitchen freezer. Creep over toward the door and wait for the guard to enter and talk to the cook. After the chef reveals his secret recipe, the guard leaves. Sneak up behind the cook, grab him and drag him back into the freezer. Knock him cold with the butt of you gun. Walk back into the kitchen and turn off the lights by flipping the switch next to the door. Open the door and sneak up behind the guard in the hallway. Knock him out, then drag him back into the freezer. If you are feeling a bit ruthless, you can execute him when he's down, but that's up to you.

Run back out to the hallway where you found the guard and head to the right. Walk down the stairs as you listen to two guards talking below you. At the bottom of the stairs, turn to the right to find another staircase. Creep down the stairs to the left and watch as one of the guards patrols the area. If you make noise coming down the stairs, both guards will come near the stairs. Keep crouched and they will not see you. Blast both guards as they come up the stairs, fire fast and they will not have a chance to signal the alarm. Drag both bodies underneath the staircase to the left, then run over to the computer on the desk and access it. Once you have received your instructions, crouch down underneath the left staircase near the two bodies and wait for the colonel to arrive. He always walks down the right staircase, so he will not see you. Wait for him to sit down at his desk, then creep up behind him and grab him (do not kill him!). Drag the colonel over to the retinal scanner to open the door, then knock him out.

Walk through the door slowly, there is a surveillance camera above the next door around the corner. Shoot the camera, then equip your laser mic as you walk out the door. When you spot the two men get in the glass elevator, focus your mic on the elevator to listen to their conversation. A red square means you are receiving a good signal. Try to hide in the bushes while listening to their conversation. There are three guards patrolling the courtyard, and they'll shoot you if you are just standing there with the mic in your hand.

New Goals

  1. Infiltrate the North Wing of the Georgian Defense Ministry.
  2. Access Nikoladze's personal computer in his office.

After you have heard the conversation, creep along the right wall of the courtyard while avoiding detection by the guards. When you reach the cyclone fence, jump up on it to begin to climb, then save your game.

Once inside the building, you will see someone is about to come out of the elevator directly in front of you. Quickly run into the shadows to the right of the elevator and get into a crouch. Wait for the guards to walk to the opposite side of the room, then sneak into the elevator and press the up button. Once off the elevator, there is a security camera to the right of the coke machine. Shoot the camera from a crouched position behind the soda machine, then sneak back past the elevator and pick the lock of the first door to the left. Access the computer inside the room to receive a data stick, then jump on top of the desk. Jump up again to grab onto the duct opening, then climb in the duct. Crawl along the duct to the left and jump down the opening toward the end. When you reach the ground, equip your gun and shoot the security camera down the hall. Open the first door to your left and grab the ammo and medkit inside.

Climb up the ladder and open the trap door to reach the roof. Walk to the edge of the roof and interact with the stovepipe to rappel down the side of the building. When you reach the window, pull out your gun and shoot the guard through the glass. You might want to take a medkit before doing this, however, because it takes more than one hit to kill the guard and he'll most likely get some shots off before you can kill him. Search the dead soldiers body to pickup a frag grenade. Access the computer on the desk, then when you hear the chatter about reinforcements coming to the office, walk back out through the broken window and hang off of the edge. This will enable you to hide while the new soldier searches the office.

Once the soldier leaves, access the computer a second time to finish the job. Head out the door and take the first door to your left. Walk down the stairs and pick up the medkit off the wall by the door. Open the door and get into a crouch. There is a guard checking the door below you, so creep along until you get in close enough for a head shot, then kill the bastard. Walk around to the elevator shaft then jump in the shaft and grab the edge to hang off of it. Let go of the edge and grab onto the next landing. Continue this process all the way down the shaft. Once you reach the bottom, run to the left of the parking garage and talk to your contact to end the mission.

Mission End:
Files retrieved from president Nikoladze's computer reveal a campaign of terror against Azerbaijan. Covering their invasion using techniques of information warfare, cells of Georgian commandos have nearly overthrown their oil-rich neighbor. This intelligence has opened the door for NATO intervention in the Caucasas.

Walkthrough Mission 3
  • GFO Oil Rig, Georgian
  • Waters, Caspian Sea
  • October 27th, 2004
  • 09:38 Hours
Mission Objective

Retrieve Georgian communication data.


NATO and U.S. intervention has pushed most of the Georgian commandos from Azerbaijan, with only a few well-hidden cells remaining. One of those cells, entrenched in an oilrig on the Caspian Sea, is exchanging data with the Presidential Palace in Georgia via a secure network.



  1. Infiltrate the oil refinery by the main pipeline.
  2. Trail the mercenary technician.

When the mission begins, climb up the ladder directly in front of you. Once you reach the top, walk to the right and make your way across the pipe. When you cannot walk forward any more, jump straight up and grab the pipe overhead. Press Circle to pull your legs up and creep over the barrier. On the other side, there's a large wall blocking your path. To get past it, simply walk off the right side of the pipe you are standing on and grab onto the edge so you can slowly shimmy your way across the pipe. Once you get past the wall, climb back onto the pipe and duck under the low wall. Walk onto the small platform to your right, then jump up and grab the zipline to streak down to the next platform. This will cause a huge explosion. Sam will fall off the line and grab the platform. Pull yourself up and duck under the pipe to the left.

Climb up the vertical pipe and step off onto the big red pipe to your right. Look down into the massive hole in the pipe and jump inside. Crawl your way through to the end and save your game.

Climb up the ladder and open the trap door. Once back outside, turn around and walk toward the ladder on the pole to the right and climb all the way up to the top. Step onto the catwalk and walk over to the box by where the water is dripping. Climb onto the box and jump up to grab the pipe overhead. Swing your legs up to the pipe and work your way all the way over to where the guard is walking underneath. Wait for the guard to stop directly beneath you, then drop down and squash him. Head left down the catwalk and save your game.

After the game saves, there will be an explosion ahead of you and you will see three soldiers. do not engage them. Instead, wait for two of the them to walk away, then shoot the soldier who remains in the area. Slowly walk down to the area where the other two soldiers were headed with the technician, but do not let them see you. The point of this mission is to follow them without detection. As you walk around the corner, wait for the one soldier to be left back to guard the door and shoot him in the head. Walk over to the door and listen as the soldier talks to the technician. When they leave the area, walk into the two rooms they where they were and pick up the two medkits.

Run back past the soldier you killed and out by the fire. Jump up onto the red machine, then jump up again to grab the pipe directly above you. Crawl along it to reach the room with the soldier standing down below. Jump down into the room and shoot the soldier in the back of the head. Pick up the ammo and medkit, then walk out of the room to the left and head up the stairs. Here you will see a cutscene with another huge explosion. Slowly head up the stairs and look up on your left side. There is a soldier patrolling the area. Put some lead into him, then wait as a second soldier comes running down the stairs to the left. Blast him then run to the right. Run down the stairs and through the cyclone door, then shoot the soldier inside. Open the door to your left, then run to the door next to the red light. You now have one minute and fifteen seconds to find the technician and get out of there. Run to the left by the pipes, then make another left to find the technician cowering in a crouch. Grab him, interrogate him, then knock him out and search his satchel to find a data stick. Grab the briefcase and the mission ends.

Mission End:
Communication data retrieved from the oilrig has proved to be invaluable. The records are full of vague hints concealing an impending retaliation against the U.S. More concretely, they show evidence of a leak in the U.S. intelligence community, suggesting that the Georgians may have a mole inside one of America's agencies.

Walkthrough Mission 4

  • CIA Headquarters
  • Langley, Virginia USA
  • October 31st, 2004
  • 22:19 Hours
Mission Objective

Track down the mole in the CIA


Hours after the attack on the oil rig, Georgian president Nikoladze launched a devastating wave of remote, technology-based terrorist attacks as retaliation against the U.S. The only lead to Nikoladze's whereabouts is a mole thought to be operating out of the Central Intelligence Agency.



  1. Retrieve the SC-20K from the storage room behind the battery generator backup.
  2. Access the CIA central server to identify and locate the information leak.
  3. Any agency fatalities will result in mission failure.

You start the mission inside CIA headquarters. Head down the hallway and around the corner, but proceed slowly. You should see a man walk out of the room to the right and head into the door across the hall. Sneak into the room he just left and access the computer inside to grab a data stick. Exit the room and continue down the hallway. As you make it to the split in the hallway, go right, but stop at the turn and get in a crouch. A CIA employee will walk to the security window and talk about the daily grind, then he'll turn around and head back down the hall and bury his head in the keypad by the door. Sneak up behind the agent and knock him out. There is a security guard in the room to the left, sneak in and knock him out as well, then drag the CIA agents body into the room from the hallway. Search the security guard's body, turn off the lights in the room, then head back to the keypad by the door in the hall. Enter the code 7687.

Enter the room slowly and silently. There is a guard patrolling the room. Wait for him to walk by then knock him out. Head into the next room and grab the medkit off the wall, then access the computer to retrieve another data stick. Turn to the right and enter the code 110598 on the keypad to unlock the door and reach the check point.

Walk to the right and head down the stairs. Be extremely quiet, though, as there are two workers walking around and if either one of them sees you, they'll sound the alarm, and once the alarm sounds and armed agent will run in the room and smoke your ass with his machine gun, and you do not want that, do you? Grab the first worker from behind as he counts the boxes, then knock him out. Slowly sneak up on his buddy and wait for him to walk down the aisle toward you (and away from the alarm), then hit him before he can make a break for it. Search the man's satchel and drag his body over by the other fool you just laid flat.

Run down the hallway and up the stairs into the supply room. There is a security camera above the door, so be careful. On the shelf against the far wall from where you enter the room is just what you have been looking for, a sticky shocker, a sticky camera, a ring airfoil round, and your trusty SC-20K AR. Use your new weapon to shoot the security camera, then punch in the code and open the door to save your game.

Remember, any agency fatalities result in mission failure, so just because you have got the big gun does not mean you have the right to shoot up the place. Anyway, creep around the bend in the hallway to see a guard talking on the phone. Grab him from behind and knock him out. Pick the coke can up off the bench, then go left down the hall. Before walking around the bend in the hallway to the right, throw the coke can down the hall by the big office along the right side of the wall. Get in a crouch and hide around the corner. Wait for the guard to investigate the noise, then as comes near you, keep in a crouch and wait for him to turn his back and start walking back toward the office. Grab him from behind and knock him out.

Sneak your way into the office area to the right and make your way to the cubicle near the far wall to the left. There will be a worker inside, knock him out and access the computer. Walk into the second cubicle and access that computer as well to retrieve another data stick. Exit the office area and sneak straight across the hall to head for the server room. Walk through the doors and past the blue beams, then enter the code 2019 on the keypad to the door to the right.

When you enter the next room, look down to the level below you and wait for the worker to open the door and leave the area. Once he does, run down the stairs and open the door. Open the door at the end of the hallway to startle the worker. Knock him out, then whip out your SC-20K AR and sneak around the giant pillar until you see the security camera overhead. Shoot the camera, then walk over and access the computer to reveal the next part of your mission.

New Goal

  1. Tap Dougherty's computer to trace the intelligence leak to the Georgians.

Head all the way back up to where the main office area is and go left down the hallway. After the checkpoint, crouch down and creep along the right side of the wall. There's a guard at a security post to your left. When he hears you, stop moving and wait for him to leave his post by turning his back on you and running out the door. Jump through the opening where the guard was standing and sneak behind him into the main room as he investigates the noise. Immediately creep to the left into the shadows to stay out of sight.

In the room, there are two camera on the ceiling that you cannot shoot out. Stay in the shadows and wait for the guard to leave the room, then watch the cameras and move when they are facing the other direction. Make your way to the opposite end of the room and exit through the door. Run down the hallway to the left and go down the stairs. When you are about halfway down the flight of stairs, pull out your gun, there's a camera up ahead. But this is another camera that cannot be shot, so simply shoot out the lights to blind the camera and equip your nightvision goggles. Turn to the right and enter the code 110700 to enter the door.

