The Game of Casino Craps

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Why Craps?

Without a doubt, the best table game to play in a casino is craps, and the reason is it has the best odds of any other gaming venture. Roulette has the better odds, but it is a boring game, hard to get around the table to the numbers one wants, and it is slow paced.

Craps is fast action, lots of choices, a player can access any bet from any part of the table, and can make friends with the other players — unlike Roulette, Blackjack, or slot machines.

There is no system!

This is the only time I refer to you the viewer as YOU, so read it carefully

You might have heard of, or tried, a system that promises you winnings by someone who wants to sell it to you, or someone who says they use, or have used, one. If you tried a system, you know they do not work, and if you are thinking about using one, STOP! THERE IS NO SYSTEM, and I will not teach you one, because there are none to teach, except to lose, which is what you will be doing if you use a system to play any casino game.

Just keep repeating There Is No System to yourself. If you choose to buy, use, or listen to those that say they do use, a system congratulations on being an idiot, and you deserve to lose all your money.


Why would you want to believe in a system that beats the game, or the casino, when there has not been any proof of such existence, unless of course you are cheating with dice or counting cards — THESE ARE NOT SYSTEMS.

The history of gambling, casinos, and games has out lasted any system anyone can, or could create, because THERE IS NO SYSTEM that will beat the house on a consistent basis. Many people have tried but only failed in the long run.

And if there is a system that worked, would you tell anyone about it? Why share your secret at beating the house so that someone can screw it up? I would not!

Those systems at winning that people say they use, or want to sell you, are rehashes of many systems that have been tried since the first person tried to cheat casino's.

I repeat… THERE IS NO SYSTEM and if you believe there is, it will eventually fail.

Gamblers are Superstitious.

Ask any gambler if they have any quirks, routines, superstitions, or lucky items; everyone gambler will have at least one of those, if not all while, or after they play. Does not matter if they play cards, roll the dice, follow the roulette wheel, or bet on the horses; a gambler is a different breed of person and their mannerisms are done religiously.

In truth, these things that they do really do nothing but psyche them out, get them ready, and put them into the zone — it is something they do to make themselves believe will put luck on their side and help them win. It is all balderdash.

The crap table is no different. Some of the quirks are:

  • When the dice or a die bounces off the table it is bad luck.
    • There is no such thing as something causing bad luck, there is just the fact that the odds of rolling a 7 are one in six. The biggest complainer about a 7 rolling after a die has bounced off the table is usually the shooter who could not control the dice in the first place, or the shooter who calls SAME DICE and then moans and whines when his SAME DICE seven-out.
  • If the Stickman sends out the dice to a shooter with a 7 showing it is bad luck.
    • Professional stickpersons just do not send the dice out on a 7 anyway; However, sometimes the dice hit chips or tumble unintentionally when being sent to the shooter, sometimes ending up on a 7. Most hot-shot players usually pre-set the dice to their preference or shake them up anyway. This myth is just based on players not understanding that the odds of a 7 being rolled are one out of six no matter how you look at it.
  • A “Virgin” Shooter is good luck.
    • There is no such thing as something causing good luck. First-time shooters are only remembered when they have a good roll and quickly forgotten when they seven-out.
  • So and so is a good shooter.
    • Shooting dice is not a skill, it is a matter of luck and mathematics.

All of them and any others are POPPYCOCK! But gamblers will do what they think helped them win the last time — even wear the same clothes without washing them.

Why play?

I am NOT here to say, “run out and gamble your money away.” I am here to teach, show, educate, and explain the rules, etiquette, and the BEST way to play craps.

Why do I care?

Craps is an exciting game — if one chooses to call it a game — a mathematical world of probabilities and chance. Man has taken a natural occurrence in the universe and put an entertainment value on it — I LOVE MATH and PROBABILITIES.

Many people are intimidated by craps because they do not understand the rules, the lingo, or how to play — many people also play incorrectly. In reality, craps is a very simple game that anyone can understand with some basic information and understanding.

I enjoy the game with its probabilities, chances, odds, and fast action. It is truly a unique use of mathematics to distract oneself.

Why is my explanation better than others?

There are many books, videos, and classes on Craps anyone can pay for and some are quite good, but finding the good one can lead to spending quite a bit of money.

There are a plethora of online tutorials, tips, tricks, and explanations on how to play craps, and yes, there are a few that come close to explaining it in detail; however, I am unimpressed with their personal opinions (see systems above), their methods of teaching, and their confusing and sterile presentations.

Bottom line: I teach and explain so anyone can understand the fundamentals of “The Game Of Craps,” and learn How to play Craps.

One needs to know these before walking up to a craps table, placing a bet, or even ponders the thought of rolling the dice. Davenport Craps Instruction is not better, it is more clear and precise.