Inside you will hear a man from the first office to your left talking on the phone. Knock him out, then go into the next room and pick up the flares and access the computer. Use your lock pick to unlock the door behind the gun turret, then enter the elevator and press the up button to save your game.

Open the door to the media room directly in front of you, then stop and listen to the two CIA workers' conversation. Wait for one of the workers to leave, then sneak past the guy sitting at the desk. Crouch down and sneak underneath the tall shelf, then head through the doorway. Open the door to office 509 and sneak up behind the guy sitting at his desk. Knock him out and access his computer to retrieve another data stick. Walk down the hall and access the two computers on the desk in the next room for, you guessed it, two more data sticks. Dougherty's office is the one on the other side of the cubicles, room 508. Wait for him to leave the room, then walk in and access his computer. When the signal cuts out, punch the keypad again to learn your next goal.

New Goal

  1. Kidnap Mitchell Dougherty.

Walk down the hallway to find a guard sitting on a bench with a security camera overhead. Instead of challenging the guard, open the door to the left and sneak into a CIA meeting room. Follow the wall along the right side and knock out the guard on the catwalk. Pick open the locked door to your right to make your way farther down the hall. As you turn the corner, wait and listen to Dougherty talk to one of his co-workers. When the conversation ends, they will both leave the room. Wait until the co-worker enters the room directly across the hall, then get into a crouch and hug the wall to the right as you continue to follow Dougherty. Wait for him to enter the code on the keypad by the exit, then sneak through the door behind him. If you are too late, punch in the code 0614 to access the exit. Since you are probably getting sick and tired of following this guy around, knock him out in the hallway, then enter the smoking room to save your game.

Open the glass door and head outside. Crouch down in the shadows behind the bench to the right and wait for the guard to pass, then knock him out. Go back and get Dougherty's body and bring him outside. Walk down the stairs and dump the body by the door at the end of the walkway. Open the door and creep down the stairs. Use your gun to take out the security camera at the end of the hall then sneak into the room and wait for the guard to pass by. Load an airfoil round and press L1 to hit the guard with it to stun him, then run up and knock him out. Look on the shelves along the right wall to find a sticky shocker and load it in your weapon. Open the door and head down the stairs. Look down into the wide area below and look for the guard. Shoot him with the sticky shocker to knock him out, then run all the way back and grab Daugherty's body. Put Daugherty's body on the elevator and ride it down to ground level. Carry Daugherty's body down the ramp and toward the van. When you get near the van you will see your two agents talking to a guard. Drop the body, shoot the guard with another sticky shocker, then pickup the body and carry it to your fellow agents to end the mission.

Mission End:
Interrogation of Mitchell Dougherty reveals a compulsive disorder that moved him to hoard data on an insecure computer, thereby allowing an intelligence leak. Grims do nottir traces the leak to the nearby offices of Kalinatek. During the process, her intrusion is detected, necessitating an emergency infiltration of Kalinatek.

Walkthrough Mission 5

  • Kalinatek Headquarters
  • Langley, Virginia USA
  • November 1, 2004
  • 01:24 Hours
Mission Objective

Recover the encryption key.


Russian mercenaries have begun to destroy evidence of Georgian activities at Kalinatek. Before her detection in the network, Grims do nottir discovered that a technician named "Ivan" is hiding in the building. Ivan possesses an encryption key that could help third echelon find Nikoladze.



  1. Infiltrate Kalinatek
  2. Access Kalinatek's fire emergency system to open the fire doors surrounding Ivan.
  3. Find Ivan before the Russian Mafiosos kill him.

Run to the left and duck down behind the white van. Wait until the two Russian mobsters finish their conversation, then set your sights on the thug with his back to you and blast him in the back of the head. Use the van for cover and shoot the other mobster, then run over to the door you saw them come out of and enter the stairwell. Run up the stairs, grab the medkit and walk up the stairs toward the door. But before entering the door, listen for the big banging noises and yelling behind the door to end. Equip your nightvision goggles and creep into the room. When the door opens, there is a guard directly in front of you, but if you are quiet, he will not notice you. Shoot him then run toward the wall across the room. Two other guards will run right by you as you hide behind the wall. Shoot them as they run toward their dead buddy, then search their bodies for a satchel and grab a data stick.

Climb onto the box inside the room and jump out the window. You will automatically grab onto the bricks hanging in the air. Once on top of the bricks, jump straight up to grab onto the pipe overhead, then shimmy your way down and save your game. After you save your game, you will slide down to the next platform. Jump across to the well lit room with the boxes across the way, then head over to the stovepipe to repel down the building. On your way down, listen to the mobsters talk about the dead body, then land on top of a glass ceiling. Shoot the ceiling to land in the hallway, then get in a crouch and wait for the guard to investigate the noise. Shoot him, then steal the data stick inside his satchel and drag his body to the end of the hallway.

Creep down the hall and walk through the sliding doors to the right. Walk up to the keypad to the right and punch in the code 97531 to enter the room. When you open the door, you might hear a guard. If you do, creep back into the room and wait for the area to clear. When you no longer hear the guard, creep back into the room and walk toward the door by the computers. Above the door to the right will be an open air duct, jump in to reach the check point, then continue crawling forward to witness another Russian mafia murder. After the cinematic, crawl until you reach the room with the fish tanks, then jump down into the room.

Grab the sticky shocker and disposable pick off of the table, then use your pick to open the door to the right. Use your sniper abilities to shoot the wall mine on the right wall. The explosion should take out the two guards. If not, duck down in the door jam and finish them off from afar. Turn off the light switch by the burning bodies, then as the flames die down, search the two satchels by the bodies to pick up a data stick and a wall mine. Another guard should be headed your direction soon. Equip your gun and take him out. Head down to the far end of the hallway, make a right, then hop into the elevator shaft to save your game.

Run to the right and pick up the sticky camera off of the coffee table along with the coke can. There is one guard immediately in front of you in the hallway and another around the corner to the left. Throw the coke can down the hall to get the first guard to turn his back, then shoot him in the back of the head. Wait for the second guard to come around the corner and shoot him as well. Pick up the data stick from the first guard's satchel then continue down the hall. As you walk around the bend to the right, you will see two guards up ahead attaching a wall mine. Shoot the mine to take out both guards then search their satchels to find a couple of goodies. Head to the office to the left to find two programmers hiding behind two wall mines. Walk up to each wall mine very slowly and deactivate them.

Once you rescue the programmers, they'll alert you to a time bomb in the building. A timer begins and you will have to find and deactivate the bomb before time expires otherwise it is bye, bye breathing, hello blown up hero. Run left down the hallway and through the next door. Shoot the guard in the next room, then run toward the keypad and enter the code 33575. In the next room, dodge the fire (you do not want to burn to a crisp, it is a nasty way to die), shoot the wall mines off the wall, then run over to the bomb and disarm it. Whew!

Use your roll to make it through the flames unharmed, then exit the room and sneak out into the hallway. Make a left, then use your sniper abilities to shoot the guard patrolling the area in the head. Search the dead man's satchel to recover some much-needed ammo (you are probably running low at this point), then continue to sneak forward to encounter two more guards. Creep behind the creeps and knock them cold. Sneak over to the right side of the room and jump over the ledge. This leads to the inevitable cutscene. Once the cinematic ends, two additional baddies bolt your direction. Get up on the ledge and wait for the enemies to run up the stairs. As you sit perched on the ledge, the guards will investigate the back of the auditorium, enabling you to sneak behind each of them, grab them from behind, and knock them out without the other guard ever knowing anything was up.

Sneak into the basement area to encounter yet another guard. The easiest way to take this sucker out is to toss a grenade at him from the opposite end of the room. No fuss, no muss, one dead dude. Walk over to the fuse box, pick up the medkit, ammo, and grenades on the table, then hit the switch on the fuse box. Make your way back toward the auditorium. Another guard has entered the area. Use your sniper rifle to blast him from afar, then run over to him and raid his satchel for another data stick.

Run back up the stairs toward the auditorium, but slow down once you reach the top of the stairs. There are three guards up ahead, so be careful. Bounce a grenade off of the wall and into the auditorium to eliminate one of the enemies. As soon as you throw the grenade, run back down the stairs and equip your rifle. The remaining guards will run down the stairs to avenge the other guards death, but are easily taken out from your position. Recover the data stick from one of the guard's satchels, then walk up to the door with the keypad and enter the code 1250 to unlock the door.

When you enter the next room, get in a crouch and wait for the guard to come down the stairs. Shoot him with one of your airfoils to knock him silly. Run up the stairs and crouch down in the shadows on the opposite side of the door. Wait for the guards to run toward you, then blast them with your SC-20K to clear the area of enemies. Creep into the hallway, past the infirmary, then use another airfoil to take out the guard pacing down the hall. Sneak back into the infirmary, pick up the medkits, then chat up the programmer. Creep down the hallway and make your way past the room with the green glass. Sneak into the computer room and make your way along the right side to find a guard at a computer terminal. Sneak up behind the guard, grab him, then smack him upside the head to knock him out. Access the computer, then exit the room and head over to the fire door. Run down the hallway, open the door, then run straight ahead and up the stairs.

Shoot the light above the next door, then enter the room. Two guards are talking inside the room. Stay out of sight and listen to the gossip. Wait for one of the guards to leave and the other guard to head toward the kitchen. When the guard in the kitchen stops at the counter to get his grub on, grab him from behind and knock him out. Creep past the fire and into the next room. Here you will find a guard handling his business at the urinal. Knock him out before he has a chance to zip up, then jump into the open air duct by the paper towel dispenser. Once inside the air duct, you will hear long lost Ivan talking to a guard. As you reach the end of the duct, shoot the guard in the head before he caps Ivan, then jump down into the room and talk to Ivan.

New Goals

  1. Take Ivan's encryption key. Leave Ivan behind for the FBI.
  2. Rendezvous with the Osprey for extraction.

Forget Ivan…the FBI can deal with his sorry ass. Run into the lobby area, hop in the elevator and press up. Position yourself into a crouch and sneak off of the elevator. As you creep into the room, you will spot three guards up ahead to the left. Toss a frag grenade in their direction to quickly deal with that problem, then search the bodies for satchels and pick up the data stick. As you creep into the next room, make your way toward the corner of the room and hop up on the drywall, then up on top of the cinder blocks. Work your way to the platform, then jump across to the scaffolding.

Climb down the ladder and grab the medkit. Head through the doorway and take a right. Two guards will walk through the door in front. Hide behind the large stack of drywall as one of the guards comes near you. He'll eventually turn around and search the other part of the room with the other guard. When he does, pull out your SC-20K and execute them both with quick shots to the dome. After taking them out, move forward and pick up the goodies.

When you reach the next room, run around the left side of the pallet of cinder blocks and walk in the next room. Position yourself with your back to the wall and watch where the guards set up their positions. Aim through the window with your sniper rifle and shoot the guard to the right. Continue shooting sniper-style and shoot the guard behind the forklift. Creep over to the left of the doorway and position yourself in the shadowy corner. Use your sniper view to locate the third guard near the top of the ladder. Shoot him in the head, then run up and climb the ladder. Jump down into the room and grab the medkits, then continue down the corridor and head toward the stairs. Run up the stairs and across the next room and crouch down near the pillar on the right side. Pull out your SC-20K and blast the two guards waiting for you around the corner. Creep forward and throw a grenade into the landing on the right to kill the third guard patrolling the area. Run up the stairs, then creep to the left down the hallway to find an open air duct. Crouch down and crawl inside the duct. When you reach the next room, creep your way behind the guard, grab him from behind, and knock him out. Grab the goodies, then walk through the door that leads out to the hall. There's a group of three guards up ahead. Time for the good old frag grenade to do your dirty work. As soon as you toss the grenade toward the guards, run back into the room and crouch down. If any of the guards survive the explosion, they'll be headed your direction, so shoot them as they enter the room.

Creep back into the hallway and watch as a guard comes running to see what happened, but if you are quiet, he will not notice you, never frets about the damage or his dead homies, and simply returns to his original post. Enter the next room and hug the right wall as you creep through the area. If the guard is in your way, simply shoot him with your sniper rifle or with one of the sticky shockers left in your arsenal, then head into the room near where the guard was patrolling. Pick up the supplies, then continue progressing through the level by exiting through the door and then running through the next door to your right. Head up the stairway illuminated red, then load one of your sticky cameras and shoot it across the way onto the wall. Use the camera to monitor the guards patrolling down below. Wait for one of the guards to walk near the barrels, then shoot the barrel to the far right with your sniper rifle. Once you see liquid rush out of the barrel, shoot the liquid to ignite a huge explosion. Hide near the top of the stairway and wait for the next guard to walk toward the ladder, then shoot him with one of your sticky shockers before he's able to reach the ladder.

Climb down the ladder and slowly creep along until you see the barrel in the next room. Throw a grenade at the barrel and run back a bit so the blast does not hit you. Creep into the room and head toward the ledge. Jump down to the crates below and you will see one of your men on the rooftop. Fire a sticky camera toward the wall to the left to spy on the guards, then climb up onto the wood crate to the right. Fire on the guard to your left, and if you have got the skills, use your sniper abilities to blast him with one shot to the head. Climb up onto the next crate, then look down on the other side of the crate to spot the second guard. He's not even aiming your direction and is another easy target to shoot in the head.

Once the second guard goes down for the count, run over to the ladder by the yellow forklift. Climb up the ladder, then look down and kill any enemies scurrying around. Continue to climb the ladders and jump on the crate. Leap toward the open ramp in the helicopter to end the mission.

Walkthrough Mission 6

  • Chinese Embassy
  • Yangoon, Myanmar
  • November 11, 2004
  • 20:13 Hours
Mission Objective

Find the Georgian/Chinese connection.


Using intelligence gleaned from the Pickett Gap Program, Third Echelon has traced communications between Nikoladze and the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar. Any suspected connection between Nikoladze and the People's Republic of China must be proven before action can be taken.



  1. Rendezvous with the agency contact.
  2. Collect intelligence from the Embassy with the laser mic.
  3. Any Embassy fatalities will result in mission failure.

When you first start this mission, immediately head over to the alley on your right. Climb on top of the dumpster and over the wall. Quickly make your way to the niche in the left wall. If you talk to the girl who dropped you off, you will not make it in time to catch the guard who's going to walk by. When Lambert is done talking, a guard should make his way down the alley. When he passes you, knock him over the head, search his satchel for a data stick, and then hide his body at the dark end of the alley. Now head back down the alley and pick up the glass bottle by the fence located on your right. Hide behind the dumpster on the right side and throw the bottle against the graffiti on the brick wall, to your left and behind you. This will lure the second patrolling guard down the alley. Stay hidden behind the dumpster, and when the guard passes you, sneak up behind him, knock him out, and then hide his body at the end of the alleyway. Finally you can head out into the street. As soon as you come out to the street, head to your left, toward the building with the burning oil drum in it. Inside the building to your right is a ladder. Climb up it and save your game.

Head forward through the rubble and walk across to the scaffolding ahead. At the end of the wood plank there is a ladder. Climb up the ladder to reach the next level of scaffolding, and then slowly walk across it to the end of the wood plank. While on the scaffolding, be sure to move quietly (the wood creaks), and watch out for the three patrolling guards below. Try and move when they are the farthest away. As long as you stick to these rules, you should be able to make it all the way across without having to shoot out the light on the other side. When you reach the end of the wood plank, look above you. There is a wire beam that crosses the street to another building. Jump up to grab it, lift your legs up, and then shimmy your way across to the other side. Save your game.

On the other side, pick up the medkit lying on the ground and then shoot out the light on the wall. When you do, it will alert the guards, but just sit tight. They will not find you, so just wait until the music goes back to normal. Now creep along the side of the building along the narrow ledge ahead of you and go down the ladder on your right. Below you and to your right should be a dumpster. Quietly crawl down and hide in the shadows behind the dumpster until the guard leaves the area. Run across to the dumpster against the low wall, jump up on the dumpster, then use it to make your way over the low wall. Look out at the street. See how there is a shadowy line right in the middle that leads to the other side? When the two patrolling guards walk by, quickly but quietly make your way across that shadowy line to the other side and through the open fence. Now hide behind the tree trunk to your left. Take out your pistol and shoot the light out when the guard to your left is looking the other way. Now you can head for the opening that leads to the sewers on your left. Climb into the manhole and down the ladder. Save your game.

Put on your night vision and head down the sewer. Take a left at your first intersection, and then wait until you see three guards at the end of the tunnel. Equip a smoke grenade and shoot it toward the group. Making sure it lands close to them can get tricky, so you may have to attempt this a few times. If the smoke grenade only takes out one of the guards, use your airfoil to take out the second. do not worry about the third guy. He isn't too bright and will walk right past you if you are crouched in the shadows.

Head for the bodies and search the satchel for a data stick. Now head down the sewer and take your first left. In the dark is a medkit. Grab it, and then continue to head down the tunnel. After you round the curved part of the tunnel, you will pass through another steel gate/door. Not too far ahead of you, there is a ladder that leads to the street. Make sure to have your night vision goggles on to help you see in the dark. You should see a couple of planks of wood, as well as some boxes on the ground, right below the ladder. Climb up the ladder.

When climbing up the ladder, position the camera so that you can see over Sam's right shoulder. As you approach the top of the opening, you will see a guard. Make sure he's looking the other way before coming out of the sewer. As soon as you crawl out, head toward your left and you will see some scaffolding and a ladder. Climb up the ladder and at the top, look up to find a pipe. Shimmy your way across it to the other side and then climb through the open window to your left. Save your game.

In the top left corner of the room there is a pipe you can climb up. At the top, speak with the CIA informant. After you are done talking to the informant, cross the roof, and do not forget to pick up the medkit and ammo that are on the ground. On the steel platform in front of you is a stovepipe. Use it to rappel down the crazy hotdog billboard. When you hit the bottom, wait for the load screen and save your game.

Immediately head through the door on the right and wait in the shadows near the opposite doorway. When the guard walks through, quickly hit him over the head, search his satchel for a data stick, and hide his body. Head through the door into the alleyway and shoot out the light across the street, to the left of the scaffolding using the sniper scope. Now continue to wait in the dark alley until you see the patrolling guard head toward you then turn back. When he starts walking the other way, quietly cross the street to the scaffolding and then climb up the ladder. Once you climb up the ladder, look to your left against the wall of the building. There is another ladder there that you need to climb. When you reach the top of the ladder, you will need to jump off onto the scaffolding to your right. This can be a little trick to do, so hold right on the analog stick while pressing the jump button. You should fall off and grab the edge. Pull yourself up and climb into the window on your left. Head right, through the hallway, being careful to move very silently since the wood can get a little creaky. When you reach the open doorway on your right, equip a stick shocker and wait for the patrolling guard to come into view. When he does, shoot the sticky shocker at him and head through the doorway. Save your game.

Shoot out the light on the balcony and then hide the body inside the building. Climb on top of the wooden crates and grab the zipline above you to reach the awning on the other side of the street. Face the street and wait for the guard at the far end of the street, past the blue sign, to head back the other way. Silently drop down to the street, take a right, and head toward the first alley on your left. Shoot out light and head forward, toward the gated door. Position yourself so that you can see around the corner to the left, while remaining in the shadows. Load an airfoil round, and as soon as you see the guard come into view, shoot him with the round and then quickly knock him out. After you have done that, follow the alley then jump up on the dumpster and use your double jump to leap up onto the wall.

This next part can be a little difficult. Just make sure to take your time and do not get frustrated. From the van, you want to follow the shadows toward the open gate where the truck is. There is almost a shadow "path" that leads the way. Just make sure to kind of follow the guard as he patrols. The shadow will head up and toward the right, then up and toward the left until you reach the wall. Hug the wall and sneak in through the gate on the right side of the truck. Make sure you do not take to long or the gate will close. As soon as you enter the gate, there is a safe, dark corner to your right. Make your way toward the big trailer in front of you and hide underneath it. There is a guard on the other side patrolling, so make sure you are well-hidden. While the guard is not looking, head toward the front of the trailer so you can cross over to the next trailer on your right. you will have to weave in and out from beneath the trailer due to the stand that holds it up. When you reach the next trailer, hide under it, watching out for the next guard. Hug the wall on your right and quickly make it down past the stream. Continue to follow the wall to the left, past the gazebo and into the stream again. Climb up on the other side and save your game.


  1. Trail Kong Feirong to his car and laser mic it to intercept his conversation.

Now move forward a little bit and you should see a short cutscene. Move over to the left so that you can see the window on the farthest left, then equip your laser mic and point it at the window. If you do not do this fast enough, the mission will be over so do not dillydally around. After you have done that, you will have to catch the rest of the conversation in the car. A limo will drive up and the man will get inside. It will drive up to the gate and sit there while the phone conversation is taking place. Position yourself so that you can aim the laser mic at the rear door. You can do all this without moving too much from the save point. Stay in the shadows at all times because if you are seen, the mission's over. After you have listened in on the conversation, you must meet up with your contact. Wait for the two patrolling guards to walk away from the building. When they do, quickly sneak across the front of the building and around to the left. Now keep the wall to your left and follow it to the rear of the gatehouse. do not forget to keep an eye out for the guards. There are a lot of lights near this wall so move only when it is safe. On the wall, near the gatehouse is a pipe that leads over the fence. Climb over it and head to your right. In the darkness is your contact. Talk to her and get ready for the next mission.

Walkthrough Mission 7

  • Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats
  • Yangoon, Myanmar
  • November 11, 2004
  • 22:52 Hours

In a desperate act of defiance against the U.S., Nikoladze arranges the immediate, live-webcast executions of the captured U.S. soldiers. Vyacheslav Grinko will direct the soldiers' deaths. The executions must be prevented to preserve any hope of stabilizing political relations with the Chinese.



  1. Access the antenna of the abattoir roof and destroy its broadcast ability.

As soon as you start the level, equip your SC-20K and wait near the fence opening ahead of you. While in the shadows, shoot the guard in the head when he comes into view, and then hide his body back where you started the level. Also, do not forget to search his satchel for a data stick. When picking up his body, wait until the other two patrolling guards are walking the other way or they'll see you. After hiding the first guard, hide where you were hiding when you shot the first guard and, again, wait for the guards to turn the other way. When they do, quickly sneak forward and to the left behind two oil drums that are in the shadows. Next to them is a red wheel/switch that you need to activate. While the guards are heading to your left, activate the switch and watch the short cutscene. Now when the guards head toward the left again, quickly run along the fence on the right and drop down into underground tunnel. Head down toward the end of the short tunnel, and then aim up and shoot a stick camera at the wall just outside the tunnel. Now you can see the two guards patrolling. When they are turning their backs away from your direction, quickly disable the camera view, and climb out. Head for the dumpster in front of you in the right corner of the wall. Either wall jump or use the dumpster to climb over the low wall. Save your game.

Access the computer to pick up a data stick and then snatch the medkit by the lockers. Now head back out the door and equip your sniper scope. From the doorway, look up and to your right. You should be able to see a guard on the balcony. Take him out with a headshot. If you cannot see him, just move around a little and you should at least be able to see his head. Alright this next part will require you to navigate across a mine field while avoiding a searchlight at the same time. You can equip your thermal goggles to see where the mines are hidden (they are the pulsing blue lights on the ground), but you cannot see the searchlight with the goggles on. Not really fair is it? As soon as you enter the gate, take a right after the first dumpster on your right side, and then hide near the oil drums. When the light passes again, climb on top of the crates and head left. Drop down and hide behind the crate right in front of you, next to the crates you just walked across. After the light passes again, hug the fence on your left and hide behind the short wall you hit. Be sure to stay in the left corner as the light will shine on you elsewhere. When the light passes over your area, quickly peek around the corner and snipe the guard on the far balcony. it is easiest to catch him on the far right side of the balcony. Just aim toward the general area, then when you see him, hold your breath and make the shot.

Now hide back around the corner and put on your thermal goggles. Look to your right. You should see a clear path all the way the other side. When the lights pass, run across and hide behind the last big dumpster on your left, right before the wall. Again, wait for the light to pass. When it does, hop into the dumpster and out the other side. Immediately press up against the wall directly in front of you. Wait for the light and then run across to your left, hiding on the left side of the big white cement block, behind the crates. When the coast is clear, climb over the crate and run toward the wall in front of you, keeping to the right, but be sure to stay away from the door. Now head right, into the room with the two dumpsters. No mines or lights here, so relax a little and watch the water pour over the garbage bags. After you have done that, look up to see an opening. Climb on top of the dumpster in front of it, then do a wall jump to reach the ledge. Jump off the wall to your right first, then you should be able grab the edge of the opening. Pull yourself up and save your game. Now clean those sweaty palms of yours.

Crawl through the small tunnel until you come to an opening on your left. You have to work your way across this rooftop, but the roof is made of metal so you have to get a little creative. As soon as you exit the opening, head left across the ducts and quickly cross to the other side. Move quickly because if the people below see you through the skylight, you will be in big trouble. Once you get to the sign, jump up and grab the pipe above you. Now shimmy your way to the next little walkway and drop down. When the lights go off, quickly make your way around the ventilation duct and over the wood plank. Above you is a wire you need to jump to grab. Go hand over hand to the fence and climb over it. On the opposite side of the antenna is a small box. Interact with it to disable the antenna. Watch the cutscene and save your game.


  1. Locate the captured American soldiers and Chinese dignitaries.

Now run toward the open doorway to your right. Snipe the guard that walks out onto the roof. Search his satchel and grab the data stick inside. Continue to hide in the shadows and wait for a guard to come out of the door on your left. When he walks away, sneak through the still open door, head straight down the stairs and turn around. See the computer? Behind the oil drum to the right of the computer is a wall mine. Slowly walk toward it and disable it. Now use the computer and pick up the data stick, and also pick up the frag grenade and two extra wall mines on the table. Head back up the stairs and enter the access code 770215 to go through the door. Walk down the stairs and through the door on the left. Climb on top of the barrels to your left, and then jump up to grab onto the iron girder. Lift up you legs and start moving toward the other end. On the other side of the wall below you, a guard will be relieving himself. Wait for him to move to the sink and then drop on him. He'll break your fall and you will take him out too. Efficiency is nice, isn't it? Now on the other side of the urinals is a guard. Equip a diversion camera and shoot it at the far wall while remaining hidden from the guard's viewpoint. Make the diversion camera make some noise, then release the blast when he gets near. Grab the body and bring it back by the urinals. Outside in the hallway is one more guard. Position yourself so that you can see him through the doorway with his back turned to you. Pull up your sniper scope and redefine the back of his head. do not forget to hide his body too. Back inside the restroom, use the computer for a data stick, and pick up the medkit by the lockers.

Now head out into the hallway and go left, through the door, and then around the next corner to the left. Quietly open the door on your left and knock out the guard sitting in the chair. Hide his body in the corner to the right of the computer, and use the computer while you are there. Get the data stick and also pick up some ammo on the table if you need it. Leave the room and look to your right. Hop into the open duct and quietly crawl through it.

At the end of the duct will be a pipe that leads upward. Climb up to the top and jump off and to the right to grab onto the ledge. Slowly and quietly make your way across the rooftop. If you use your thermal goggles you can see three guards below. Find the opening in the ceiling and throw either a frag grenade down at their feet. After they are all incapacitated, hop down and search the satchel for a frag grenade. Shoot out the lights, hide the bodies, and head for the door with all the steam coming out of it.


  1. Get to the hostages before the executioners do.

You are about to enter the freezer. There is a lot of fog, so you will want to use your thermal goggles almost exclusively. As soon as you enter the freezer, put on your thermal goggles and quickly head toward the doorway in the upper right hand corner of the room. Pull out your SC-20K and wait for the guard to enter the doorway. As soon as he does, shoot him in the head. Make sure to do this before he turns around, or he'll see you. Grab his body and hide it with the others in the hallway you just came from. Now head back near the doorway, but not too close. You should be able to see another guard patrolling on the other side. Snipe him in the head from through the doorway and hide his body. After you have done that, head into the room and go to your far left. Stay close to the left wall and work your way over the tabletops and machines until you reach the gun turret. Drop down beside it and disable it. Now head through the doorway next to the turret and walk down the hallway. Wait at the edge of the doorway and rotate the camera so that you can see the guard on the other side. He pretty much rotates in place, so right after he turns away from your direction, sneak up behind him, grab him, and drag him back into the hallway before you knock him out.

Now head back through the doorway and stay to your right. You should see another guard moving left to right on the other side of the machine. Hide near the machine and when the guard turns his back, grab him, drag him, and knock him out. There's still another guard to take care of. If you wait near the doorway into the room, you should be able to spot him in the distance. Pull out your SC-20K and snipe him. Now head toward the center of the room and you should see a small platform in between two machines. Hop up onto it and grab the iron girder above you. Lift up your legs and start crawling toward the doorway. Through the door, there is a turret on your left, and a guard on the right. do not worry. Neither of them can see you while you are on the girder. Move all the way down to the back wall, lower your legs, and drop down quietly by pressing crouch before you land. Head over to the right of the machines and deactivate the turret. Then, head back to where you dropped from the girder and pick up the glass bottle on the ground. Head over behind the machines, back by the turret, and throw the bottle toward where you picked it up. The guard will come around to investigate. When he does, from behind the machines, shoot him in the head. Pick up the medkit on the tables and head for the doorway on the other side of the room. Take a left through the doorway and save your game.

Follow the corridor down until you see a doorway on your right still wearing the thermal goggles. Stop short of it. Position the camera so that you see the guard standing as well as the one pacing back and forth. When the patrolling guard walks the other way, grab the stationary guard, drag him back into the hallway, and make him go nighty nite. Now head back to the doorway and watch the patrolling guard again. When he walks away from you, head through the door and stay to the left. You should see another stationary guard. Slowly sneak up on him, grab him, and drag him toward the back of the room before you knock him out. While doing this, make sure you are out of view from the patrolling guard. After you have knocked the guard out, look down and you should see an opening in the floor. Hop in and save your game.

Head through to the end of the duct and hop out. Get the med kit on the far end of the room and then head down the stairs, stopping right before you reach doorway. Position the camera so that you can see through the doorway. When the patrolling guard appears, and then heads back the other way, head through the doorway and make an immediate right. Head all the way down to the switch and activate it to open a small door. Now just wait right where you are, in the corner. The guard will make another round but he will not see you. When he passes by, hop down between the two walkways and head through the small door you just opened.

Head through the narrow hallway until you reach the open arch on the right. Wait in the shadows until the patrolling guard passes by, going from right to left. When he does, sneak out into the room and head for the stall on the far right. Hide the shadows and have your gun ready. When the guard comes back in and pauses near the stall, shoot him in the head. You can use either gun, but I prefer to use the sniper scope at all times because of its accuracy. Now hide his body where you were hiding, pick up the flare on the shelf, and head for the doorway.

Continue down the hall and duck into the arch on your left. Just wait there as the two guards have a conversation in front of you. When they leave, keep heading down the hallway until you come up to a room on your right that has a bunch of low concrete walls. Head toward the left and pick up the ammo on the shelf. Now what's gonna happen in this room later is that a bunch of guards are going to rush in and try to kill the hostages. What makes this difficult is that the hostages are in two separate rooms: the Chinese in one and the Americans in the other. Hopefully you have around three wall mines (the one you disabled, plus the two on the table by the computer). Set up the wall mines so that any passageway to the right side of the room will set them off. A good place to put them is on the edge of the white fences. Be sure to place them far enough apart so that they will not cause each other to explode. Head back into the center of the room and head toward the two gun turrets set up. Uncheck both Disable IFF boxes and pick up the medkit next to the left turret. After you have done that, jump on top of the right gun turret's control box and squeeze by the left side of the right turret. When the turret is facing the other way, quickly make your way through the doorway and talk to the man in the suit.


  1. Protect the U.S. soldiers and Chinese dignitaries.

Here comes the crazy part. Now run out of the room and into the room on the other side, where the Americans are. you will have to avoid the turrets you set up, but if you stay close to the wall you should be able to get by without too much trouble. When you reach the room with the Americans, get your SC-20K ready to fire. Scan the room from the doorway and take out any guys you see coming in. Your wall mines should take out the first three guys who come in. they are wearing ski masks and should try to go for the Chinese first. After that, there should be three or four more soldiers who try to come for the Americans. Position yourself so that you can fire out of the room at any soldiers coming in. After you have killed the soldiers, make sure to heal yourself.


  1. Kill Grinko

Your new goal is to kill Grinko. He'll stay in the back of the room running between the different doorways while shooting at you. The easiest way to take him out is to stay where you are, in the room with the Americans. He'll randomly shoot across the room directly across from you. If you watch and learn his different shooting locations, this should be a lot easier to see. After you have found his shooting location on the right side of the room (directly across from you), pull out your sniper scope and have it ready in the general location that Grinko will pop up at. When he does pop his head out, one headshot will take him out. After he's dead, the mission is over and you can save your game. This last part may take a few tries, but the more you do it, the easier the patterns become and the quicker you should be able to finish it.

Walkthrough Mission 8

  • Chinese Embassy
  • Yangoon, Myanmar
  • November 11, 2004
  • 00:11 Hours
Mission Objective

Discover President Nikoladze's secret.


Following the rescue at the slughterhouse, Feirong prepares to flee the embassy with a near-complete nuclear device. The only hope to prevent war between the U.S. and China over alleged Chinese support of Kombayn Nikoladze is for Third Echelon to find proof that Feirong is acting alone.



  1. Infiltrate the embassy via the upper floor.
  2. Access Feirong's communications archives from the embassy's server in the basement.
  3. Killing Feirong results in mission failure.

Alright, you have made it this far. Only two more missions to go. When you first start the level, feel free to talk to Cohen if you are feeling a bit lonely. Otherwise, head for the alley next to the van. Shoot out the light above the door and open it. Turn off the light switch for the kitchen, and then head past the table on its left side as the cook walks to turn the light back on. At the end of the table, take a right and climb up the ladder in the corner of the kitchen. you will have to make it there before the cook turns the light on, otherwise you will cause an alert. Inside the storage room, climb the ladder onto the roof. Now make sure there isn't a guard in the doorway and cross the wooden planks to the next building and wait on the right side of the door. When the patrolling guard goes right, into the hallway with the broken windows, head into the building toward the back wall and then take a right down the far hallway. Head left out the door onto the balcony, and then climb the pole on the wall. At the top of the pole you will grab a horizontal wire. Move a little bit and you should zipline down to the other building. you will automatically fall off and grab the ledge. Shimmy your way to the left, but be careful to watch for the person in the windows. Only move past when they are away from the window you are crossing. Keep going left all the way until you cannot go left any further. Drop down onto the building ledge and then climb up the pole directly to your left. At the top, hop down into the opening and save your game.

Now move forward down the hallway, knockout the guard with an airfoil shot, and walk into the open room ahead of you. Grab the medkit off the wall and walk through the break in the wall to your left. Put your back to the wall and squeeze through the narrow opening. When you reach the end, put on your night vision goggles. There should be pole right in front of you. Make sure to grab the pole and not accidentally fall down the hole, then slide all the way down to the bottom. Put your back to the wall again, and then squeeze your way down the next hallway. Do not worry about the gunshots; it is not for you. When you reach the end of the wall, crouch down and equip a frag grenade and have it ready to throw. Wait until the guards move by the door and open it before throwing the grenade. You may have to throw it a little harder using the left trigger to make sure it lands by the doorway. The grenade blast should kill all three soldiers, as well as take out the light above. Search the two satchels for a wall mine and a data stick, and then use the glowing red computer in the room by the bodies. Listen to what Lambert has to say, and then open the exit door into the hallway. Save your game.


  1. Detonate the gas tanks to destroy the trucks carrying Feirong's nuclear weapons.

Now head through the first door on your right for two medkits, then make your way to the door at the end of the hall. you will arrive in a stairwell with two guards on the upper level. What complicates the situation is the security camera. If it sees you or a dead body, it will sound an alert. The easiest thing to do is head under the stairwell and shoot out the light above. This will cause the two guards on the next level to investigate the room, but not the stairs. Now walk up to the middle part of the stairs. Look through the doorway and you should be able to see a security camera: snipe it. With the camera out of the way, you can do some easy killing. Wait where you are, on the stairwell, and when the first guard walks by, shoot him in the head. The second guard will investigate some more, but after a while, he'll take post at the doorway with his back turned to you, and you know what to do whenever a guard's not looking, right? Search the satchel for a data stick, and do not forget to hide both bodies. Now head into the room and take a right, then another right at the hallway. Head through the doorway directly in front of you, but be very quiet. Put on your night vision goggles and quietly sneak into the adjoining room. There will be two sleeping guards in there, so pick up the medkit on the bed and resist your urge to jump in bed with the sleeping soldiers. Head toward the next adjoining room and you should hear a short message from Grim. Pull out your optic cable and feed it under the door. You should see two guards punch in a key code and head through the door. As soon as they enter, open the door, put on your thermal goggles, and look at the keypad. The code is 1436. Enter it into the keypad and step inside. Be sure to punch in the code before the head disappears. Even though you know the code, if the heat signature is gone then the mission is over. You can actually catch the door still open if you are quick, but punch in the code anyways so the mission does not end.

On the other side of the open door, there is a guard and a gun turret. First take care of the guard by shooting a diversion camera onto the wall that is to the right of the door. Move enough so that you can shoot one at an angle without being seen. Make some noise with it, then knock out the guard when walks up to it. Now position the camera so that you can see the gun turret. When it faces away, run around the door toward the turret and deactivate it. Now search the dead guard's satchel for a data stick, and then head over back behind the gun turret. Grab the shelf above you and pull yourself up. Once on the shelf, carefully step onto a vase and shoot the light above you. Climb up onto the walkway, behind the turret, and look to your right. You should see a guard. If you wait a few seconds, two more guards will appear. You have two choices here. One, you could throw a frag grenade at them when all three appear, or you can wait until all three are in sight and clear the Disable IFF box for the turret, and have the turret shoot them. Using the turret is good way to save grenades and ammo so do not be afraid to use the enemies' tools against them. When the guards are dead, deactivate the turret and search the dead guard's satchel for a data stick. Now head back behind the turret and grab the horizontal pipe above you. Cross HAND OVER HAND past the first flag and stop behind the second. If you lift up your legs, you will move to slow and be spotted. Two guards will come out and head toward the door in front of you. After the first one goes in through the door, lift up your legs and crawl the rest of the way across. Drop down quietly behind the guard by pressing crouch before you land, and then grab him. Force him to use the retinal scanner and then knock him out. Now the guard inside is at the computer so you have sneak up behind him and knock him out. After you have done that, use the computer for a data stick and then head over the window that is partially open at the back of the room. Slide it open, hop out, and save your game.

You should now be in a small courtyard with three lights illuminating it. First shoot out the two lights along the back wall and move toward the shadows NE of you. From there you should be able to see outside the arched doorway. In front of you will be a guard patrolling back and forth. Snipe him in the head as soon as you can. The longer you wait in the courtyard, the larger the chance of the dogs outside catching your scent. As soon as you kill the guard, run (while crouching) out of the doorway and immediately hug the wall on your right side. You should be running through a small stream. If the other guards heard something, don?t worry; just keep running. At the end you will come up to a small gate. Open it and then quietly move toward the next little gate. It may be a little dark here so feel free to put on your night vision goggles. After opening the next gate, position yourself by the gate so that you can see the guard and security camera outside. Use your SC-20K's sniper scope to first shoot out the light, then the camera, and then the guard. After you shoot out the light, make sure to use you night vision goggles so you can see where you are aiming. Hide the body then head through the door and save your game.

Before heading through the door, pick up the medkit by the water cooler. Head through the door and down the stairs, but do not look at the clown sign - it might give you nightmares. Follow the aisle until you see the guard on the other side entering numbers in a keypad. As soon as he enters the room, climb through the shelf and hurry your way toward the keypad so that you can catch the thermal signature. Actually, since I'm going to tell you the code you do not have to hurry, but it is good practice anyway. At the door, enter 9753 into the keypad. Quietly enter the room and save your game.

Sneak around the room and pick up the two ammo boxes and medkit hanging on the wall. See that toy on the table? I always wanted one of those when I was kid. Anyways, sneak up behind the guard at the door but be sure to keep an eye out for the patrolling guard too. When the patrolling guard starts to walk the other way, grab the door guard and drag him into the room. Knock that silly hat off his head and then turn out the lights. Head back near the doorway and slowly look above and to the right of the doorway. There should be a security camera there. When the patrolling guard walks the other way, shoot out the camera and then hide back in the shadows of the room. The patrolling guard will come to investigate the broken camera. When he gets close enough, shoot him in the head and hide his body in the room. Now head out the door and take a right. Quietly, go all the way down toward the wall and then turn left to look through the opening in the shelf. If you use your night vision goggles and sniper scope you can see another security camera on the far wall. Shoot it out to lure the next guard over to the camera. When he appears under the security camera, shoot him in the head. Luckily, his body is already in the dark and you will not have to move it. Now move forward, through the shelves, and climb on top of the boxes on the cart. Turn to the left, jump up and grab onto the palette and pull yourself up.

Head down the catwalk until you see the short cutscene. Take note of where the fuel tank is. After the cutscene, run (it is ok to stand) down the catwalk, down the stairs, and into the room on the left. There you will see a large narrow window. Wait for the trucks to move forward toward the gate. While they are paused, shoot the fuel tank of the first truck, and then the second truck. Be quick about it because they will leave if you do not blow them up in time. After you blow up the trucks, you will see another short cutscene. Look at the stumbling fool! Get your new objective from Lambert and head back toward the stairs. Next to them is a small hatch. Open it and climb down.


  1. Access Feirong's computer to transmit the data to Fort Meade.

When you reach the bottom of the ladder, you will see a guard walking away from you. Get as close to him as you can and shoot him in the back with a sticky shocker while he is in the shadows. it is important that he's in the shadows when you kill him. Try and shoot him before he gets too far down the tunnel because another guard will appear at the other end. After you have taken out the first guard, slowly walk forward until you see a guard appear at the other end of the tunnel. do not hurt him; just wait in the shadows while he approaches you. If you kill the guard, the mission is over. Now before he reaches you, he'll receive a message on his walkie-talkie that will make him run off. Your job now is to follow him without being seen. Stay a reasonable distance from the guard and follow him down the hallway. Wait as he punches in a code into the keypad and walks through the door. Run up to the keypad and use your thermal goggles if you want to see the code; it is 1456. Enter the code, enter the door, and press the button to call for the elevator. When it comes back down, hop into the elevator and go up. When you get out, run down the hallway to see the next keycode. it is 1834. After you enter in the code, head through the doorway and stay to your right. you will come across another keypad. The code for this one is 7921. Open the door, walk into the office, and save your game.

Load up an airfoil round and walk into the office. No need to be silent here. Walk until you see the short cutscene. When Feirong gets up to attack you (do not worry, he's no real threat), shoot him in the chest with the airfoil round. While he is stunned, come up behind him, grab him, and interrogate him. Eventually you must make him use his computer. After you have done that, exit his office, turn left, and head through the double doors straight ahead.


  1. Meet Cohen for Osprey extraction at the helicopter pad by the garden.

Walk slowly so that you do not run into any explosions. To your right is another door. Open it and go through it. Head left and go through the two big fires, between the curtains. Walk toward the back wall and move around to the other side of the handrail. Slowly walk forward and head down the stairs to the window. Slide it open, hop out, and walk toward the big black helicopter to finish the level.

Walkthrough Mission 9

  • Georgian Presidential Palace
  • T'Blisi, Georgia
  • November 13, 2004
  • 00:04 Hours
Mission Objective

Find Kombayn Nikoladze and The Ark.


Kombayn Nikoladze has returned to the Georgian Presidential Palace in order to retrieve a weapon known only as "The Ark." The great risk involved in Nikoladze's personal return to T'Bilisi suggests its enormous value. Any threat posed by Nikoladze or The Ark must be dealt with.



  1. Recover the Ark Interrogation File, the record of an interrogation conducted by Georgian agents representing current Georgian President Cristavi. The file details an interrogation of one of Nikoladze's high-ranking mercenaries, possibly revealing the identity of The Ark.

This is it, the final mission. do not pat yourself on the back just yet, however, as you still have plenty of work to do if you want to beat the game, save the world, and all that good stuff. When the mission begins, immediately get into a crouch and hide in the shadows as the guard walks your direction. When the guard turns his back, creep over to the stove pipe to the left and use it to rappel down to the tunnel. Switch on your thermal vision and sneak your way into the tunnel. Up ahead you will see the infrared beams blocking your way. Watch as the beams turn on and off, time them correctly, and run past the beams once they are off again. When you reach the next two beams, simply crouch down and time only the bottom beam to sneak past. The next infrared beam in your way is low to the ground. Jump up and grab the pipe overhead, remembering to also swing your legs up to the pipe, then crawl along the pipe to maneuver over the beam. The final beam in your path is a bit tricky, simply for the speed it appears and disappears. Get as close to the sucker as possible and wait for it to disappear, then run past it and stop. If you keep running you will find a wall mine waiting for you.

Creep up to the wall mine on the left and disable it, then climb up the ladder. Creep over toward the bush to the right and make sure you have your thermal vision equipped. A guard dog patrols the area nearby. Wait for the dog to come toward you then shoot it with an airfoil to knock the kibble into bits. A guard will run up and try to figure out what happened to his pup. Stay in the shadows and try not to snicker, then sneak up behind the guard, knock him out, and dump the body behind the bush. Search his satchel and grab the data stick.

Continue forward and blast the light next to the security camera (the camera is bulletproof, so do not waste your bullets). Sneak up underneath the camera and turn to the right. Before you walk around the next corner, you will need to shoot out a second light near yet another bulletproof security cam. As you creep forward, you will find a courtyard with a fountain in it. There's also another security camera at the opposite end, so creep your way through the shadows to avoid detection. Run past the right side of the bush and into the dark right corner. Creep over to the park bench and wait for the camera to pan away from you, then run over toward the gate. When you reach the gate, punch in the code 2126 to unlock it, then creep inside. Head to the left and into the grate toward the basement.

Grab the medkit and walk upstairs. In the next room you will find another medkit on the desk. Pick it up and walk into the gallery. Once inside the gallery, sneak behind the display case in the middle of the room, keeping in a crouch as the guards walk by behind you. Once the guards are gone, creep over to the double doors and walk inside where you will spot a guard patrolling near the stairs. Shoot a diversion camera over the guard's shoulder and unleash the noise maker to confuse him. Once he's distracted, smack him and move back into the gallery and walk over to the double doors on the opposite side. When you reach the door with the red light above it, open it and take a right. Now before you head up those stairs, look down at those little black squares by the first three steps. Now put on your thermal goggles. Yes?it is all coming together now. To get past this, double jump in the corner by the stairs to grab the walkway ledge above you. Shimmy to your left then drop down onto the stairs. There are some more sensors at the top of the stairs, so jump up and climb over the banister to avoid them. Head for the door in front of you and save your game.

Enter the door to the right, use your lock-picking skills to pick the locked closet door, then go inside and grab the disposable lock. As you enter the next room, you will see two patrolling guards. Whip out your pistol and shoot out all of the lights in the chandelier to make the room pitch black, then wait for one of the guards to wander over by the stairs at the opposite end of the room and grab him from behind. Knock him out, then sneak your way up the staircase and wait for the second guard to turn his back, then grab him from behind and knock him out as well. Search the guard's satchel for a data stick, then walk over to the door with the keypad and punch in the code 70021 to unlock the door. This is where patience comes in handy, though, as you have just unlocked the door, but it is not time to enter…not yet. Pull out your trusty optic cable and watch for the two guards patrolling the area near the door. Wait for them to walk away from the door, then move inside and save your game.

Now wait in the dark for the two guards to come back down the hallway. When they come back and start to turn around to head back down the hallway, quietly start following the one on the left, but keep your distance. Keep following him until the guard stops and looks down a hallway to his left. This is where you want to go. When the guard begins moving forward again, head down the hallway and move under the armored camera above. While the camera is facing out to the main hall, equip your disposable pick and quickly unlock the door on your left side, at the end of the hall. Enter and save your game.

Now equip either your night vision or thermal goggles. When the laser beams on the bottom disappear, quickly duck down and run to the other side, but do not round the corner: there are some lasers here. When the middle beams disappear, jump over the low one and then slowly creep around to the other side of the fish tank that is in front of you. Keep walking on the left side of the bookshelves and wait for the conversation to end. When it does, the light will come on and there should be a guard with his back turned toward you on the other side of the bookshelves. Sneak up behind him and knock him out. Search his satchel and use the computer on the desk for two more data sticks. Head through the door on your right to pick up a medkit, and then make your way back through the laser traps and to the door. Open the door and then peek out around the corner. When the guard closest to you heads right down the main hallway, make you way to the main hallway and take a left. Be sure to watch out for the armored camera above: only move when it is looking away. Now head all the way down the main hallway to the double doors. Wait on the left side of the door as a guard walks out, right past you. Quickly duck in the room before the door closes. There is another armored camera on the ceiling, so shoot out the two orange lights in the room using your sniper scope. Head down the darkened hallway and head through the double doors on your left. Save your game.

Walk through the next door, then use your pistol to shoot out the light in the hall. Creep to the left down the wall, and sneak along the shadows to avoid the guard, then run down the stairs to the right. Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, turn to the right and stay in a crouch as you creep into a cover position at the end of the bookcase. Arm yourself with your trusty SC-20K and wait for the first guard to walk down the center aisle, then plug him with one to the head. A second guard quickly follows, blast him as well. Back your way into the corner of the room and use your sniper skills to set your sights on the head of the bad guy on the stairs.

When all of the guards have been disposed of, run around the room and grab all the goodies left behind by the bad guys in their satchels. Run through the passageway to the right of the stairs and down to the basement. it is moment of truth time. In the basement you will find Nikoladze. Sneak up to him, grab him, and interrogate him. Stick his face into the retinal scanner to open the vault, then get ready for a bunch of soldiers to head your direction. Nikoladze tells the men that you know the access codes, then the soldiers take him away. This is where things get interesting (like they weren't already). In five seconds the lights will black out. As soon as the screen goes dark, whip out your SC-20K and blast the soldier to the left. Run to the left and duck down behind the boxes for cover, then shoot the soldier walking toward you. Once he's been put down, toss a smoke grenade past the pillar to take out a third soldier. Creep to the right and blast the fourth soldier, he's the coward hiding behind the pillar. The fifth bad guy is near the exit. Get him in your sights and snipe him with your rifle. Once you exit the room, you will find the sixth and final soldier in the library. Take him down with a nice bullet to the head and walk out to the courtyard to save your game.


  1. Kill Kombayn Nikoladze.

You had him in your mits just a second ago, but now the time for talking is over, it is time to feed Nikoladze his lead diet. Yum. Anyway, once you get outside, wait in a crouch as the guards patrol the left side of the courtyard. When the guards walk away from you, creep over to the pipe on your left and climb up it to reach the balcony. Once on the balcony, sit in a crouch in the corner and load your airfoil. As the guard walks up to you, blast him with the airfoil, then grab the guard and lay him out in the corner. Creep over to the opposite end of the balcony, then bust out your lock pick and open the door. When you open the door, launch a gas grenade down toward the end of the hall. There is a group of soldiers there that you can take out with one grenade. Once they are down, shoot out the three lights overhead and save your game.

Now it is time to see what you are made of. You can spot the big man through the window. Nikoladze is the dude in the chair with his back to you. Creep over to the end of the walkway and get a lock on Nikoladze's head through the curtains with your sniper sights. Hold R1 while sniping to help get a better lock on your target, then slowly squeeze the trigger.


  1. Kill Kombayn Nikoladze.

Get into a crouch and wait to the right of the door as the guard exits the room and runs away from you, then sneak into the door before it closes. As you creep forward, wait for one of the guards to walk into the kitchen, then proceed down the stairs and sit in a crouch position in the corner. Shoot your diversion camera so it faces the dining room, then as the guard approaches, release the noise. Gas the guard while he's confused, then run across the dining room and through the double doors to complete the mission and the game. Congratulations. You have proven yourself a worthy gamer.

Power Suit Upgrades

Major Suit Upgrades
  • Missile Launcher: Defeat the Hive Mecha :: Chozo Ruins, Hive Totem
  • Morph Ball: Defeat the Plated Beetle :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Shrine
  • Charge Beam: Find the five runes :: Chozo Ruins, Watery Hall
  • Morph Ball Bombs: Defeat the Incinerator Drone :: Chozo Ruins, Burn Dome
  • Varia Suit: Defeat Flaahgra :: Chozo Ruins, Sunchamber
  • Boost Ball: Activate platforms :: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana Canyon
  • Space Jump Boots: Access Alcove via Tallon Cayon :: Tallon Overworld, Alcove
  • Super Missile: Restore power to holographic projector, platform to the very top :: Phendrana Drifts, Observatory
  • Thermal Visor: Cut power to containment unit :: Phendrana Drifts, Research Core
  • Spider Ball: Defeat Thardus in Quarantine Cave. :: Phendrana Drifts, Quarantine Cave
  • Ice Beam: Drain Reflecting Pool, use as half-pipe. :: Chozo Ruins, Antechamber
  • Gravity Suit: Located in deepest part of chamber :: Phendrana Drifts, Gravity Chamber
  • Power Bomb: Defeat invisible drone and solve Morph Ball maze :: Phazon Mines, Central Dynamo
  • Grapple Beam: Follow yellow track from Ore Processing :: Phazon Mines, Storage Depot B
  • Plasma Beam: Raise the platforms in Geothermal Core, follow Spider Ball track along wall :: Magmoor Caverns, Plasma Processing
  • Phazon Suit: Defeat Omega Pirate :: Phazon Mines, Elite Quarters
Secondary Weapon Upgrades
  • Wavebuster: Use missiles to shatter weakened brinstone pillars; platform to top of tower :: Chozo Ruins, Tower of Light
  • Ice Spreader: Set off a Power Bomb to shatter hull; located beneath bridgeway :: Magmoor Caverns, Shore Tunnel
  • Flamethrower: Locate bendezium grating on top floor of Mine Security Station, set Power Bomb, and unlock force field :: Phazon Mines, Security Depot A
Energy Tanks
  1. Chozo Ruins, Transport Access North
  2. Use the West Furnace Access :: Chozo Ruins, Furnace
  3. High on ledge. Use Plaza Access from Vault :: Chozo Ruins, Main Plaza
  4. Use spinners to activate Morph Ball slot. Bomb slot to fill room with water. Located direclty across floating platforms down angled tunnel :: Phendrana Drifts, Ruined Courtyard
  5. Hidden in same stasis containment as Metroids. Use missile to blast glass open :: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Aether
  6. Use Thermal Visor to send power to cooling machine. Located behind purple passage (North) :: Magmoor Caverns, Magmoor Workstation
  7. Activate Ice Beam Morph Ball slot behind Chozo elder. Path leads underground :: Chozo Ruins, Hall of Elders
  8. Use bombs to propel yourself high in vertical shaft :: Tallon Overworld, Hydro Access Tunnel
  9. Super Bomb bendezium vent, roll through tunnel, scan to activate fans :: Phazon Mines, Ventilation Shaft
  10. Use half-pipe to reach Morph Ball slots, send power to elevator, and follow Spider Ball track. :: Chozo Ruins, Training Chamber
  11. Defeat Omega Pirate, exit second level :: Phazon Mines, Processing Center Access
  12. Blast wall of ice with Plasma Beam to melt :: Phendrana Drifts, Transport Access
Missile Expansions
  1. Behind Brinstone wall :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Gallery
  2. Behind Brinstone wall :: Chozo Ruins, Watery Hall Access
  3. Bomb through Sandstone to reveal Morph Ball path :: Chozo Ruins, Burn Dome
  4. Solve the puzzle of the cage by using the double bomb jump :: Chozo Ruins, Vault
  5. Solve Morph Ball puzzle in wall :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Nursery
  6. Use Morph Ball tunnel that loops in half-circle :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Gallery
  7. Access from Triclops Pit, roll under grating :: Magmoor Caverns, Storage Cavern
  8. Bomb crates to reveal path. Located high up on elevated grating :: Magmoor Caverns, Fiery Shores
  9. Located under stone walkway; dust and steam pour out from beneath :: Tallon Overworld, Transport Tunnel B
  10. Behind ship in small tunnel filled with Tangle Weed :: Tallon Overworld, Landing Site
  11. Jump on piping, roll in Morph Ball form to access :: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Aether
  12. Use half-pipe. Located under bridge on small shelf :: Chozo Ruins, Main Plaza
  13. Use clean water from fountain to blast upward and connect to Spider Ball track :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Fountain
  14. Blast weakened metal grating with missiles. :: Chozo Ruins, Dynamo
  15. Use Spider Ball track to access inlet above :: Chozo Ruins, Dynamo
  16. Platform to top of room. Located behind sandstone wall above East Atrium access. Jump on red lights, then double jump :: Chozo Ruins, Gathering Hall
  17. Activate network of pipes by shooting through cordite. Use half-pipe to activate Morph Ball slots. (4.6 MB Quicktime) :: Chozo Ruins, Crossway
  18. Use Super Missile to blast cordite shield on front of temple; Spider Ball track revealed :: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana Shorelines
  19. Use Super Missile to blast weakened cordite pillar on top floor :: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Hydra
  20. Use Super Missile to blast weakened cordite containment door in submerged lower level :: Tallon Overworld, Biohazard Containment
  21. Activate crane controls with Wave Beam at power conduit, scan controls to change crane's position, and use Spider Ball track :: Phazon Mines, Main Quarry
  22. Use Industrual Pulse Beam gun to blast through wall with 8% integrity :: Phazon Mines, Elite Research
  23. Shoot explosive crate in ventilation shaft, use Thermal Visor to locate better :: Phazon Mines, Elite Control Access
  24. Use X-Ray visor in Great Tree Hall; door located behind tree :: Tallon Overworld, Great Tree Chamber
  25. Located in Morph Ball size tunnel amidst Venom Weed :: Tallon Overworld, Overgrown Cavern
  26. Use Grapple Beam to swing into submerged cave :: Tallon Overworld, Frigate Crash Site
  27. Exit Training Chamber; use ledge and grapple point to swing over to power-up :: Chozo Ruins, Main Plaza
  28. Tree knot can be shattered with Super Missile :: Chozo Ruins, Main Plaza
  29. Sandstone weakness in floor; blast with Morph Ball bomb :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Shrine
  30. Boost out of half-pipe structure (Note: both sides have Morph Ball tunnels) :: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Shrine
  31. Use X-Ray Visor to jump to very top; look left when facing Plasma Beam door to see it located behind wall of foliage :: Chozo Ruins, Root Cave
  32. Stand next to the two diagonally parallel Spider Ball tracks; flip on X-Ray Visor to scan nearby rock wall; Power Bomb two walls successively; follow Spider Ball bridge and use X-Ray visor to locate last platform :: Phazon Mines, Metroid Quarantine A
  33. Located on the ground, beneath door to Quarantine Access B; use Thermal Visor to locate it, visible in a ring of small mushrooms; Power Bomb to uncover :: Phazon Mines, Fungal Hall B
  34. Weakened cordite shaft; use Super Missiles to shatter :: Phazon Mines, Metroid Quarantine B
  35. Weakened grating made of bendezium near entrance :: Phazon Mines, Security Access A
  36. Use half-pipe in Morph Ball tunnel entrance and set bomb at top :: Tallon Overworld, Life Grove
  37. Set Power Bomb to reveal half-pipe; boost up to Spider Ball track and follow :: Chozo Ruins, Furnace
  38. Plasma Door located at top of Root Cave; use X-Ray to reveal platforms :: Tallon Overworld, Arbor Chamber
  39. Use grapple points in Quarantine Cave :: Phendrana Drifts, Quarantine Monitor
  40. Located under ice-covered lake; use Glider to swing to elevated ledges and blast stalactite hanging above, sending it crashing down below :: Phendrana Drifts, Frost Cave
  41. Shatter large grouping of stalactites with Plasma Beam to reveal grapple point; swing to expansion located on elevated ledge :: Phendrana Drifts, Gravity Chamber
Power Bomb Expansions
  1. Behind Bendezium wall. Use X-Ray to reveal; blast with Power Bombs :: Chozo Ruins, Magma Pool
  2. Hidden under sheet of ice on rooftop in corner across from Chozo Lore; use Plasma Beam :: Phendrana Drifts, Ice Ruins West
  3. Use Grapple Beam to arrive at the highest point in Phendrana's Edge :: Phendrana Drifts, Security Cave.

Log Book


Map Station: Anywhere
Save Station: Anywhere
Small Energy (Purple): Anywhere
Large Energy (Red): Anywhere
Missile Ammo: Anywhere
Gunship: Tallon Overworld, Landing Site
Missile Door Lock (Blast Shield): Chozo Ruins, Main Plaza
Morph Ball Slot: Chozo Ruins, Energy Core
Ultra Energy (Yellow): Anywhere
Spinner: Magmoor Caverns, Monitor Station
Locked Door: Phendrana Drifts, Research Entrance
Tallon IV: Phendrana Drifts, Observatory
Zebes: Phendrana Drifts, Observatory
Spider Ball Track: Phendrana Drifts, Quarantine Cave
Missile Station: Chozo Ruins, Hall of Elders
Power Bomb: Anywhere


**Parasite Queen: Space Station
**Parasite: Space Station, Subventilation Shaft Section A
Beetle: Tallon Overworld, Canyon Cavern
Auto Turrets: Space Station
Sap Sac: Tallon Overworld, Tallon Canyon
Zoomer: Tallon Overworld, Tallon Canyon
Geemer: Tallon Overworld, Tallon Canyon
Bloodflower: Tallon Overworld, Root Tunnel
Hive: Chozo Ruins, Main Plaza
Scarabs: Chozo Ruins, Nursery Access
Eyon: Chozo Ruins, Eyon Tunnel
War Wasp: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Nursery
Blastcap: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Gallery
Tangle Weed: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Gallery
Plazmite: Chozo Ruins, Totem Access
**Hive Mecha: Chozo Ruins, Hive Totem
**Ram War Wasp: Chozo Ruins, Hive Totem
Plated Beetle: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Shrine
Shriekbats: Chozo Ruins, Arebortum Acess
**Incinerator Drone: Chozo Ruins, Burn Dome
**Barbed War Wasp: Chozo Ruins, Burn Dome
**Flaahgra: Chozo Ruins, Sunchamber
**Flaahgra Tentacle: Chozo Ruins, Sunchamber
Oculus: Chozo Ruins, Sun Tower
Grizby: Magmoor Caverns, Burning Trail
Burrower: Magmoor Caverns, Lake Tunnel
Magmoor: Magmoor Caverns, Lava Lake
Puffer: Magmoor Caverns, Lava Lake
Triclops: Magmoor Caverns, Pit Tunnel
Flickerbat: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana Shorelines
Crystallite: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana Shorelines
Scatter Bombu: Phendrana Drifts, Ice Ruins Access
Baby Sheegoth: Phendrana Drifts, Ice Ruins East
Ice Burrower: Phendrana Drifts, Plaza Walkway
Pulse Bombu: Phendrana Drifts, Ruins Entryway
Seedling: Tallon Overworld, Temple Hall
Ice Parasite: Phendrana Drifts, Chozo Ice Temple
Sheegoth: Phendrana Drifts, Chapel of Elders (boss) or Ice Ruins West
Ice Shirekbats: Phendrana Drifts, Ice Ruins West
Shadow Pirate: Phendrana Drifts, Research Entrance/Core
Space Pirate: Phendrana Drifts, Research Entrance
Flying Pirate: Phendrana Drifts, Control Tower
Metroid: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Aether
Ice Beetle: Phendrana Drifts, Frost Cave Access
Sentry Drone: Phendrana Drifts, Research Core Access
**Thardus: Phendrana Drifts, Quarantine Cave
Puddle Spore: Magmoor Caverns, South Core Tunnel
Plated Parasite: Chozo Ruins, Furnace
Chozo Ghost: Chozo Ruins, Hall of the Elders
Hunter Metroid: Phendrana Drifts, Hunter Cave
Glider: Phendrana Drifts, Frost Cave
Jelzap: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana's Edge
Aqua Reaper: Phendrana Drifts, Gravity Chamber
Tallon Crab: Tallon Overworld, Main Ventilation Shaft Section A
Aqua Pirate: Tallon Overworld, Reactor Core
Aqua Drone: Tallon Overworld, Biohazard Containment
Aqua Sac: Tallon Overworld, Connection Elevator to Deck Beta
Mega Turret: Phazon Mines, Security Access A
Wave Trooper: Phazon Mines, Mine Security Station
Power Trooper: Phazon Mines, Elite Research
Elite Pirate: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Ice Trooper: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Plated Puffer: Chozo Ruins, Tower of Light
Plasma Trooper: Phazon Mines, Phazon Processing Center
**Phazon Elite: Phazon Mines, Elite Research
**Meta Ridley: Tallon Overworld, Artifact Site
Lumigek: Impact Crater, Crater Tunnel A
Fission Metroid: Impact Crater, Phazon Core
**Metroid Prime (Shell): Impact Crater
**Metroid Prime (Core): Impact Crater
      **Only available for scan once. Must be scanned when first seen.

Chozo Lore

Fountain: Chozo Ruins, Ruins Entrance
Exodus: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Nusery
Hatchling: Chozo Ruins, Ruined Fountain
Meteor Strike: Chozo Ruins, Watery Hall
Contain: Chozo Ruins, Sun Tower
Beginning: Chozo Ruins, Vault
The Turned: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana Canyon
Statuary: Tallon Overworld, Artifact Temple
Binding: Tallon Overworld, Artifact Temple
Cipher: Phendrana Drifts, Ice Ruins West
Cradle: Chozo Ruins, Furnace
Infestation: Chozo Ruins, Crossway
Hatchling's Shell: Chozo Ruins, Crossway
Worm: Chozo Ruins, Crossway
Hope: Chozo Ruins, Hall of Elders

Pirate Data

Fall of Zebes: Space Pirate Frigate, Biohazard Containment Artifact Site: Tallon Overworld, Temple Security Station
Mining Status: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Hydra
Security Breaches: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Hydra
Phazon Analysis: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Hydra
Parasite Larva: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Hydra
Glacial Wastes: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Hydra
Phazon Program: Phendrana Drifts, Observatory
Contact: Phendrana Drifts, Observatory
Meta Ridley: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Aether
Metroid Studies: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Aether
Phazon Infusion: Phendrana Drifts, Research Lab Aether
Elite Pirates: Phazon Mines, Elite Research
Metroid Prime: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
The Hunter: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Hunter Weapons: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Chozo Studies: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Chozo Artifacts: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Prime Mutations: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Prime Breach: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Chozo Ghosts: Phazon Mines, Elite Control
Omega Pirate: Phazon Mines, Omega Research
Special Forces: Phazon Mines, Metroid Quarantine B


Truth: Tallon Overworld, Artifact Temple
Strength: Magmoor Caverns, Warrior Shrine (Monitor Station)
Elder: Phendrana Drifts, Control Tower
Wild: Chozo Ruins, Sunchamber
Lifegiver: Chozo Ruins, Tower Chamber (Sun Tower)
Warrior: Phazon Mines, Elite Research
Chozo: Tallon Overworld, Life Grove
Nature: Magmoor Caverns, Lava Lake
Sun: Phendrana Drifts, Chozo Ice Temple
World: Chozo Ruins, Hall of the Elders
Spirit: Phendrana Drifts, Phendrana's Edge
Newborn: Phazon Mines, Phazon Mining Tunnel


By Greg Kasavin, GameSpotPosted Apr 4, 2003 4:39 pm PT

Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher is as cool as they come.
That acclaim means many have already heard about Splinter Cell and just want to know exactly how the new GameCube version differs from other versions. In short, the GameCube version is similar to the Xbox and PC releases, but it isn't quite as impressive from a technical standpoint in direct comparison. The graphics are less detailed, the frame rate is slightly less consistent, the lighting effects aren't as pronounced, and the whole game is a little rough around the edges. Splinter Cell's original nine missions have been translated more or less intact here, though they've been chopped up into smaller pieces and in some cases truncated, making the game feel a bit disjointed what with its fairly frequent loading times. The downloadable level available for the Xbox via the Xbox Live service isn't in this version of the game, nor is the new level exclusively made for the PS2 version. The minimal blood effects seen in the Xbox and PC versions of Splinter Cell have also been completely removed, for some reason. The entire game is a little easier. There are fewer guards and more health packs in some cases, and an onscreen indicator keeps you informed of how many times you can be caught by an alarm without failing your mission.

Additionally, this version of Splinter Cell replaces the Xbox version's unimpressive in-engine cutscenes with better-looking prerendered cutscenes, and the completely redone intro does a better job of setting the stage. And while the new cutscenes aren't frequent, they do help tie together Splinter Cell's otherwise disparate scenarios. it is also worth noting that those who've already played Splinter Cell on the Xbox or PC will find that the story and the levels in Splinter Cell for the GameCube take a few short detours. There are enough little changes that hard-core Splinter Cell fans would do well to give the GameCube version a shot, though they'd probably prefer the PS2 version, with its new mission. The GameCube version does have a connectivity feature using the Game Boy Advance, which mostly just grants you access to a handy overhead map that reveals enemy positions; and, only on the GameCube, Fisher has access to a sticky bomb device that stuns foes. But it sure would have been nice to have that new mission here. The simultaneously released PS2 version otherwise has most of the same qualities as the GameCube version, yet its visuals and loading times are somewhat worse. At any rate, if all you wanted to know was how the GameCube version of Splinter Cell stacks up to the others, now you are all set.

Or maybe you are still wondering what a splinter cell actually is. The game's title refers to the unusual role of Sam Fisher, a highly trained and experienced soldier working for a top-secret military organization, Third Echelon, that's attempting to rid the world of a high-tech terrorist threat. If Fisher's caught, the US government will disavow its affiliation with his mission. Worse yet, one false move and Fisher may inadvertently instigate World War III. So the pressure's on, but Fisher's as cool as they come. Though he's skilled as a fighter, stealth is his only real option, and the fate of the free world hangs in the balance as he undertakes a number of high-stakes covert operations. The game's plot, which is set in the near future, is straight out of a Clancy thriller and involves Fisher taking on Clancy's favorite tag team: the Russians and the Chinese.

The GameCube version of Splinter Cell features GBA connectivity, granting you a real-time tactical map of your surroundings. Despite being Third Echelon's right hand, Sam Fisher is on a need-to-know basis and is largely kept in the dark about the exact nature of his objectives. Fortunately, he's extremely resourceful, armed or unarmed. A preliminary training scenario will familiarize you with the basics of being Sam Fisher, but you will nevertheless need a lot of practice to become truly proficient in the role. Throughout the game, the right analog stick lets you freely move the camera, which generally works well to give you a good situational awareness but sometimes gets cramped up in tight spaces. The other controls also take getting used to but work effectively, enabling you to perform an array of maneuvers that collectively make Splinter Cell feel like a pretty believable super-spy simulation.

In fact, the variety of moves at Fisher's disposal is probably the highlight of Splinter Cell. Sam has something for every occasion: He can move quite quickly from a crouched position, and if you tread carefully while crouching, you will be almost invisible and almost silent. He can climb ladders, chain-link fences, and more. He can rappel down walls (and kick through glass windows while doing so), climb hand over hand (or using all four limbs) across horizontal pipes, and zip across downward-slanted ropes or wires. He can put his back against a wall and lean or shoot around corners, he can peek behind doors that are slightly ajar, and he can make soft landings or perform evasive rolls. Fisher can also kick off a wall in mid jump, and his coolest move (though it isn't very practical) allows him to stand in the splits atop a narrow passageway and then either shoot unsuspecting opponents or drop down to deliver a stunning blow/

Sneaking up behind an opponent allows Fisher to either knock the foe unconscious with an elbow strike or a pistol whip or grab the enemy and take him hostage. Fisher can then use the opponent as a human shield against other enemies, or in some cases interrogate him or force him to do such things as activate retinal scanners that otherwise prevent passage. He'll eventually have to dispatch his hostage one way or another, and then he can pick up and move the prone body out of the sight of enemy patrols. Fortunately for you, unconscious foes will awaken only if discovered by their allies.

Fisher's night-vision and thermal-vision scopes let him get the drop on his enemies.
Fisher's arsenal is fairly limited but nonetheless effective. To start with, he has a trusty silenced pistol that can kill with a shot to the head and can also be used to shoot out certain lights to make for a more-favorable situation for Fisher and his night-vision goggles. Later on, he'll find a high-tech experimental assault rifle that becomes his mainstay. Featuring both single-shot and fully automatic firing modes, the SC-20K also sports a silencer and a muzzle-flash suppressor, making it perfect for Fisher's purposes. This modular rifle even has a magnifying scope, allowing for precision shooting—in a great touch, Fisher can hold his breath while looking through the scope to temporarily steady his aim. The SC-20K also supports a number of alternative types of ammunition, such as special rounds that can be used to incapacitate foes rather than kill them. In a number of Splinter Cell's missions, casualties are strictly prohibited, so this feature isn't just for sympathy's sake.

More interestingly, the SC-20K can be used to fire remote camera probes, nauseating smoke bombs, or a distraction camera that can be used to lure guards away from their posts and then give them a mouthful of knockout gas. Such funky devices aren't always strictly necessary for finishing a mission, but they are fun to use and can help you avoid getting into a tight spot. Fisher can also get his hands on frag grenades and wall mines, though explosives aren't really his style. Throwing cans or bottles to distract foes is more up his alley.

Picking locks is definitely his style, too, and he can use his trusty lock picks to bypass any locked doors. The game presents a great simulation of lock-picking in which you rotate the left analog stick until you find the pin (you will feel the controller vibrate, if you are not using a Wavebird), wiggle the stick until Fisher nudges the pin loose, and then repeat the process as many times as there are pins in the lock. Some of Fisher's other neat gadgets include an optic cable that can be slid under doorways to give you a gander at what's on the other side, a camera jammer that disrupts security cameras, and emergency flares that can draw the fire of automated heat-sensitive gun turrets. Fisher is basically a high-tech government ninja, what with all this stuff, and what with his combination night-vision and heat-vision goggles, which also gain a magnifying scope in this version. The odds are always against him, but he has a big-time element of surprise. His moves and gadgets aren't just for show, either, as Splinter Cell will require you to make use of almost all of Fisher's various abilities in most every mission.

In Splinter Cell, the use of deadly force is more of a convenience than a necessity.
Fisher's missions may all be different—one takes place on a seemingly unassuming oil rig in the middle of the ocean, while another takes place within the headquarters of the CIA—but they are all pretty similar in how you must proceed in them: Stay out of sight, stay out of harm's way, and engage hostiles only when necessary. This is easier said than done, and despite Fisher's impressive list of moves and exceptional skill, you will invariably draw your enemies' attention in every mission you attempt. If caught in a firefight, Fisher can be killed with just a few shots, though his foes tend to go down much more quickly. Nevertheless, ammunition is limited, and Fisher's aim strays wildly if he tries to shoot while moving or tries to shoot in rapid succession. More importantly, being discovered will often cause a guard to raise the general alarm, which in some missions makes for automatic failure.

In other missions, the alarm can go off several times before Third Echelon pulls the plug on you, and sometimes there's no alarm to worry about at all. Sometimes the alarm will go off at scripted moments if you have killed or knocked out a guard leading up to that point and failed to completely hide his body. In the Xbox version of Splinter Cell, this could force you into a perpetual mission-failure cycle, though here, not only do you get an onscreen indicator of how many times you are allowed to trip the alarm before the mission's a failure, but if you do fail by tripping too many alarms, you will restart from the last checkpoint with at least two strikes left. This is part of why the GameCube version of Splinter Cell is generally easier than the Xbox version, which isn't entirely a good thing. Some mission sequences have been removed from the game altogether, most notably the break-in into the CIA headquarters—you start the mission already inside. Other parts are slightly changed: For instance, in the Xbox version, Fisher infiltrates an oil tanker at sunset, whereas there's a full moon here.

Despite that the GameCube version of Splinter Cell isn't as difficult as previous versions, new Splinter Cell players will still invariably find themselves often screwing up and restarting different sequences. Trial and error to some extent goes part and parcel with most gaming experiences, but in Splinter Cell (and other stealth games), sometimes it can get to be a little too much. Part of the problem, as it is with most every stealth game, is that the missions are heavily scripted and play out exactly the same way each time. The suspense is almost nonexistent by the time you reach your fifth attempt at sneaking through that heavily guarded alley, and any sense of urgency is undermined when you realize that the truck you are desperately trying to catch up to or the assassination you are desperately trying to prevent are events that will not be triggered until you cross certain thresholds. Enemy patrols are also triggered at specific points. You can wait forever for that guard to come around the corner, but you will not see him do it until you step forward those last few inches.

The lighting adds a lot to the atmosphere, but it figures into the gameplay as well.
The guards in Splinter Cell are believable enough, but they all move in predictable fashions and do not exhibit any complex behavior. They'll investigate noises and shoot on sight, but in hostile situations, they'll blunder headlong into kill zones and will sometimes see you even when the onscreen stealth meter is telling you you are completely invisible. They'll also sometimes be able to see you through walls, and will shoot at you robotically even when you are completely out of their line of sight. Yet though the guards aren't smart and aren't particularly difficult to dispose of, Splinter Cell can still be a tough game, since sneaking past enemies (rather than taking them out) is often the order of the day, and that's a tall order to fill. Fortunately, most missions take place in the dark, where your night vision gives you a huge advantage.

Splinter Cell pushed the envelope in terms of the Xbox's graphical capabilities, but some compromises had to be made with the GameCube version's visuals. The environments are considerably less detailed, and the shadow and lighting effects do not look quite as good, though they are still very good. The game's frame rate can vary wildly and slows way down in areas that are particularly heavy on lighting effects. you will also notice some collision detection and clipping issues, such as when a felled opponent's feet can be seen sticking straight through a door. The game's real-time lighting isn't just for show, since making use of the light and shadows in each area is a critical part of the gameplay. The rest of the game's visuals are also impressive. Fisher's movements are extremely lifelike and highly articulate, and they almost seem as if they were motion captured, even though they weren't. The game's modern environments aren't exactly scenic, but they are still dense with detail.

Splinter Cell also sounds terrific, and as with any self-respecting stealth game, the audio is integral to the experience. you will actually hear Fisher making a bit more noise the faster he moves, so you will learn to be your own worst critic as you try to move about silently. All his subtle actions, from lock-picking to drawing his different weapons and gadgets, have a suitably soft sound to go with them, creating the sense that Fisher is extremely skilled at being silent, but still runs the danger of making too much noise. Also, Splinter Cell's bass-heavy ambient music is excellent, and it grows louder and faster when you are spotted or caught. But much like in some other stealth-based games, the way the music picks up or quiets down depending on the circumstances has some unintentional side effects that almost feel like cheating: you will learn to trust the music for knowing whether or not any enemies remain in your vicinity. The coast is clear when the music says so.

Splinter Cell for the GameCube is a great translation of a great game. Of further note, Splinter Cell has a good amount of speech in it, though disappointingly, the Russians and Chinese speak in English using lame, stereotypical accents rather than in their native tongues. it is implied that Fisher is multilingual, so it would have been great if he'd simply translated for you in the context of the dialogue—especially since you will really like hearing him speak. He's voiced by Michael Ironside (Starship Troopers, Top Gun), who's absolutely perfect for the role, with his naturally gravelly, gruff manner of speaking. Ironside got a good script to work with for Splinter Cell, and he brings Fisher's character to life with a suitably no-nonsense attitude and plenty of dry humor to round it out.

Splinter Cell consists of only nine missions, though each of these is long and involved. You should be able to finish the game in about 10 to 15 hours, and beyond that, Splinter Cell's replay value is limited due to its missions' scripted, linear nature. Still, there's a hard difficulty mode available that really stresses the game's stealth aspect and should be a fun for those who master the default setting.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is undoubtedly one the best examples of a stealth game to date, and it will surely appeal to those who've enjoyed similar games in the past. Or, if you like the idea or even just the look of Splinter Cell but haven't played a stealth game before, then this is a perfectly good place to start. Either way, chances are you will really enjoy the experience for as long as it lasts. you will have a great time experimenting with and effectively using Sam Fisher's variety of moves and gadgets, and the game's big missions should provide a significant challenge.


Below are a list of keypad codes in the game, sorted by applicable mission

Mission 1 - Police Station

  • Keypad #1 - 091772
  • Keypad #2 - 5929

Mission 4 - CIA HQ

  • Keypad #1 - 7687
  • Keypad #2 - 110598
  • Keypad #3 - 2019
  • Keypad #4 - 110700
  • Keypad #5 - 0614

Mission 5 - Kalinatek

  • Keypad #1 - 97531
  • Keypad #2 - 33575
  • Keypad #3 - 1250

Mission 8 - Chinese Embassy, Part II

  • Keypad #1 - 1436
  • Keypad #2 - 9753
  • Keypad #3 - 1456
  • Keypad #4 - 1834
  • Keypad #5 - 7921

Mission 9 - Presidential Palace

  • Keypad #1 - 2126
  • Keypad #2 - 70021
  • Keypad #3 - 66768

press A,A,B,B,Z,Z, roll your c stick in 20 full circles and then to it counter clockwise 30 times this will give you unlimited ammo and gives you x2 health

Training Stage Secret
In the Training Stage, after you complete the task of looking at the lights, you can go over to the left or right of where you are. You will be above the lights to find two doors. On the right is a door that leads to a room where a lock pick is sitting on the shelf beside the door. You can use this to get into the door that is located just beside the door leading to the covert-ops section of the training.

After getting in this door and getting the keypad code (the code is 5656) you can then go on the left and get into the doorway on the left of the start of the level. Through this door is two rooms. In the last room is Anna Gromsdottir. You can talk to her about different things, but do not hit her because you will be fired!

Chaos Theory is an excellent addition to the Splinter Cell series and the new co-op missions add to the stealth-action genre as a whole. While Pandora Tomorrow felt like a slight extension of the original game, this instalment adds enough polish and gameplay tweaks to make a noticeable leap in quality. GameCube owners are still missing out on the joy of adversarial, but they can still enjoy the best single player stealth-action experience on the system to date.